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   Chapter 89 No.89

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Arlen charged forwards to meet him, grabbing the pommel of Farrell's sword before he could strike and in one swift action, twisted the hilt out of his grip before he had a chance to swing it. But instead of using it to kill him, Arlen threw Farrell's sword away into the waters. Farrell would never find it in time to protect himself. Arlen now fought in a way that had become most familiar to him over the years. He fought with bare flesh, a savage and brutal way that was born of the streets, in close combat, with no honour and no rules. Arlen rained blows down upon Farrell, Farrell staggered back until he chanced the moment he was able to duck quickly, and grab a rock from the river bed. Lifting it high he cut across Arlen's temple, causing him to see stars. Dazed, Arlen stumbled. Farrell took his chance, tripping him, and throwing him into the water.

Farrell pushed down hard, keeping Arlen below the surface. His brother's face staring back at him from below the water as he struggled to free himself from Farrell's weight. Seconds passed, and Farrell could see Arlen beginning to panic now as he slowly ran out of breath. He let go of Farrell's arms, instead fumbling on his person, perhaps looking for a weapon in which to defend himself. But he would never find one in time to save himself.

Arlen would have died, had there not been one to intervene.

Shawn suddenly grabbed Farrell from behind, pulling him back. Farrell tried to pull away from him, attempting to lunge forward, hands pawing at the air to get to Arlen again.

'Let go of me! He snarled. 'I have to kill him!'

'At what cost?' Shawn hollered back still holding him.

Arlen sat up quickly, breaking the surface of the water and drawing a deep gasp of air. He would have lunged for Farrell had he been able. Had he been able, he would have attacked Farrell at the first opportunity. But something held him down. Vines that had grown up from the earth and through the water suddenly and swiftly wrapped themselves around his arms and legs as he made to stand. There were many of them, and he couldn't pull away. Arlen's attention shot to the river bank, where Annabel stood.

'Don't struggle' Annabel told him calmly, 'you won't break free.'

'Farrell' Shawn gasped, still holding his arms back. 'I'm going to let you go, please don't hurt him.'

Farrell's shoulders heaved, chest rising and falling as he drew deep breaths, exhausted from the fight and rage he had endured.

Behind him, Shawn slowly relaxed his grip, and let go. Annabel too withdrew her power, and the vines retreated back into the ea

rth they had come from. Arlen slowly rose, glaring daggers at Farrell, his eyes still bloodshot red. Farrell returned his steady gaze.

'What has gotten into you two?' Shawn demanded.

'This new person is an insult to the brother I once knew' Farrell replied flatly.

'You are the insult' Arlen countered in a deadly whisper, his voice shaking in anger. 'You're a failure as a father and a husband and a brother.'

'So you try to kill each other?!' Shawn cried out desperately, looking from one to the other. 'Is that what Amaia would want?'

Farrell and Arlen remained still, each locked in stares.

'Think of how Amaia would feel if she realised she has lost yet another?' Shawn snapped angrily. 'She needs both of you now more than ever. She has already suffered enough.'

Farrell and Arlen still did not move.

'Please' Shawn groaned, voice quieting now. 'Enough…'

Arlen turned on his heel and strode away through the water, walking away. Farrell in turn relaxed, taking a step back.

'Good lord' Carrot said in his thick accent as he stitched Arlen's flesh back together where the sword had cut the inside of his fingers. 'It's a wonder you didn't lose them altogether.'

'Or how you were able to carry on fighting' Blunkit added, handing Carrot a roll of bandage.

Arlen sat quietly as the two worked on his injuries, sowing together the deep gashes and tending to his other wounds. He didn't flinch as the needle passed through his skin again and again.

A distance away from him Farrell sat. He could already feel his throbbing body coming out in bruises where Arlen had beaten him, and a quick exam had revealed that he had re-broken his arm. He hadn't even noticed the pain of all his aliments at the time, but now, they came at him in full force.

Farrell grimaced, jerking his leg back as Annabel applied some ointment to a deep cut on his thigh.

'I'm sorry' Annabel replied meekly. 'Flunkit said this might sting a bit, but it would make you better.'

She pressed the damp cloth to the seeping wound again, and this time, he didn't flinch.

'Are you alright?' Shawn asked him quietly, sitting next to him.

'Hm' Farrell replied, feeling thoroughly depressed.

'I've been speaking with the others' Shawn went on. 'We've decided to head to Hexham. It's the nearest town from here, the others want to stop and rest and gather food and supplies. Besides, I think Annabel needs a decent place to sleep at least for one night.'

She glanced at him, smiling gratefully.

'We're leaving soon' he told Farrell briefly, before getting up and moving away.

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