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   Chapter 94 No.94

The WeatherMaker Hearts Desire By Lady Lilium Characters: 5047

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'I can hear a whisper in my ear, even now. It may not be just my imagination. She's out there somewhere, waiting to be found, to be brought home, and I'm going to find her.'

'What are you going to do?'

'This…Tristan' he spoke with a sneer. 'He knows more than he's letting on, and I'm going to find out what it is.'

'What are you going to do?' Annabel asked again, nervously now.

'It's ok' Farrell said. 'I've got a plan.'

'That's a stupid plan' Woodworm said the second Farrell had finished explaining. 'You're an idiot. That would never work.'

'Why not?' Farrell argued back, dejected.

'Let me get this straight' Flunkit began. 'You want us to find where the prince Tristan lives, break into his home when he is not there, and find someone close to him to interrogate.'

'He knows more than he's telling' Farrell urged. 'I just know it.'

'He does seem to be deliberately holding back information' Annabel agreed.

'May I remind you also that he is a prince' Flunkit added.

'A prince' Blunkit added. 'He is a prince.'

'Look forget who he is' Farrell spoke loudly, his patience wearing thin. 'I believe we can do it. Weren't you two assassins?' he said to Blunkit and Flunkit.

'How do you know that?' Flunkit asked him.

'I told him' Blunkit said. 'In the cave…after you left.'


'Isn't this the sort of thing you used to do all the time?' Farrell asked the both of them.

'We never did anything like this against royalty. He is a prince you know.'

'Shut up' Farrell snapped.

Barrel began to laugh.

'If you start that shit again I'll kill you myself' Woodworm snarled at Barrel jabbing a finger at him.

'Stop it both of you' Carrot ordered.

'Are you serious about this?' Flute Stick asked Farrell.

'I am.'

'You do realise it would take us a while just to scout the place, once we find out exactly where it is that it. We can't just go barging in you know.' Blunkit said to Farrell.

'You mean you don't already know where he lives?'

'We worked for the king' Flunkit sighed, weary at having to explain this. 'Not the princes. And anyway, he's the thirteenth in line. He's the least important, why would we know anything about him?' he scratched his chin in thought. 'North of Blackrain he said…should be easy to find though…'

'I thought assassins knew about a lot about things' Farrell said.

'Sorry' Flunkit shrugged. 'We are not magicians.'

'It'll be very dangerous' Shawn told him.

'I think it might work' Arlen said, speaking for the

first time in ages.

'Really?' Farrell said, surprised at this.

'Someone would have to stay here to look after Annabel' Arlen said to Shawn, completely ignoring Farrell. 'I think it should be you.'

'Alright' Shawn replied.

'I will stay also' Arlen added. 'There needs to be more than one to stay behind I think.'

'Um….alright' Shawn said again.

'Well' Arlen sighed loudly speaking to no one in particular. 'Since this does not concern us, I think the three of us should leave.'

He, Shawn and Annabel left the table.

The others watched them depart in silence. Blunkit was the first to speak up.

'If you are serious about this' he said, 'my brother and I would first have to do some work. In the meantime, think carefully on how you want to proceed.'

Weeks passed, and while the brothers Blunkit and Flunkit were gone, Farrell had time to work the details of his plan. It wasn't perfect, but by the time they did arrive back at the inn, Farrell felt reasonably confident enough to proceed.

They left quickly to begin their journey on foot, leaving Arlen and Shawn behind to protect Annabel.

The morning after Farrell and the other mercenaries had left to begin their mission, and Shawn had risen early to dress and have breakfast before Annabel woke. He did this to give her privacy, so that when she did wake, she could dress and do her lady things without an interruption or male presence.

Shawn paused on his way to the door, glancing at her one last time before he exited the room. She lay on her side, blankets wrapped tightly around her, even in the warm morning. She looked like a caterpillar wrapped in a cocoon, and the way she slept with her mouth open, dribbling on her pillows, looked ever so amusing.

Shawn smirked at this, turning away and closing the door quietly behind him, heading downstairs.

Here he found Arlen sitting at one of the tables, eating his breakfast.

'Morning Shawn' Arlen said.

Shawn pulled up a chair opposite Arlen.

'That looks good' he said, eyeing the plate before Arlen.

'It is delicious. I'll order another from the kitchen.'

A short time later, Shawn tucked into his breakfast. Opposite him, Arlen who had finished his watched Shawn eating in silence.

'How is Annabel?'

'She sleeps heavily' Shawn replied. 'And snores really loudly.'

'Ha!' Arlen barked throwing his head back.

'So how long do you think we'll have to stay here?' Shawn asked him. 'How long do you think until Farrell and the others come back?'

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