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   Chapter 84 No.84

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'Me?' Flunkit replied defensively.

'We should have just left her there' Woodworm glared at Annabel.

She glared fearfully back at him, having quickly learnt that Woodworm was not to be trusted, she kept her distance from all of them, especially him.

'And let her be taken by those men?' Shawn said rising to the bait. 'Why don't you just shut your fucking mouth?'

Woodworm began to growl at him, standing slowly and turning in his direction as if preparing to fight.

'Gods will you two just give it a rest?' Arlen said loudly, sighing into his hand. 'I'm fed up with the both of you.'

'How long do we have to stay here?' Annabel spoke up, hating the fact that the others were arguing over her, she tried to draw attention elsewhere.

Woodworm and Shawn relaxed slightly, their attention taken off one another as they became distracted.

'I don't think it's safe to stay here anymore' Carrot said. 'Those men will surely pick up our trail now that the sun is rising……it's only a matter of time.'

'I think we should go deeper into the cave' Blunkit suggested. 'There is a way through, the cave opens up elsewhere. If those men are looking for us, they have more chance of finding us if we stay here.'

'But we're running out of food' Farrell told him.

'It's ok' Flunkit replied. 'I could return to the village we came from. I could go back and get us something to last the journey to the next town or village we come across.'

'We can't stay here if we risk being found' Farrell argued.

'It ok Flunkit said again. 'I know the way through this cave. I will find you again.'

'But we can't wait for you' Arlen said.

'We won't have to' Blunkit told him. 'I know the way through. I will lead you.'

Farrell glanced doubtfully towards Flunkit again.

'Don't worry' Flunkit beamed encouragingly, 'my brother and I have been through this cave many times. We know these lands better than most.'

'You're brothers?' Farrell raised an eyebrow.

'Oh, did we not mention it before?' Blunkit asked obviously, knowing full well that he hadn't.

'I should have known' Farrell said turning to Barrel. 'Naming them Blunkit and Flunkit. Of course they had to be brothers.'

Barrel just smirked knowingly back at him.

'I'll be as quick as I can' Flunkit said rising.

He took some money and a few bare essentials, mounting one of the horses and riding at a trot, the horse flicking its tail and tossing its head as it went. Flunkit was quickly swallowed by the light shining at the mouth of the tunnel.

'We had better get a move on' Blunk

it told the others.

'Can we get through here with the horses?' Arlen asked him.

'Just about' Blunkit replied. 'But our pace will be slow.'

'What if the others catch us?' Shawn asked.

'Oh don't worry' Blunkit smiled. 'My brother will sort that out.'

They packed their things away quickly and loaded the horses. Shortly after, they were walking at a gentle pace through the cave, led by the fire Annabel had summoned in her hand; they were able to see where they stepped.

'That's just incredible' Flute Stick said as they witnessed her magic for a second time.

'It's lucky you're able to do that' Carrot remarked. 'Just what we need. What are the odds?'

'Fire is an obvious element for Weather Makers' Annabel answered curtly. 'Most Weather Makers have this ability.'

'I wonder what people would give to be able to do something like that' Flute Stick said staring at Annabel hungrily.

Annabel turned her eyes uncomfortably away from him as they walked.

'I don't think…' Annabel went on, 'that could ever happen. We cannot pass on our powers to others, only our children, and only girls.'

'Hmm' Flute Stick sighed mournfully. 'That's a shame.'

Several hours later, they sat down to rest. The horses were led to one of the many shallow pools scattered throughout the cave, and allowed to drink. They rested standing up. The other members of the troupe unloaded the bags the horses carried, but kept them saddled. Annabel observed as they each rolled out their sleeping mats, lying down to sleep or preparing something to eat, all the while, holding the burning flame in her hand as she did so. She had been keeping this fire burning since they descended into the cave, and the effort of keeping it alight was exhausting for her.

She kept her distance from the others as she sat and watched, a short time later, Shawn approached her, again offering his own sleeping mat for her to use. They had after all taken her at short notice, and she had nothing with her but the clothes she wore.

'That's very kind of you' Annabel said. 'But what about you?'

'I'll use Flunkit's' Shawn replied. 'He left it behind when he left us. Are you hungry?'

'No' Annabel shook her head.

'Are you sure? You haven't eaten at all since you've been with us.'

'It's hard to feel hungry when you've been suddenly put into this kind of situation.'

'I'm sorry' Shawn said. 'None of us meant for this to happen.'

'Maybe I should be thanking you' Annabel said. 'I don't know what those men would have done to me if they succeeded in taking me.'

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