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   Chapter 71 No.71

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It was a very long drop. Below him was the garden, and soft earth. But it wouldn't matter at this height. Whether he landed on the grassy blanket of the garden or on solid stone, at this height, it wouldn't make a different in the end.

At this height, nothing would survive.

Arlen stared down, thinking of how fast he would fall, and what it would feel like. He found he didn't care.

'Ramana' he whispered to himself. 'Amaia…I will see you again.'

But he didn't move. Not yet. His life was over, he knew this, but he wanted to make the most of what little there was left for him.

The feel of the wind. The touch of the stone below him. The sight of everything in the world that was left for him to see.

Arlen took a deep breath. He blinked slowly.

His heart began to race, as he realised that he was truly about to do this.

He took another deep breath. And leant forward ever so slightly.


He wheeled around suddenly, moving dangerously fast on the thin ledge that he was balanced on.

Shawn stood before him on the balcony a short distance away. Shock and disbelief was written all over him. He held his arms our reassuringly, as if facing a startled deer.

'What are you doing?'

Arlen immediately whipped a knife from his belt, bringing it to his throat.

'You can't stop me!' he cried. 'I have made my choice.'

'Why are you doing this?!'

'Because!' Arlen shouted back. He gritted his teeth, beginning to shake, tears brimmed in his eyes and running down his cheeks. 'I've lost the only things in life I truly cared about! First Ramana…and now Amaia……there's no reason for me to live anymore!'

'What about the things in life you enjoyed before them? What about all the things you love to do, the people you still care about, who care about you? What about me and my family? What about your brother?!'

'My brother…' Arlen hissed shaking his head as hatred filling his heart. 'Farrell…'

'Still loves you' Shawn called to him. 'Please!' he reached a hand out to him. 'Come here! I will help you.'

'No!' Arlen called back. 'There is nothing you can do to change anything now. Amaia is dead. We're too late. I will meet them again in the afterlife.'

'Arlen…' Shawn sobbed, beginning to panic now. 'Please don't do this…there are still good things to live for. You still have a future.'

'What future is there without Ramana? Without Amaia….what if…….what if…' he began, spea

king in a whisper. 'What if she is my daughter…?'

'You must have faith!' Shawn called back. 'Faith in the gods. Faith that life will get better. Faith in possibility!'

'I have no faith. Not anymore.' Arlen half-turned away. 'The gods have failed me, and I have failed the only two people I cared for most in this world.'

Shawn stared at Arlen, watching helplessly as he spoke.

'It's all my fault I suppose' Arlen went on. 'If I hadn't cursed the gods…..they wouldn't have done this. They wouldn't be punishing me.'

'So you haven't lost all of your faith' Shawn challenged.

Arlen turned his dark eyes onto Shawn.

He smirked then.

'Very clever' Arlen shrugged. 'You caught me out.'

Arlen turned back to the fall.

'Wait!' Shawn called out desperately.

'You'd better have a good reason to change my mind.'

'How do you know that…?' Shawn fumbled, unsure of what to say. 'How do you know it's really her grave?'

'A black haired beauty. Eighteen years in age. That's how old she would have been. You said so yourself.'

'I spoke too soon' Shawn hurried. 'You don't even know she's buried there. You said it yourself, you said you saw her with your own eyes wandering the manor. From a distance yes, but don't you want to know what really happened here?'

Arlen half-turned back to Shawn.

'It may not have been Amaia that I saw walking the corridors' Arlen said. 'Now I think that she mostly likely has been dead long before we came here today.'

'How do you know?' Shawn told him. 'You don't know if it's really her grave. You don't know if she's really buried there.'

In truth he didn't realise what he was saying any more. So desperate was he to save Arlen., he would say anything at this point.

'She might not even be buried there' Shawn insisted. 'You still have no idea why the prince took her. Anything could have happened in all those years. This whole thing is a mystery. She might still be alive!'

Arlen turned fully to Shawn now, facing him head on. The wind blew dangerous around him.

'But that wouldn't make any sense.'

'None of this makes sense' Shawn argued. 'And if there's a possibility at she still lives and breathes….would you accept it, no matter how small the chance?'

'Yes' Arlen breathed. 'I would.'

He sheathed the knife.

'I'll go back down to the garden' Shawn told him hastily. 'I'll dig up the grave, and if she's not there……will you come down?'

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