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   Chapter 97 No.97

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Shawn began to clap and laugh as the gypsy women began to dance around them with arms held high.

The group played a beautiful piece, many layered and full of life, growing quicker and more complex as it neared its end. When it was finished, many clapped for her, both the people of the town, and the other gypsies, and of course, Shawn as well. The young man Annabel had stolen the instrument from gave Annabel a seductive look as she handed the violin back to him.

'Such skill the lady has' he spoke smoothly in a foreign accent.

'I hope I didn't best you' Annabel gleamed.

'Not a chance' he smirked back.

He took the instrument from her placing it against his shoulder, looking as natural as if the instrument was a part of his body. He struck up another tune, leading the way for the others to follow suit.

Annabel danced with another of the handsome young gypsy men. Covered extensively with tattoos on his bare arms and shoulders, his body was well defined, lean and muscular. He wore excessive gold jewellery and long thin strips of purple and blue coloured cloth tied to his wrists which he danced with, twirling them through the air.

Shawn danced with one of the women. Tall she was, wearing a dress of many layers that flowed smoothly, she held the sides of the skirt up for him like wings as she danced, twirling often. She had flowers in her hair that fell freely about her shoulders, and danced with vigour, throwing her skirt about and tossing her head. The gold coins hanging from a chain around her waist and chest jangled when she danced. A beautiful creature she was.

As the song ended and the next began, the young man Annabel danced with bowed to her, never taking his eyes from her. He handed her a flower as he did so, flicking it out seeming from midair and lacing it between her fingers.

'For the pretty lady.'

The next dance began after the sun had set. Shawn and Annabel danced together for a short time beneath the lanterns that hung above them, lighting the streets below. Shawn a short time after was taken away from Annabel by another young gypsy woman to share a dance with. A short time after that, he was lost in the crowd. When he did return, he had brought Annabel a gift. It was a beautiful silk purple shawl, pattered with silver moons and stars. It smelt of perfume and incense. Annabel accented it graciously.

Long into the night this went on, until Shawn and Annabel finally retreated to their beds back at the inn. Annabel, so exhausted fell on her bed and was asleep almost instantly without even

changing into her nightdress.

Shawn beamed down at her, feeling a strange warmth inside. He changed quickly before going to bed, but not before looking for Arlen. He wasn't in his room, or elsewhere within the inn.

Shawn decided to put it from his mind. He lay his head down upon his pillows, sighing in contentment. He closed his eyes, and was asleep in minutes.

'Ok' Flunkit began as they gathered in a hidden place outside Tristan's home. 'Let's make this quick. Blunkit and I know where the guards stand in this building, they are here, here, here, here…' he pointed out the locations on a crude sketch he had drawn of the house on a piece of paper. 'Woodworm, Flute Stick and Carrot will stand watch here, here and here' he pointed. 'If anything happens give the signal, that bird-call I showed you earlier. You know how to do it by now. Not much else to say' he continued in a bored tone. 'Farrell, you'll come with me and Blunkit…lets go.'

'Wait, hold on a minute' Farrell said grabbing him to stop him. 'Shouldn't we go into more detail?'

'We don't normally do that' Flunkit dismissed. 'We normally just throw ourselves in. We know what we're doing.'

Blunkit nodded in agreement beside him.

'Right' Flunkit said, 'let's go.'

'Wait' Farrell said again, grabbing onto Flunkit's shoulder.

'What?' Flunkit huffed wearily.

Farrell's words caught in his mouth, and he couldn't think of anything to say. So he shut his mouth and let go of him.

'Right' Flunkit said again. 'Let's go.'

Carrot helped the three of them climb through an open window, and Blunkit, Flunkit and Farrell entered the grand home, Farrell doing so awkwardly with his arm still in a splint, thinking briefly to himself.

Gods I'm getting too old for this…

Blunkit left their side for a moment to 'clear an area' or so he put it, leaving Farrell and Flunkit to walk the corridors without him. He met up with them a short time later.

'Right' he whispered. 'That's done, now we head for our target.'

'Who's our target?' Farrell asked, just realising that he should have asked this obvious question earlier.

'His wife' Flunkit whispered back. 'She's normally in the office at this time writing letters and notes.' He beaconed for Farrell to follow. 'It's this way.'

When they reached the study, the door was left open for them and they peered into the room, seeing a slender woman with beautiful golden hair tied neatly behind her head. She leant forward on a desk with her back to them, and was indeed writing as Flunkit had said she would be.

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