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   Chapter 74 No.74

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Arlen balled his fists, eyes narrowing.

Farrell thought then what must be going through his mind. What was he planning? What could he do now to find Amaia, once she had gone missing for a second time?

'Do you still desire our services?' one of the mercenaries grumbled.

'Yes' Arlen answered firmly. 'I do.'

'When do we leave?' Farrell asked his brother.


'So you were not successful then?' Danior spoke five days later, the moment he saw Arlen enter the room, with Shawn and Farrell walking behind him. 'You reached me in good time' he went on. 'I was just about to depart to some far off place. Its luck you caught me now, I will be away for quite some time.'

'Where is Amaia?' Arlen demanded.

'She wasn't at that place you thought she'd be?' Danior asked. However he spoke as if he already knew this.

'Where is she?' Arlen repeated.

'I understand that she died' Danior replied.

Behind Arlen, Shawn reached a hand forward, grasping Arlen by the shoulder and squeezing hard to reassure him.

'Don't lose control' Shawn whispered to him. 'Not here.'

'She is not dead' Arlen told Danior sternly.

'How do you know?' Danior teased. 'Her grave was within the garden of the grounds. Did you not see it?'

'How do you know about that?' Farrell asked.

'Most of the mercenaries you hired work for me already. I'm sorry, but most of them have already left.'

'Left?' Farrell repeated mistrustfully. 'But…we've only just arrived.'

'And they are hungry for adventure' Danior gleamed with mischief. 'I have sent them on another mission. Sorry.'

He didn't sound in the least bit sorry.

'But don't worry' he added, 'you still have six left.'

'Only six?' Arlen asked flatly.

'Better than none' Danior replied, putting on an overcoat and moving towards the door. 'You must excuse me now, I have to leave.'

'But you haven't told us where Amaia is. And anyway how do you know about the grave?'

Danior glanced back to them.

'Many of the servants you found there now work for me, including the one called Sarah which you interrogated. As for Amaia, she's a difficult matter. How is one to find a woman, ' he glanced at Farrell, 'who went missing twelve years ago? You don't know where she was last seen, or even what she looks like, as she was taken at such a young age. The only thing y

ou know about her now at this point…is her name.'

'I know the prince Tristan has held her hostage' Arlen spoke up. 'I know where she has been held captive for the last several years.'

'Have you ever seen her?' Danior asked speaking now to Arlen. 'Even once? And clearly I mean' he interrupted as Arlen opened his mouth to speak. 'Have you seen her up close?'

'No' Arlen replied reluctantly through gritted teeth.

'No' Danior repeated. 'She was never allowed outside, that's why. However she did sit by the windows. For hours at a time she would gaze outwards, dreaming of freedom. Would you even recognise her if you saw her now?'

'I would know it was her' Arlen spoke firmly.

'But how could you?' Danior asked showing his hands. 'She would have changed so much over the years.'

'I would know' Arlen repeated. 'She would look like her mother.'

'Would she?' Danior gleamed knowingly.

Arlen fell silent.

'I don't know where she is' Danior went on, 'but I know that your daughter…' he looked at neither Arlen nor Farrell ask he spoke this, 'I know she is unique.' He lifted his hand to his head, brushing his slick hair back. 'There is a young woman I have heard of that has the same abilities as Amaia is supposed to have. There is a good chance that she is the one you seek. Her kind are so rare after all. She is in the village of Augsburg. She should be easy enough to find, you passed the village on the way to find the prince's manor.'

'How will we know her?'Arlen asked Danior.

'You will know her when you see her. I am sure of this.'

'How do you know of all of these things?' Arlen asked him.

'There is much I know that others do not' Danior replied vaguely. 'But in the case of this woman in Augsburg….a blind child could find her.'

'How will we find you if we need your help again?'

'You won't' Danior said. 'I'm leaving in a few days, and I'm going for good. By the time you reach your destination, you won't have time to make the return journey before I depart.'

'Why are you leaving?'

'War is coming.'

'What?' Arlen scoffed.

'Your quest' Danior went on. 'It will lead you to war.'

'I find that hard to believe' Arlen said flatly.

'And yet it is so' Danior bowed.

'I feel you know more about this than you're telling' Arlen said narrowing his eyes distrustfully.

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