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   Chapter 73 No.73

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'Did you….' Arlen went on, 'speak to her?'

'No' Sarah shook her head. 'We were not allowed to.'

'On whose command?'

'The prince'.'

'Hmmm' Arlen murmured. 'Where is she now?'

'I don't know.'

'Why was she hidden here?'

'I don't know.'

Arlen was about to ask another question, but changed his mind. Instead he asked a different one.

'Why…where you not allowed to speak to her?'

'Because it was the order the prince gave to all of us' the servant replied in a quiet voice.

'How long has she been here?' Arlen asked.

'About…' Sarah thought. 'Maybe about twelve years. She was only a child when she was brought here, about seven in age maybe.'

'She was seven when she was first taken' Farrell spoke up.

Oh gods Arlen realised. She's been here all that time? Completely alone…with no one to talk to……all that time…

A deep sorrow filled his heart. A great depression, as he realised how lonely she must have been.

'And you've been working here all that time?' Arlen asked the servant.

'Yes' Sarah replied. 'I watched her grow. But none of us were allowed to speak to her. She was well cared for, she had everything we could have given her….but….'

Arlen let her go, and Sarah fell back, massaging her aching shoulders with relief.

'And…' Arlen repeated. 'You don't know where she is?'

'No' Sarah shook her head. 'She just…vanished one day.'

Arlen raised his head.

What the hell is going on?

'Is there…anything else you can tell me? About the Amaia? Anything at all?'

'There is…one thing' Sarah spoke carefully.

Everyone in the room raised their heads slightly, ears perked with interest. Arlen faced the servant head on now, behind him Farrell had tensed.

'What is it?' Arlen asked her.

'I….I don't know. This won't make sense…but…'

Sarah looked up at him.

'I was…bringing tea to her room. It was a sunny day, and…she was never allowed outside, only stayed inside. And…when she opened the doors and came out of her room…….'

'What…?' Arlen spoke.

'It sounds so strange, and to me it didn't make any sense. But….she was soaking wet. Her dress…it was as if she had fallen into a lake of water fully clothed. But it wasn't just that. The room behind her was……out of order. The curtains and bed sheets were strewn about the place. Wa

ter soaked the floor, everything in the room was damp…even the walls when I went back shortly after. And….it was cold in the room….so cold….'

She looked back up at Arlen, waiting for his response.

He was sneering, as if she suddenly disgusted him.

'Have you gone mad woman?'

'Maybe I have' Sarah replied fearfully. 'I don't know if it was real. But if my mind was playing tricks on me….then the minds of the other servants who helped me clean her room also played the same trick on them.'

Arlen glanced over her head towards the other servants who remained on their knees, huddled together.

'It's true' a braver one spoke up, an older middle aged lady, nameless to all the men. 'I saw it too.'

'And there is nothing else you can tell me?' Arlen asked, glancing back down at Sarah.

'Nothing' she shook her head.

'Just one more thing' Arlen added before he left. 'The prince. What was his name?'

'Tristan' Sarah breathed.

Arlen strode away in irritation, annoyed at what he had heard.

'What do you think it means?' Shawn asked him, struggling to keep up with his pace.

'Nonsense' Arlen spat. 'That was no help whatsoever. She may as well kept her mouth shut.'

Shawn slowed to a stop, allowing Arlen to leave his side.

It was sometime later that Arlen returned to the room, back where the others waited for him.

'So what do we do now?' Farrell asked him again.

Arlen sighed.

'I suppose….' he mused. The mercenaries around him all glanced his way, Shawn and Farrell waited for a response also.

Arlen looked up suddenly, noticing he was the centre of attention.

'We…' he went on. He fell silent again.

Farrell watched him closely, wondering how his brother must be feeling.

He's worked so hard for this day, only to find Amaia gone….I wonder how he must be feeling.

'I suppose there is only one thing left for us to do' Arlen finished.

'What's that?' Shawn asked.

'We return, back to Dilston' Arlen said, 'and seek Danior. He may be able to help us again.'

'You think he has answers?' Shawn asked him.

'He knows many things' Arlen replied solemnly. 'Many things he should not know, many things that no one else knows. He is the only man that has the answers, beside the one who holds her captive….besides this Tristan. This prince.'

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