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   Chapter 98 No.98

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Blunkit signalled the other two to stay in the doorway as he moved into the room, silent as a breath on the wind.

He approached to the woman, who was completely oblivious to his presence, and moved closer until he stood right behind her.

Blunkit grabbed her from behind, clapping a hand over her mouth so she could not make a sound. He pulled her back and out of her chair, the chair toppled on its side as Blunkit dragged her.

'Good job' Flunkit hissed from nearby. 'Now quickly, knock her out so we can take her with us.'

She had grabbed the only two things in reach when Blunkit had surprised her, the quill and the paper she had been writing on. As Blunkit slipped his hand around her neck and began to tighten, she scrawled a note onto the paper as quick as she could and held it up for them to read.

'What?' Blunkit said uncertainly, loosening his grip slightly as he read it.

The woman shook the note again, encouraging them to read it. Flunkit and Farrell stepped closer, entering the room and closing the door quietly after them.

'I can help you' Farrell spoke aloud, reading the note.

The woman lowered the page, writing hastily before showing them the paper again.

'Trust me?' Farrell read. 'The fuck we do. You're Tristan's wife, why in the hell would we….?' He fell silent as the woman began to write again, the quill scratching noisily on the paper.

'He hates me' Flunkit read.

'Oh I'm getting sick of this' Blunkit sighed. 'I'm going to let you go' he said. 'Scream. Make a noise, or be awkward in any way and I'll make sure you regret it. Is that clear?'

She nodded vigorously, unable to speak through the tight grip Blunkit still held her in, his hand still firmly over her mouth to keep her silent.

Blunkit released her, and she fell forwards, hunched over and coughing hysterically.

'Is that any way to treat a woman?' she said rubbing her neck and turning to face them. 'I hope you don't greet all women this way.' She tossed the quill and paper onto the desk behind her and placed her hands on her hips, seemingly completely unfazed by seeing strangers in her home and being grabbed and nearly choked. 'Who are you?'

'Shut it' Flunkit spat. 'We're asking the questions here.'

'Fine' she sighed wearily. 'Would you like a drink at least?'

The three men all blinked stupidly at her.

'What?' Farrell stammered.

She smirked in amusement at them. 'Perhaps you want me to act as you expected.' She fell to her knees then, clasping her hands tog

ether before her and sobbing. 'Please don't hurt me. Please. I'll do anything, I'll tell you anything you want, just don't hurt me.'

They just stared at her in confusion. Farrell glanced towards Blunkit and Flunkit either side of him, wondering what they were making of this. But they seemed just as confused as he was.

'I don't play that bullshit' the woman said, dropping the act and rising to her feet. She leant back against the desk. 'You came here for information I presume' she said crossing her arms. 'Perhaps something regarding my husband? I'll tell you what I know and will do so willingly.'

'But…why?' Blunkit asked uncertainly.

The woman shrugged. 'We were never really that close. I wasn't lying when I told you he hates me. The only time we're ever getting along is….well…' she smirked at them. 'I have a duty as a wife. My name is Olithia by the way' she added as an afterthought. 'Just in case you wanted to know.'

'We want to know about Amaia' Farrell interrupted, getting right to the point.

Olithia blinked in surprise at this. 'Amaia? How do you know of her?'

'I'm her father' Farrell said.

A great smile spread across her face at this. 'Is that you?' she beamed, suddenly greatly amused. 'I never thought I'd see the day where I met her actual father.'

'What do you mean?' Farrell asked hesitantly.

'I don't know what bollocks he's been feeding you' she went on smiling widely, 'but I'm sure it runs something along the lines of…himself being the real father and yourself being the pretend father? Is that right? And now he's looking for her again. He wants your help doesn't he?' she asked them. 'He wants you to help him find her again after he lost her.'

They all exchanged glances.

'What do you know?' Blunkit asked.

'That he is not to be trusted' Olithia answered shortly. 'He's lying to you. My daughter nineteen years ago was stillborn. So grief-stricken was he, that in his mind he adopted another of the same age my daughter would have been. Amaia, your daughter' she said to Farrell. 'He watched her for years as she grew, and over that time he developed strong feeling for her and he began to believe his own lies, after a time thinking them to be true. And when the king's soldiers came to take Amaia away, he was there to protect her. He took her away to where he believed was safety.'

'But…' Farrell began. 'Why did the king want her?'

'Don't you know what she is?' Olithia asked him, eyes gleaming brightly. 'Surely you must know.'

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