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   Chapter 69 No.69

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The last few hours of their journey took them through woodland, and once they reached the other side, they found Arlen waiting for them.

'Good, you're all finally here' he said rising to his feet.

He had made a small camp in the woods where he and his horse waited, a small area tucked away and well hidden.

Farrell dismounted his horse, eager to find the place where Amaia was supposed to be, but he waited patiently for Arlen to speak.

'There is a building' Arlen began as the others began to dismount, 'just behind me. A large manor surrounded by walls and gates and guarded by soldiers, but not too many to be impassable. If we catch them by surprise then we stand a good chance of succeeding.'

'Have you seen her?' Farrell stepped forward, unable to keep silent any longer. 'Have you seen Amaia?'

Arlen gave him a cold expression.

'Yes' he said quietly. 'I have seen her.'

'Is she alright?'

Arlen's body tense began to quiver slightly as he spoke to Farrell, turning quickly away the instant he had finished his sentence. 'She is alive and well as far as I can see but I've only seem distant glimpses of her.' Arlen addressed the others now. 'If the rest of you would like to follow me, I will show you the manor.'

When they reached the edge of the forest, the manor came into sight. Farrell was surprised by what he saw. It was indeed a large building as Arlen had said, with large windows and behind the tall metal fences its grounds were beautiful. The gardens were overflowing with flowers and fruit trees that waved their branches in the wind. Squinting, Farrell could see a woman kneeling amongst the flowers, and his heart skipped a beat, thinking that it might be her. But no, this lady was much older than Amaia would be, and she had short blonde hair.

'To be honest I think I would have been surprised no matter what we found' Farrell told Shawn beside him a short while later. 'I really had no idea what I was expecting.'

'Me neither' Shawn said. He considered the place before him. 'But I think this is better than anything I could have expected' he went on. 'Like I said' he turned to Farrell, 'the prince must have gone through a lot of trouble for her. I'm sure she's been well cared for.'

Farrell stared hard at the building, deep in thought.

Could Amaia really be in there, after all this time, just a short distance away?

'Amaia' Farrell spoke out loud, gripping the hilt of his sword. 'Please be in there.'

Nearby Arlen was talking animatedly to the mercenaries, just out of earshot Farrell could not hear what h

e said as he spoke so fast.

When Arlen was finished many of the mercenaries began to disperse, Farrell watched them moving away; they kept within the shadow of the trees and out of sight. Several mercenaries stayed behind, these were all the archers.

'What would you like us to do?' Shawn asked Arlen.

Arlen glanced towards Farrell with a sneer on his lips, looking to his broken arm that rested in a sling, before speaking to Shawn again. Farrell could imagine that Arlen thought him unworthy to fight, perhaps out of practice after all these years, as well as being injured.

Perhaps he was right.

'In exactly twelve minutes the guards will change over' Arlen said to Shawn. 'They will ride this way through the woods. We kill them and take their horses. Then we ride to the front gates wearing their armour. The guards usually wear helmets so we can cover our faces. We might raise a little suspicion by riding back' Arlen admitted, 'but if we can get close enough to eliminate those at the front gate, then we can let ourselves and some of the others in' he said. 'The remaining mercenaries will circle around and scale the wall at the back of the house. There is a garden; they can make their own way in from there. I've explained the layout of the building as best I can.'

'Are they trustworthy?' Shawn asked him.

Arlen hesitated.

'I hope so' he finally answered.

The three waited in silence in the woods, hidden by the trees and completely invisible to anyone approaching them from the manor.

Farrell waited expectantly, and as Arlen had estimated, in twelve minutes time, the gates to the manor opened and several mounted figure rode their way.

Farrell tensed, hand sliding to the hilt of his sword. He glanced around him, seeing some of the mercenaries hiding in the trees above them, arrows nocked.

They waited in tense silence as the soldiers drew closer, unknowingly riding to their end.

The soldiers entered the forest, riding at a gentle trot, above them the mercenaries all aimed at their targets. Arlen, Shawn and Farrell waiting on the ground behind the trees watched as the soldiers rode past them. And then Arlen whistled loudly.

The soldiers barely had time to turn in confusion at the source of the noise when the mercenaries above fired their arrows, killing almost all of them in one hit. The remaining were picked off by the archers as they tried to escape, but not getting very far. Arlen, Shawn and Farrell strode from their hiding places, checking the fallen men and finishing off those few that were still alive.

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