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   Chapter 80 No.80

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An image flashed in Farrell's mind then as he listened to her words, and he thought of how he had been a part of the group that had taken Annabel from her parents without a word, and killed those men.

And then he remembered something from long past.

Arlen burst through the doors to his manor.

'FARRELL!' he cried.

'What is it Arlen?' Farrell demanded.

'Ramana is dead!' Arlen blurted out. 'Amaia is missing. She's been taken!'

'We have to go now! We have to look for her.'

Guided by Arlen's directions, Farrell rode out of the village, and to the section of woodland where Ramana's body rested.

Arlen was able to slide off the horse, just before Farrell sent Alastor racing onwards, followed by the other mounted soldiers in search of the culprit.

Further down the road, Farrell and his men had ridden.

Farrell pulled his horse back, surveying the bodies of twelve soldiers that lay scattered in their path, soldiers who were armed and armoured.

It looked as if they had been ambushed.

They were all dead. And Amaia could not be found.

'It's like it's happened all over again' Farrell mumbled to himself incoherently, 'but this time….the other way around….'

'What are my parents going to think?' Annabel continued to worry, wiping her teary eyes. 'They're going to be so worried….I never got to say goodbye…' she repeated.

'Well you've lost your chance now' Woodworm replied heartlessly.

'Don't be so cruel' Carrot scowled at him.

'What are you going to do with me?' Annabel asked tentatively, frightened of what the answer might be.

'Well you can't go home' Flunkit told her. 'Not now.'

'Are you going to kill me?' she asked, her voice as quiet as a mouse.

'Yes' Woodworm answered callously, eyes gleaming brightly in the last sliver of red sun that clawed at the edge of the horizon. 'We are going to slaughter you…piece by piece. We are going to cut you open, pull out your intestines….and murder you….from the inside out….'

Annabel paled instantly.

Shawn rose to his feet before Woodworm had even finished his sentence. He struck him hard across the face with the back of his hand with all the force he can muster.

Woodworm stumbled, body hunched over as he slowly comprehended what had just happened.

When he turned back to Shawn, it was in a swift movement, with knife in hand.

Shawn caught Woodworm's arm as he made a lunge for him, directing the knife away. The two began to wrestle, Shawn holding Woodworm's arm down, hands tight around Woodworms hand that held the knife. The others rose to stop them. Barrel and Carrot grabbed onto W

oodworm, pulling him back. Someone grabbed Shawn from behind, holding him under the arms and disabling him. Without a second thought Shawn threw his head back hard, head butting Flunkit in the face. Flunkit stumbled back, hands over his bleeding nose as he protested loudly.

Shawn was about to go for Woodworm again, but Arlen came between them, hand upon Shawn's chest, pushing him back.

'Enough' he said calmly.

Shawn let out a breath, stepping away.

'They're following us' Flute Stick told the others loudly, his accent was thick.

Everyone tensed then, approaching the top of the hill to see a group of men riding towards them, led by a man on a white horse.

Flute Stick grabbed Annabel roughly by the shoulders, lifting her onto his horse and mounting the saddle before her. She whimpered pathetically, squeezing her eyes tight, too frightened to look at what was happening as she held onto the back of Flute Stick. The others mounted quickly their horses, ridding in the opposite direction to the men that pursued them.

'Where do we go?!' Farrell called to the others as they rode.

'I know the way' Blunkit answered, kicking his horse hard in the flank. 'Follow me!' He wheeled the animal around and towards the left, heading to the forest nearby.

The sky was getting dark now, and as their pursuers were riding fast, they were gaining ground.

They managed to lose them in the woods, following Blunkit who led them to a mouth of a cave, the band descended through the chasm. They were forced to slow as the horses began to stumble on the uneasy ground, neighing in worry and tossing their heads. They dismounted, leading the creatures on foot now.

The small group hid in the darkness, waiting for time to pass.

After a while they began to relax.

'I think they're gone' Arlen spoke at last.

'We can't go back out there' Flunkit told them. 'It's not safe. They'll find us for sure.'

'Then lets traverse the cave' Woodworm said. 'It has to come out somewhere.'

'But what about the horses?'

'We'll take them as far as we can' Woodworm replied. 'We can always leave them and find new ones later if they can't make it through.'

'I'm not carrying all those bags myself' Flunkit argued.

'In any case' Blunkit spoke up. 'It's too dark to travel. We're not going anywhere now; it would be too dangerous to try.'

'I could light the way' Annabel spoke up bravely. 'I could make it safe.'

The mercenaries fell silent then. They all paused as they considered her. Annabel felt suddenly uneasy, being the centre of attention for all these men she found so scary.

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