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   Chapter 86 No.86

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'Are you ok with killing the prince's men if you work for the king?' Farrell asked him.

'Oh, I don't work for the king anymore' Blunkit shook his head. 'I'm too old now. I haven't worked for the king for a long time.'

'How did you come to be in his services?'

'Well' Blunkit grinned widely. 'That is a story that began a long time ago. My brother and I…in the beginning we lived a very comfortable life. My father…he was a big fancy man. I wasn't sure back then exactly what he did, but now looking back I think he was probably a merchant or something. He had a lot of money, and we lived an easy life. My mother was a very beautiful woman, everyday she wore the most beautiful rings and gems and jewels. I remember both my parents always dressed finely. My brother and I would always get the best of everything, we were the envy of our friends; oh it was a good feeling.' He smiled to himself as he lay back down and stretched out on the matt. 'Our house was large, we had courtyards and gardens and pools…I remember how our home was always busy. There was just me and my brother and my parents, but my father would always have people walking around the house. They must have been men he worked with I suppose, he spent a lot of time in his office talking about money and making deals me and my brother didn't understand. We were intrigued. Some days we would creep about trying to listen to the things he said to these strangers that always came to the house. But we were young and got bored of that very quickly. Besides we didn't understand what he was talking about anyway.' Blunkit nodded to himself. 'Life was good.'

'So what happened?' Farrell asked.

'What happened?' Blunkit repeated. 'I'm not entirely sure. Something happened one day that changed everything. I remember my parents arguing over something, it was strange, our parents never argued. At least not like that. I remember me and my brother listening through the door and peering through the keyhole. Both our parents seemed frightened. I think perhaps my father got into money problems. Borrowed from the wrong people and couldn't pay back…that sort of thing. Anyway…' he shrugged. 'That night, my father came to our bedroom after our mother had put us to bed. He said he was going to read us a bedtime story, which was strange, because he never did that before. It was always our mother who read us stories. And I remember….thinking how he didn't seem himself. He seemed nervous. Scared. He said to me and my brother, that he loved the both of us very much, and that we meant the world to him, which was also out of character. Then…a short time later when he was near

ing the end of the story, he slumped forwards, falling on my brother's bed. It took a few seconds for us to realise he was dead. There was a feathered dart in the back of his neck. It was bright red.'

'He was murdered?'

'Yes' Blunkit nodded. 'He was assassinated. And you know what the strangest thing is?'


'We never saw the assassin.'

Farrell waited silently for him to continue.

'We moved house after that, mother was distraught, and a few years later, life returned to what could be called normal, though we weren't as well off for money, and my mother was never the same again. Me and my brother lived our normal lives, forgetting the incident in which our father had died, until the day we were specially selected to fight in the king's army.'

'Specially selected?' Farrell said. 'That doesn't happen very often. You must have been good.'

'Well…' Blunkit shrugged. 'I was young and fit and liked to fight. Got into trouble all the time with people, and my first instinct was the throw a punch. We lived in a big town and there were a lot of jerks who lived nearby. Oh it used to upset mother dearly, especially when Finlay started doing the same. The number of times we came home with black eyes and various other wounds we couldn't explain to her. We just got noticed one day by the right people.'

'Finlay? Is that Flunkit's real name?'

Blunkit smirked. 'Yeah, and my real name's Brandon. Anyway, we began our training, it was tough, but I think the men in charge had other plans for us. We were sent on a suicide mission, but miraculously me and my brother survived. It was a gruesome scene; there was blood everywhere, bright red and freshly flowing. And then I remembered, that bright red dart sticking out of my father's neck, and then I thought to myself……if I'm going to risk my life doing dangerous shit, I may as well make it worthwhile. When I told the men in charge I wanted to be an assassin, they were surprised. But due to the skills and ability to survive that me and my brother seemed to possess, we were accepted into the king's Secret Army, and trained as assassins. We were trained for years, and were tested all the time. But do you know what our final test was?'


'I thought it would be really difficult. Some complicated plan to infiltrate some high security place and kill some fancy man and get out again unseen but no. It wasn't what I thought it would be…not at all…'

'What was it?' Farrell asked.

'It was difficult, but the test was a lot simpler than I anticipated. An assassin must be ruthless, heartless. Cold. Our final test…was to murder an innocent child.'

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