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   Chapter 85 No.85

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'I wouldn't exactly say you're well off here with us' Shawn replied, considering the burley mercenaries behind them. Some of them were already snoring loudly as they slept.

'I feel like they view me as a piece of meat' Annabel admitted.

'They probably do.'

'I……I wanted to thank you for sticking up for me. I don't really know who you are or what's going on, but you've been kind to me.'

'Any decent man would have done the same.'

'But we are not in a world filled with decent men' she replied. 'Are we?'

Shawn smiled at that.

'You should get some rest' he said to her.

'Well…' Annabel bowed her head. 'I'll try at least.'

He left her there, returning to the other mercenary's and pulling out his own sleeping mat to lie on. Annabel at last released her magic, the fire went out, and the cave fell into complete and utter darkness.

Sometime later, Farrell woke. The dreams he was experiencing had become as familiar to him as he own heartbeat.

He didn't know if it had been hours, or mere minutes, but the last thing that stayed with him from the dream that was quickly slipping from his memory, were the woods that were beginning to haunt him, and the voice which called out to him.

'Find me…'

He drew a heavy sigh, closing his eyes again. Though it made little different in the darkness of the cave.

He sat there for the longest time, willing himself to doze off again. The others around him were still, some of the mercenaries snoring heavily in their sleep. He was about to drift off again, when he heard one of the bodies moving nearby.

Farrell's mind became more aware as he listened. He didn't know who it was, but one of the men around him had risen. Farrell saw the dim glow of a white light, held a hand of one of the mercenaries. He wondered what it was, and where the mercenary was going. He decided that perhaps he was going to relieve himself, but as the minutes ticked on, Farrell realised this could not have been the case.

The mercenary was gone for a long while, but Farrell waited nonetheless, staying awake to see when he would return and for how long he would be gone. When he finally did return, he did so quietly, and made to lay back down on his matt as if nothing had happened. But then he noticed Farrell watching him.

Blunkit smiled, letting out a deep sigh as he lay back down.

'My skills must be fading in my old age' he said. 'I never used to wake people when I went off to do a job.'

'What were you doing?' Farrell asked him in a whisper as h

e sat up, leaning on his one good arm. The splint he was endured to wear was becoming tiresome.

Blunkit wore a strange expression to his question.

'Isn't it obvious?'

Farrell just stared back.

Blunkit cleared his throat, quietly so as not to bother the others still sleeping.

'I was eh…' he said, 'fixing a problem. Don't you worry; the prince won't be coming after us now. Don't worry I didn't kill him' Blunkit added hastily at the expression on his face. 'I just…disabled his soldiers.'

'Disabled' Farrell echoed flatly.

'Yup' Blunkit replied cheerily. 'Dead men aren't much good at anything really, are they?'

He sat up on his mat with a smile.

'Sooo' Farrell went on. 'You're an assassin?'

'Yeah' Blunkit replied casually. 'I'm not as good as I used to be though.'

Farrell glanced sideways at him. Blunkit was by no means fat, but he wasn't exactly lean either, his skin was well worn and there were flecks of grey in his hair and beard.

'What's that thing you carry?' Farrell asked him, indicating the glow of light that dimly lit up both their faces.

'Oh' Blunkit said. He drew it out to show Farrell. It looked like a small pebble. Though it wasn't anything natural, it was emitting a strange white light. 'This…' Blunkit said. 'This is just a silly little thing. It's a rare item the king gives out to his most trusted assassins. It's nothing special really; it's just a small stone that glows. It never seems to lose its power.'

'Nothing special?' Farrell repeated, examining it as Blunkit held it out for him to take. 'Most I'm sure would disagree.'

The object was small, and was smooth as he rubbed it between his fingers.

'The white ones are especially rare' Blunkit went on. 'Most you get are a greenish blue in colour.'

Farrell remembered something then. Years ago when he had been asked by the king to search for some strange creature underground, he remembered how the walls themselves seemed to glow a strange sickly greenish blue, in the otherwise light-less tunnel.

'You must have been very special to the king to be given a white one if they're that rare.'

'Nah' Blunkit smirked taking it back. 'I nicked it.'


'Well' Blunkit shrugged. 'I took it from another assassin I killed. He didn't need it. I guess it doesn't count so much as stealing if the other guy's dead right? His fault for letting his guard down.'

'Right' Farrell replied unconvinced.

'The king should have chosen a better man to give such a gift to' Blunkit went on.

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