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   Chapter 68 No.68

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Farrell glanced around the room. 'Where's Arlen?'

'He's left already.


'He's travelling to our destination. He said he would wait for us there. He wanted to leave as soon as possible.'

Farrell felt strangely saddened by this.

'These men' Shawn explained, answering the next question Farrell was sure to ask. 'They were hired by Arlen to help us with our task.'

Farrell cast his eyes at the people around him, there were about twenty in total. Many of them were thickset and battle scarred, one was missing an eye, but hadn't bothered with an eye patch, another had a large mask that covered half his face, as if hiding a terrible wound.

'Cheery bunch' Farrell murmured under his breath. 'So what's the plan?' he asked in a louder voice to Shawn.

'We fight' growled one of the mercenaries, banging his fist on the table.

Farrell waited for the man to elaborate, but he didn't.

Shawn beside him cleared his throat.

'Our destination is far from here, we will travel there swiftly. The horses are ready to go immediately.'

'And where do we go?' Farrell asked Shawn.

'The place doesn't exactly have a name. Its east of here, I can't really describe it. Arlen showed me on the map where it is. I can take us there, I can lead the way.'

'And what will we do when we get there?' Farrell went on.

'Arlen believes the prince has built a special place in order to conceal Amaia' one of the nameless mercenaries spoke. 'He believes she has been imprisoned at this place for a long while now, since she was taken.'

'Has he been there before?' Farrell said to the mercenary.

'Arlen tells us he has been there many times. He has watched the place, scouted it. He knows the layout well he has told us, he knows where to attack, and where the guards are.'


'The place is well guarded' another mercenary said. 'Day and night, around the clock.'

'For Amaia? But….why?'

'We don't know' Shawn interrupted. 'But think of it this way, if the prince is going through so much trouble to protect her, well…' he shrugged. 'She must be well cared for.'

'But why would he care so much for her?' Farrell asked Shawn.

'Who knows?' he shrugged again.

'The plan is' the same mercenary spoke again to Farrell, 'we surround the place, wait for Arlen's command, then attack.'

'Why is there need to fight?'

'You've already been told' the mercenary replied shortly. 'The place is guarded.'

'And you believe these guards will fight back?'

'They won't have much of a choice' the mercenary smirked.

'There won't be m

uch of a fight' another mercenary answered. 'We will move swiftly, and eliminate all threats quickly. That is our job. Once it is over, we will look for the next one.'

'So you will stick with us as long as you get paid?' Farrell droned.

'We're only being paid very little.'

'Really?' Farrell asked. 'Then why are you helping us?'

'We're bored' said another mercenary.

Farrell thought suddenly how he would struggle to tell these men apart.

'Bored?' he said.

'Life' the mercenary said taking out a pipe, 'has become…' he sighed. '…so boring…'

'Why aren't you in the king's army?' Farrell asked.

'We're too old to be accepted by him any more' the mercenary replied as he lit his pipe. 'You should know that.'

'So you look for jobs where you can?'

'Whenever we can' the mercenary's eyes glinted at Farrell as he spoke. 'Don't worry. We know battle; we've all done many missions, of many different kinds. If your daughter is in that building' he said lifting the pipe to his lips, 'we will get her back.'

'And if she's not?'

'Then we will follow you until you do.'

'And then find the next job' the man beside Farrell spoke up. 'Life has become….so boring.'

'So when do we leave?' Farrell asked.

'When you feel like it' came the answer.


The mercenary he spoke to nodded. 'Now' he repeated.

The figures in the room rose and began to file out.

'How's your arm?' Shawn whispered to Farrell discreetly, hanging back.

'Fine' Farrell replied sulkily, 'but it will take a while to heal I'm afraid.'

Shawn nodded. 'Come on' he said to Farrell. 'We'd better get going.'

It was not only Amaia that Farrell thought of as he left the room with the others, it was Arlen also. Where was he now? And how much did he really know?

Chapter Twenty Four

The Writing on the Plaque

The band of men left Dilston quickly; each mercenary carried their own supplies on their own horses, tall and muscular beasts they were, bred for battle. Many like their riders bore scars and other minor injuries on their bodies.

Five days they travelled. The landscape for the most point was relatively flat and their journey uneventful. Over that time Farrell was becoming familiar with some of the mercenaries, and their names and habits and who knew who and what each was like. He wouldn't speak to them, only watched them. Shawn the Farrell would spend most of their time together along the journey, riding side by side in silence. Farrell was just getting used to riding his grey mare, when they arrived at their destination.

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