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   Chapter 99 No.99

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'I want to hear you say it' Farrell said.

'Weather Maker' Olithia replied. 'That's what she is, like her mother Ramana, and her mother before her. It runs in the family you know, and I have no such powers…'

The door burst open suddenly, and many figures stormed into the room.

Things didn't end well for them, and they were discovered and surrounded before they had the chance to ask Olithia all they wanted to ask her. This happened for several reasons. Firstly, they had stayed too long in the palace, which was dangerous enough on its own. Secondly, Barrel's laughter as he waited outside had attracted attention, and thirdly, one of the unconscious bodies Blunkit had left behind had been discovered.

'Oh cack' Blunkit exclaimed as Tristan, surrounded by armed soldiers strode towards them, shoulders hunched and body shaking, barely able to suppress his rage.

'We found one of the men you knocked out' Tristan snarled through gritted teeth. 'Maybe next time you should hide them better.'

'I told you I was getting too old for this' Blunkit said casually to Farrell.

'Lock them all up!' Tristan ordered his men. 'Put them in the cellar with the others until I decide what to do with them.'

Blunkit, Flunkit and Farrell were all led away by the guards and locked in the cellar with Woodworm, Flute Stick, Carrot and Barrel, who hadn't stopped laughing yet.

When they had been taken away, Tristan rounded on his wife.

'I think you should let them go' Olithia commented off-handed. 'They are rather charming, don't you think?'

'Be quiet woman!' Tristan barked. 'I've had enough of your poison.' He turned to one of his guards that remained. 'Keep them there' he ordered, 'and let them rot.'

Chapter Thirty Two

Tender Hearts

'Where do you keep going all the time?' Annabel asked Arlen one day when he returned to the inn after being gone all day.

'Oh' Arlen replied meekly. 'I……nowhere in particular.' He took a deep breath. 'I find it hard to stay in one place, I'm….shifting constantly. I can't keep still. I just can't settle.'

'Why didn't you go with the others?' Annabel asked him as he sat across the table from her, Shawn by her side.

'Because of Farrell' Arlen said to the table.

'Do you truly hate him so much?' Annabel asked him sadly.

'Yes I do.'

'Then why did you agree to come with us on that day I got my new dress?' Annabel asked him.

'Because….' Arlen replied, unsure himself how he would answer, 'because…' he simply said. After a time of a prolonged silence he spoke again. 'I felt protective of you. You remind me of

Amaia in some ways…and I thought….' he trailed off. 'But I know now there is no need for me to insist on being around you, because you have Shawn now.'

Annabel and Shawn exchanged a glance then, and Shawn smiled at her. Annabel beamed joyfully back at him, blushing slightly, and despite himself Arlen smiled too. He had for the longest time worried for Annabel, brooding over her in secret in his mind, but around Shawn, she seemed at peace, seemed happy even, despite everything.

Arlen felt less guilty now for being partially responsible for taking her away from her family, and his mind he felt a little more at ease because of this.

'I wonder how the others are doing' Annabel spoke up suddenly.

Flute Stick shifted in his sleep, turning his head back and forth and shifting uncomfortably on the solid floor he lay on. He woke abruptly then, screaming in terror and thrashing around. Carrot was by his side in an instant, trying to calm him and speaking quickly to him words of reassurance until several seconds later Flute Stick calmed, sweating and breathing deeply, but silent at last.

Barrel began to laugh hysterically.

'Will you shut him up!' Blunkit hollered, speaking to no one in particular.

'Shut up!' Woodworm yelled at Barrel, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and shaking him. 'Shut up shut up shut up!'

'What's wrong with him' Farrell asked Carrot, ignoring Woodworm and Barrel.

'He suffers flashbacks' Carrot replied.

'Of what?'

'Mind your own business.'

Woodworm and Barrel began to scuffle in the corner, Barrel trying to fight back to defend himself. They had only been locked up for a short time together, and already patience was stretched to near breaking. The prince had ordered them to be locked up in a cellar behind thick iron bars, imprisoned alongside the finest wines they had ever seen in their lives.

'This isn't so bad' Flunkit sighed, taking a deep swig from one of the bottles. 'This is good stuff, you should try some.'

'What's wrong with you?' Farrell growled furiously. 'Don't you know that we might be killed for this?'

'Well' Flunkit sighed again, 'better make the most of this wine then.'

'Not so bad' Farrell repeated with a groan. 'This is unbearable. If I don't get out of here soon one way or the other, I may as well just kill myself and save the prince the trouble.'

'Well' Flunkit said. 'Whatever you think is best. Try some of this wine before you go.'

Farrell sat in one of the corners in silence, sulking to himself and thinking of their dire predicament and how miserable he was.

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