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   Chapter 96 No.96

The WeatherMaker Hearts Desire By Lady Lilium Characters: 5343

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'Yes' Annabel rolled her eyes.

'I don't have one.'


'Sorry' he shrugged.

'Alright' Annabel persevered. 'What do you like to do? You know….for fun.'

'What in a normal day?'

'Anytime' Annabel groaned.

Shawn made a thinking face. It was several seconds before he answered.

'I like riding, spending time with my family, spending time with friends.'

'You have a good life then?' Annabel asked him when it was clear he wasn't going to elaborate.

'I do.' Shawn glanced sideways at her. 'Don't you?'

'Yes' Annabel replied. 'I do, my family are very good to me…but…'

'What is it?'

'All my life, I have dreamed of leaving my home, of travelling and seeing the world……I never thought it would happen like this.'

'Well…' Shawn's eyes glinted. 'Life takes us all on strange and winding roads. Nothing ever turns out how we plan.'

'So how did you come to be here? Why are you on this quest?'

'Amaia is my cousin.'

'Oh' Annabel said in surprise. 'I didn't know.'

'I may as well tell you this as well. Arlen is my uncle.'

'Oh.' Annabel said again. 'So, the three of you are all related. You, Arlen and Farrell.'


'So…the others?'

'They're just mercenaries we hired to help us.'

'How much are you paying them?'

Shawn glanced at her. 'Come on' he said rising. 'Let's go look at the shops.'

They walked side by side leisurely through the town, at one point passing a small group of children as they made their way through the streets. The children of varying ages were sitting quietly upon a wall by one of the buildings with a goat by their side; they were all dressed in brightly coloured clothes, including the goat. These were gypsies.

'You never really told me about yourself' Shawn said to her as they walked past the children.

'There's not much to tell really' she replied.

'Now don't give me that again!' Shawn frowned at her. 'I want to know more about you. What sort of things do you like?'

'I like' Annabel began, tapping her chin in thought as she pondered, '…dancing.'


'And playing some instruments.'

'What sort of instruments?'

'Now don't get greedy' Annabel laughed. 'I'm not going to tell you everything about me. I will tell you some, but you'll have to find out most of it for yourself.'

Shawn smirked slyly at this, flashing his perfect white teeth at her and running his fingers through his blond hair.

'You're teasing me.'

'Come on' Annabel said to him tugging his sleeve. 'Let's look at some shiny things.'

'Shiny things?'



'Come on.'

They wandered about the town for hours looking at this and that. At

least Annabel did most of the looking; Shawn for the most part simply allowed himself to be dragged around and feigned interest in the things she showed him.

Hours later when night was creeping upon them, and the sky began to darken, mysterious figures began to appear in the streets.

Beautiful women of dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes, wearing brightly coloured dresses with bare bellies, emerged from hidden places. Some slipped out of dark streets, some out of brightly painted carriages pulled by white and black horses with excessively long manes and tails.

One of the women, so much like the others drew close to Shawn as she skulked by. She looked deeply into him with her dark eyes large and beautiful, sauntering past and stroking his chest as she did so.

More of them came, and they began to gather in number. Men and women and children all dressed in bright clothes. They gathered on street corners and in the squares and wider roads, many of them danced, many played instruments such and drums, violins and flutes. Others called out to passersby, encouraging them to buy the foreign products they were selling.

They were loud folk, calling out to others to watch them dance and play. But the people of the town did not complain, for the gypsies brought them pleasure, especially the women, with their beautiful slender bodies and exotic dark skin. Many men were drawn closer.

Annabel paused to consider one of the male gypsies playing the violin. A handsome young man with a short beard and wearing black eyeliner, he dressed in the same bright colours as the women who danced around him.

'You think you can play that thing?' Annabel said to the gypsy boldly.

'Perhaps the lady would like to try and best me' the charming man smiled.

Annabel strolled confidently up towards him, snatching the violin and bow from his grasp and turning her back on him. She lifted the instrument, resting it on her shoulder. She began to play. Her fingers quick, and the movement of the bow precise. She played a quick and beautiful tune. Though far from being offended the young male gypsy began to clap and holler loudly in pleasure.

'The girl can play!' he cried. 'Let her not play alone. Drums' he called to the gypsy children who sat nearby. 'Hurry!'

One of the older children picked up a large drum and began to beat it as Annabel continued to play. As she reached the next verse, she was joined by more instruments. Two of the other gypsy men joined in with her, playing in entirely different tune to accompany her own. It was a well known piece that Annabel played, and the others were able to join in with her melody with ease.

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