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   Chapter 82 No.82

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'I can't' Annabel replied. 'But there are others who can. Each Weather Maker is as different as the changing seasons.'

As the mercenaries began to question Annabel of her abilities, Farrell became lost in thought.

Perhaps this is why Amaia was taken? All of this seems so strange…could it really be true?

And then he remembered something, a time long ago when he lived another life, a different one than the one he led now. He suddenly remembers strange things that happened around his wife, things that at the time he had not spared a second thought to…but now….


Farrell gazed at the painting. It was beautiful indeed. A stunning scene of woodland; with tall grass between the trees and lush green leaves in the branches. There was only a thin sliver between the trees in the centre of the painting where the blue sky could be seen. At the forefront was a doe, walking across the painting.

'It's wonderful' Farrell told her. 'You're very skilled.'

'Oh?' Ramana teased as she covered up the painting again. 'You think so?'

Farrell took her by the hand, kissing the back of her hand tenderly. His eyes lifted to hers, and he pulled her to him, slowly, holding her body close to his.

'Not a day has passed' Farrell said, 'since the day Amaia was born, that I haven't felt like the luckiest and happiest man on earth. The both of you have given me so much joy….and so much grief.'

'And you are still happy' Ramana asked him, brushing his cheek, 'even though we give you grief?'

'I wouldn't give you away for the world' Farrell murmured. 'Either of you.'

Ramana lifted her beautiful eyes to Farrell's, staring deeply into him.

'I know you speak the truth' she said. 'I feel it in my heart.' She stepped back. 'I would rather we spend one day together, than face the ages of this world apart. I want to be with you, now, and forever. In this life…' she sighed happily, 'and the next.'

'Well' Farrell smirked approaching her. 'I do not believe in an afterlife. I think time is precious, time is short. I believe we spend far too short a time on this earth, too short a life we live, too soon we die.' He moved towards her, his lips hovering over hers as he cupped her face in his hands. 'I believe we should make the most of the things we love.'

'I think' Ramana whispered in sweet breath, 'that you speak the truth.'

She glided away from him quickly, moving out of the room. Farrell followed her, heading towards the corridor where she was waiting for him.

Farrell glanced about the hall around him curiously, noticing suddenly that all the burning candles that had lit up the room had quickly been extinguished. Even those that were far away had been put out; when he was sure they had been burning not a moment ago.

He noticed Ramana then. She was standing a short distance away from him in the centre of the hall

, the moonlight from the window nearby lit up one side of her body in a white light.

Her skin glowed. She looked radiant, beautiful, like a goddess herself. She giggled childishly, skipping away from him into the next room. The lights in the next room instantly went out.

'Wait!' Farrell called after her.

The house had fallen quickly silent; there was not a sound to be heard. Farrell listened carefully, noticing more of the candles being blown out as Ramana crept through the manor, teasing him. Before long, the only light that existed, was that given by the moon, pure white against the dark sky above, frozen in the air in its celestial beauty.

Farrell stepped slowly across the hall, moving carefully to avoid bumping into something. He moved into the next room, taking in what little he could see. Dark shapes, and outline of the furniture.

He looked around him; utter silence was all he experienced now. He saw no movement. Farrell spoke, but it felt like he was addressing the very darkness himself.


His voice, though he spoke it softly, sounded loud in the still world around him.

'Where are you?' he whispered now, as if speaking to himself.

He felt a touch from behind him, arms reaching gently around him, holding him tenderly. Ramana rested her cheek against his back, sighing deeply, content.

Farrell lowered his head, smiling. He lifted his hands to Ramana's arms that held him, holding her to him.

'I love you' she whispered from behind him.

'I love you too' Farrell responded.

He heard her sigh happily again.

She let go of him, and he turned, but she was gone.

The next he saw her; she was waiting on the stairs. Noticing that he had spotted her, she skipped away, heading up the stairs towards their bedroom.

He followed her, stepping carefully through the darkness and up the stairs. He reached the open door to their bedroom. Two hands reached out of the shadows and grabbed him, pulling him into the room.

Farrell bent forward and kissed his wife, the two wrapped up in each other's arms. Farrell felt something strange, like an electrical current running through his body as he touched her. The hairs on his body were standing on end as they caressed one another.

He pushed her back into the room, further and further until the back of her legs touched the end of the bed. She slowly fell back onto the bed, inviting him towards her. Ramana reached her bare foot out to him, running it down Farrell's chest. Through the closed window, the full moon shone, and Farrell could see his wife lying back on the bed. Her long beautiful black hair thrown back and her arms above her head as she watched Farrell expectantly. The clouds gliding across the sky outside concealed the moon once again. The bedroom fell into shadow, and Ramana's outline as she lay on the bed, became concealed.

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