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   Chapter 67 No.67

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Arlen… Farrell thought to himself as men began to mill around him. You died that day. That day I lost Ramana and Amaia……I lost you too.

Shawn was on his knees beside him, shaking him and speaking to him, but Farrell heard none of his words.

His slumped, allowing his body to relax as he slipped into unconsciousness, a sleep so deep, that nothing could bother him.

He woke sometime later in an unfamiliar room. Turning his head to the side gingerly, then to the other side, he saw that he was alone in this place.

It was many hours before Farrell received visitors of any kind. First there was a woman. She introduced herself as a healer, checked on his injuries and his broken arm, which had now been put in a splint, and quickly left. It was a considerable time after that which Shawn appeared.

'Where have you been?' Farrell asked him as he took a seat beside Farrell's bed.

'I've been talking to Arlen' Shawn replied uncomfortably. 'He's still…angry.'

Farrell turned his head away.

'What happened?' Shawn asked Farrell. 'Why were you two fighting?'

Farrell looked back at Shawn.

'I'm not sure' he replied. 'I…I think I said something…'

'What did you say?'

'I…' Farrell began, struggling to cast his mind back. 'I can't remember.'

Shawn let out a deep sigh, leaning back in his chair.

'What's going on?' Farrell asked Shawn. 'Why were you gone for so long?'

'I was talking to Arlen' Shawn repeated. 'He was…' he broke off, falling silent for a moment. 'It took me a long while to convince him not to leave. He says he knows where Amaia is, and that he doesn't need your help to find her.'

Farrell's heart sank as he heard the words, listening to Shawn as he continued to talk.

'I managed to convince him to stay. At the moment he's gone away. But he will be back.'

'Where's he gone?'

'He said he's hiring mercenaries.'

'Mercenaries?' Farrell repeated. 'For what?'

Shawn shrugged.

'Shawn….did Arlen tell you where he thinks Amaia is?'

Shawn hesitated, before answering. 'I…he did.'

'Then where is she? And why if he knows where she is hasn't he already got her?'

Shawn shook his head. 'I don't…I mean I trust him but… just seems so farfetched….'

'What did he say?' Farrell pressed, unable to keep his voice from rising. 'Where is Amaia?'

'He says….' Shawn began; 'he says she is

in a safe place…that she…..' he went silent again.

'Who has her?' Farrell urged. 'Please tell me.'

'He says' Shawn went on, 'that she is being held captive by a member of the royal family.'

'The king?' Farrell asked incredulous. 'But…how?'

'Not the king' Shawn corrected, 'but one of his sons.'

'A prince?'

'Hmm' Shawn frowned thoughtfully, before shaking his head. 'I don't know. I mean I trust Arlen….but….I don't know. Maybe he's mistaken.' He shook his head again. 'This makes no sense, how can one of the princes have Amaia, and why?'

'What possible reason could one of the princes have to kidnap my daughter?'

'I don't know' Shawn shrugged. 'Assuming it was really is a prince who is responsible.'

'Do you believe it?'

Shawn shrugged again. 'It seems unlikely. But I trust Arlen, and until I find out otherwise, then I will believe he is telling the truth.'

'Then so will I' Farrell added. 'I've never known Arlen to tell a lie.'

Shawn rose from his seat.

'Where are you going?' Farrell called after him.

'To see if I can find Arlen again' Shawn replied, pausing with his hand on the doorframe. 'I need to convince him to let both of us accompany him in his search. He wants to leave you here.'

And with that, Shawn left, and Farrell remained where he was, feeling more alone and helpless than ever.

The next day, Farrell left the healers, his broken arm bound in a cast. He had questioned the young man who had tended him how long it would take to fully heal. His answer was not satisfactory.

'The men are waiting for you in the meeting room' the healer had told him.

'The men?'

'Gathered by Arlen' the healer explained. 'You are bound to set off on your journey soon.'

Farrell strode down the corridor, opening the double doors at the end. They were made of dark wood and painted gold in decorative patterns. The room inside was large and well lit. Farrell spotted Shawn sitting at the oval table in the middle of the otherwise empty room, around him were seated many other men, older and shady looking characters. Farrell guessed them to be the mercenaries.

'What is this?' Farrell asked.

'Come sit' Shawn invited. 'We were just about to begin our talks.'

'What talks?' Farrell asked taking the only remaining seat beside Shawn.

'Our plans' Shawn replied, 'of getting Amaia back.'

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