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   Chapter 72 No.72

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'Yes' Arlen said with surety. 'But in the meantime, I'm staying here.'

Shawn wheeled around, tearing back down the stairs, running as fast as he could towards the garden.

He found Farrell kneeling before the grave, completely ignoring him; he fell before it, desperately pulling the earth up with his bare hands.

'What are you doing?' Farrell asked incredulous.

'No time to explain' Shawn gasped in his haste, thinking about Arlen dangling precariously high above them. 'Just help me dig!'

Farrell obeyed, listening only because of the urgency in Shawn's voice and not questioning him further.

They dug through the dirt as fast as they could, pulling at the soil and digging deep.

After a short time, the two drew back.

'How can this be?' Farrell whispered. 'There's nothing here?'

'I have to tell Arlen' Shawn huffed, rising to his feet.

'Wait!' Farrell called out, running after him.

Farrell dashed after Shawn, following him up the stairs of the tower.

He faltered uncertainly at the sight of his brother, standing far out away from the balcony, hanging dangerously over the drop that was below him, with nothing but his balance to protect him.

'Arlen!' Shawn panted. 'The grave. It's empty!'

Arlen's eyes flashed. His attention drifted towards Farrell for reassurance.

'It's true' Farrell breathed. 'It's completely empty. She's not there.'

'But why…' Arlen murmured, 'why would it be there?'

'Arlen?' Shawn spoke tentatively, leaning forwards over the wall with his hand extended, earth and dirt ground into his skin and beneath his nails. 'Come down.'

Arlen stepped carefully forwards along the wall towards Shawn, moving slowly as he went. He took his hand, and Shawn helped him back down onto the balcony and to safe ground.

Shawn embraced Arlen then, letting out the breath he had been holding.

'Thank the gods' he sighed in relief. 'I'm so glad you didn't…..'

'This is just the beginning then' Arlen said, straightening up again, 'the beginning of our search to find Amaia. I thought I had her…I was so sure……'

'She is alive' Shawn told him. 'I feel it in my heart.'

'I feel something too' Arlen said. 'I only wish that I am not wrong.'

His attention drifted towards Farrell then. His expression darkened.

'Come' he mumbled to Shawn, arm still around his shoulders.

The two walked away, leaving Farrell alone.

Farrell stood on the balcony, hands resting against the cool stone of the wall be

fore him.

The day was dying. The world that stretched far around him was going to sleep. He thought of his task then, the task of finding his daughter.

'Amaia' he whispered her name on the wind. 'Where are you?'

The vastness of the world lay out like a great map before his eyes. From the tall tower he could see far into the horizon. Great plains before him, mountains behind, rivers and towns and within it all….

There were so many places. So many places she might be. So many places she could be hiding.

'Where are you Amaia?' he said again.

His question fell on the deaf ears of the world.

'I will never stop looking for you. For as long as it takes I will search. To the day I die.'

Chapter Twenty Five

Strange Tales

'So what do we do now?' Farrell asked, scratching at his healing arm in the splint, furious he couldn't get that itch.

Shawn glanced from Arlen to Farrell.

'I know' Arlen spoke in a strange voice. 'Let's ask the residents.'

He strode towards the group of huddled servants, still cowering behind the wall of mercenaries that guarded them. Grabbing one of them, a young woman, Arlen pulled her from the crowd and dragged her out into the open. The poor woman screamed and sobbed and begged for her life.

Arlen threw her to the ground away from the others, but still in sight of them. The servant kneeled before him, cowering in fear.

At first Arlen didn't do anything. And then he lifted his hand, hitting her hard across the face.

Shawn and Farrell straightened, muscles growing tense, startled by Arlen's treatment, and wondering what he would do next. The mercenaries remained unmoved.

The woman screamed again, Arlen grabbed her, shaking her roughly to silence her.

'It's ok' Arlen said soothingly when she had stopped screaming. 'Everything is going to be ok.'

The woman looked more terrified than ever.

Arlen knelt before her, still holding her tightly by the shoulder, and digging his nails deep into her skin. He came to her eyelevel.

'What is your name?'

'Sss…Sarah…' the girl trembled.

'Good' Arlen nodded. 'Now. What can you tell me about the young woman who lived here?'

'She…' Sarah begun. She faltered, as if unsure where to begin.

'Go on' Arlen said encouragingly.

'She lived here.'

'What was her name?'


Arlen let out a deep breath at the sound of her name. His grip tightened further on the woman's shoulder and she flinched, but dared not resist.

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