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   Chapter 95 No.95

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'I don't know' Arlen said. 'Could be a while. In any case…' he said leaning back and stretching. 'I think you should get used to hanging around here. I don't think we're going anywhere anytime soon.'

'You're probably right. But…'


'How should Annabel be kept entertained?'

Arlen tilted his head curiously at this, a smile playing about his lips.

'Talk to her. Get to know her. You'll find out what she likes.' He grinned at Shawn. 'I'll see you around.'

Arlen rose from his chair. He left the inn, and didn't look back.

Shawn remained at the table, deep in thought. It was several hours later, near midday, that Annabel finally emerged from her room. Shawn had waited for her all this time, keeping himself occupied by reading one of the few books the inn provided. He had nearly finished it by the time Annabel arrived downstairs.

'Shawn' she said. 'There you are. Could you find me some food? I'm starving.'

'Lucky for you they happen to be serving food at this time' he told her, closing his book and pushing it away from him across the table. 'But I don't think they will like it if you start asking them for food at random times of the day.'

'I know' she said, taking the empty seat Arlen had sat and staring at him across the table. 'I was just so tired.'

'I can imagine' he said to her. 'A lot has happened for you in the last twenty four hours.'

Her expression saddened a little, and Shawn wished he hadn't said that.

'I'll go find you something' he said hastily to her. 'What do you want?'

Shawn ordered food with her, and a short time later they ate together.

'So' Shawn began, lifting his fork to eat, 'what sorts of things do you enjoy doing?'

Annabel glanced up at him. 'Are you trying to flirt with me?'

'What?' Shawn started, beginning to blush. 'No! I…'

'Relax' Annabel giggled, amused by his reaction. 'I'm just teasing.'

'I'm glad to see you've become relaxed enough to make jokes' Shawn sighed in relief. 'When we first found you…you were so scared.'

'Well' Annabel sat back. 'It's much easier to relax without those burly mercenaries around me. They're so intimidating. The company I share now is so much better.' She glanced across the table at him. 'You've done a wonderful job protecting me' she said. 'Thank you.'

He smiled back at her, feeling h

is heart skip a beat.

Outside, Arlen sat in the streets on a bench, soaking up the sun, deep in thought.

Something caught his attention however, breaking him from his trance. Shawn and Annabel were leaving the inn together.

Arlen watched them go, then smiled to himself.

'So' Shawn said to Annabel as they walked. 'Is there anything in particular you would like to do?'

'I know' Annabel beamed. 'Let's rent some horses and ride across the land.'

'We should stay here' Shawn frowned. 'It's safer in this town.'

Annabel scowled.

'I'm sure there's plenty to do here' Shawn told her.

'Hey, why don't we go look at the shops.'

'Oh no' Shawn groaned. 'That's just like something my sister would say.'

'You've got a sister?' Annabel said perking up. She sat upon a bench they were passing, tucking the dress beneath her. 'Tell me about her.'

'Well' Shawn began, taking a seat next to her. 'Her name is Gracie. She's twenty years old. She loves animals. She is stubborn as a mule, and has a fowl temper. But she is very loyal to her family.' Shawn frowned in thought. 'She's always willing to help, as long as it benefits her that is…she dreams of owning her own farm one day, so she can breed and train horses.'

Annabel leaned forward on her knees, smiling at him. 'She sounds like quite a character.'

'She is' Shawn replied, the edges of his lips curling in a smile and his eyes becoming distant as he thought of her. 'It's been a while since I last saw her. I've been so caught up in everything that's been going on, that for a short time I completely forgot about her.'

'You two are close?'

'Yes' Shawn nodded. 'I miss her very much.'

'Don't worry.' Annabel sang happily. 'She's safe where she is I am sure. You will see her again, I just know it.'

He smiled encouragingly at her.

'So' Annabel said stretching like a cat. 'Tell me about yourself.'



Shawn began to shift uncomfortably. 'There's not much to tell really.'

'Oh that's such a man answer' Annabel scolded. 'That's just the sort of thing my brother would have said.'

'You have a brother?'

'Don't change the subject.' Annabel shoved him playfully. 'Tell me about yourself' she repeated.

'What do you want to know?'

'What's your favourite colour?'

Shawn raised an eyebrow. 'Seriously?'

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