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   Chapter 93 No.93

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Arlen and Farrell fell silent as they both descended back into despair. Their task was becoming ever more impossible.

'How do you know about that?' Shawn asked Annabel unperturbed.

'Because' Annabel replied sadly. 'I have died before. I fell climbing and broke my neck. I was only able to find my parents again because of my brother. Through him I relearned my past.'

'So' Arlen said recovering. 'You want our help to find her because you've lost her.'

Tristan shrugged. 'More or less.'

'Why should we help you?' Farrell accused. 'You're the one who took her.'

'And lost her' Arlen added quickly.

'I took her for good reason' Tristan argued back, folding his arms.

'I'm going to make you pay for this' Farrell threatened. 'I'm going to kill you for what you've done.'

'And what have I done?' Tristan said in a level voice.

'You took her away from me; away from everything she knew and loved!'

Tristan's eyes flashed.

'You really think she was better off with you?'

Farrell fell silent.

'You've forgotten that day haven't you?' Tristan retaliated. He unfolded his arms as he spoke, his body tensed. 'You've forgotten that day, when your wife tried to kill herself…'

'Come home now!' Amaia cried. 'You must come home, mother needs you!'

'Not now' Farrell groaned turning away from her.

'Her wrists are bleeding!' Amaia sobbed, grabbing him again, her black hair falling about her face. 'Please! Please help her!'

'You' Tristan glowered. 'You turned your back on your wife when she needed you the most. And after that tragic day, when she was killed and Amaia was missing…you didn't even bother to look for her.'

'I thought she was dead' Farrell mumbled, blinking back tears.

'You assumed' Tristan snarled. 'It was one of my father's men that stabbed Ramana…but it may as well have been you holding the sword.'

'No…' Farrell shook his head, stepping back.

'You caused this' Tristan went on. 'And for what? The memory of a man you could not save…Brice…your dead brother… It must have been a hard time for you. But Arlen…who had lost his brother also did not give into despair.' Tristan looked at him now, eyes deep. 'You looked for her; you searched for Amaia…for years…I know…' He looked back to Farrell, speaking to him now. 'I offer you a deal. We are both looking for her. We stand a better chance of finding her if we work together.'

'And what will happen if we find her?' Farrell asked him reluctantly. 'What will happen? Will you take her away from me again?'

'I could give her a better life than you ever could' Tristan answered coldly. 'Just think about that.'

'You're wrong' Arlen spoke up. 'For years she was happy.'

'Just consider my offer' Tristan spoke turning back to his horse. 'My home is north of Blackrain, it's easy enough to find…when you want to find me. I will wait for you there.'

He mounted his horse, and made a swift exit.

'We shouldn't trust him' Annabel said when he had gone. 'I don't trust him…'

'Farrell?' Shawn spoke. 'Are you ok?'

Farrell did not answer him. He just walked away in silence.

Chapter Thirty One

Welcome Guests

For hours after that Farrell wandered alone outside the town, beyond its walls were there was little but wide open plains. Annabel eventually ventured off alone to look for him. She found him easily enough.

'Are you alright?' she asked him.

'What are you doing out here alone?' Farrell replied without turning.

'I was worried about you.'


She went quiet.

'I'm surprised you were allowed to come out here on your own' he said. 'You're too valuable to lose. A Weather Maker …'

'The others don't know I'm here' Annabel answered.

He turned to her.

'Don't worry about me' Annabel smiled. 'If I am forced to, I can defend myself.'

He turned away from her again.

'I've been having these strange dreams lately' Farrell told her in a mumble, his voice sounding coarse as he spoke. 'I thought that in time they would go away. But not only have they not gone away, they've gotten worse.'

'What are these dreams?'

'In these dreams, I see a young woman, standing in the woods with her back to me. When she turns she speaks to me, saying the same words every time. Find me……' Farrell bowed his head. 'I don't know why, but I feel….I feel like I know it's her. My daughter……Amaia…' Farrell drew a slow breath to calm himself, balling his fists to stop his hands from shaking. 'Now…I hear her voice in my head, I feel her presence beside me, as if she were standing there in the flesh' he turned to look to the side of him as he spoke, and then away again. 'I know she is not there, but each time I look, I feel as if I might see her.'

'A spell has been placed upon you' Annabel told him. 'She wants you to find her.'

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