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   Chapter 92 No.92

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'Who are you looking for?' Arlen asked suspiciously, hand resting on the pommel of his sword. 'Tell me.'

Tristan ignored him, instead he spoke to Farrell.

'You know me' he said to him. 'Don't you?'

'You're face does seem familiar' Farrell admitted reluctantly. 'But from where I have seen you, I do not recall.'

'That's because it was a long time ago' he answered.

'Tristan?' Arlen spoke up.

'You know me?' Tristan replied, glancing towards him curiously. 'I don't know you.'

'You do' Arlen answered back. 'I'm his brother' he said pointing towards Farrell.

Tristan narrowed his eyes, staring hard at Arlen.

'I do not recognise you.'

'That's because I have changed over the years. My name is Arlen.'

'Arlen?' Tristan spoke slowly. 'That is really you? I would never have known. And Shawn' he went on turning to him. 'You've changed a lot, but I still recognise you. I'm sorry for what happened to your father.'

'I met you on that day the king summoned us to find that great beast' Farrell suddenly remembered.

Tristan nodded. 'His name is Vendmil.'

'That thing has a name?' Arlen scoffed.

'He belongs to my father' Tristan explained. 'My father named him.'

'Why are you here?' Farrell asked him suspiciously.

'You are looking for Amaia aren't you?' the prince said.

Farrell felt a jolt in his heart. 'Do you know where she is?'

'No' Tristan said quickly.

'How do you know of her?' Arlen asked Tristan.

'Because she is my daughter.'

Chapter Thirty

Painful Memories

All three of the men stared open mouthed at him.

'What?' Arlen said shortly.

'Amaia is my daughter' Tristan repeated.

'Have you completely lost your mind?' Farrell demanded.

'No' Tristan groaned, rolling his eyes at him. 'And I don't appreciate your tone of voice.'

'How can you possibly be her father?' Shawn asked him.

'Don't bother trying to reason with him' Farrell said back to Shawn. 'He's obviously delusional.'

'You're right' Arlen agreed. 'He's talking crap. Let's just go.'

'You weren't there when she was born were you?' Tristan called back to them as they made to walk away.

Farrell turned back to him.

'I know all about Amaia. I watched her from a distance all her life as she grew; and I saw what happened on that day when Ramana was killed. That was…such a terrible tragedy.'

'How do you know all of this

?' Farrell asked him.

'Because' Tristan answered. 'I was the one who took her.'

In an instant Arlen was upon him. He had shoved him against the wall, the long blade of a knife pressed against Tristan's throat.

'Did you kill her?' Arlen snarled.

'No' Tristan answered quickly, staring up into the sky as he tried to lean away from the blade, but to no avail. 'My father's men were responsible for her death.'

'Then why did you take Amaia?'

'To protect her.'

Arlen drew back from him, releasing the prince, but he did not put his knife away.

'Dear dear' Tristan said, straightening his clothes and rubbing his neck which trickled blood. 'Temper temper.'

'What do you mean by saying to protect her?' Arlen asked.

'Amaia is a Weather Maker. The king is kidnapping Weather Makers. One day one of his men saw Amaia use her magic; he sent a small group of soldiers out to collect her. That's when I stepped in. I killed the men that had taken her, that had killed Ramana, and took Amaia myself. For years I kept her hidden, in that building you attacked. To protect her. But shortly before you came she escaped, to find you' he said to Farrell.

'Why is there a gravestone?' Arlen asked.

Tristan sighed.

'She was so devastated when she learnt that Ramana was dead, she jumped from one of the towers.'

'And she didn't die?' Shawn asked incredulous.

'Weather Makers have many powers' Tristan replied simply.

'She must have died' Annabel spoke up suddenly. 'If someone jumps from a tower to kill themselves…what are the odds of them failing to die?'

Tristan turned his eyes onto her.

'You're being deceitful, ' she said bravely.

'What makes you say that?' Shawn asked her.

Annabel narrowed her eyes in thought. 'He's not telling you the full story. Weather Makers have more than one life. The number depends on the individual, but if a Weather Maker dies, then her body is reincarnated in another form. That is how you lost her isn't it?' she said to Tristan.

He just smiled quietly at her, resigned.

'And I'm sorry' Annabel said to the others, 'but when a Weather Maker is reincarnated their appearance changes and they forget everything that happened to them before they died. I'm sorry' she said again, 'but by the sound of it you probably won't recognise Amaia if you ever see her, and she won't remember any of you either.'

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