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   Chapter 64 No.64

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'How did he know we were coming?' Shawn asked.

'Like I said' the figure told them happily. 'He is the man with many answers.'

'Arlen must have told him' Farrell said to the man, trying to make sense of the situation. He immediately felt that this was not a man to be trusted. Farrell instantly thought him to be the type of man who was as slippery as a fish, and would stab you in the back at the first opportunity.

If this is what the servant was like, what was master capable of?

'Danior has many sources' the man told them vaguely. 'He has many little birds here, there and everywhere. There is little that happens that he does not know about, in this kingdom, and in others.'

Farrell's suspicions instantly grew, and he couldn't help but glance about him, even looking up to the rooftops in case there hid an assassin.

'He is very busy at the moment' the unnamed figure went on. 'It will be many hours before he is able to see you. In the meantime, let me show you to your rooms.'

Farrell and Shawn walked behind the man as he strode back across the open courtyard. As they went, Farrell took in more of the scenery around them. The courtyard was made of a marble formed into patterns at their feet, coloured pale yellows and faded browns. On the edges of the courtyard were shallow pools were lily pads and flowers floated on the water. In one of the shallow pools in one of the corners of the courtyard, was a fountain spewing water, beside which stood a strange creature Farrell had not seen before. It was a bird of some kind, bright pink in colour, with very long legs, a long neck and a downward pointed beak. Surely Farrell thought, a creature stolen from lands far from here.

Farrell had only a moment to admire its strange beauty, for it was quickly that he noticed the thin chain that held the bird in place. It was a prisoner here, forced to remain where it stood, in order to please the people that were its captors.

Farrell turned away as they crossed an archway at one end of the courtyard, and entered the building once again.

The inside of the building was just as lavish as the courtyard they had just passed. The entire building it seemed was built to be spacious and beautiful. Farrell and Shawn followed the man up a wide set of stairs set in a corner. They rose to the next level of the building, reaching a long corridor where there were a series of doors lined up on both sides.

'Here is your room' the nameless man said going over to one of the doors. He produced a small key from his pocket, unlocking the door and stepp

ing back so that Farrell and Shawn could enter. 'I think you will find everything to your satisfaction. If not, then please ring the bell inside, and a servant will come. Your every need will be attended to.'

Shawn was the first to enter the room. The first thing he saw when he stepped in was a half-naked woman, lying on her side on one of the beds.

'Ooohh' the woman cooed seductively. 'What a handsome young man.'

She was a dark skinned beauty, with exotic almond shaped eyes. Clearly she was born in lands from far away.

'Sapphire!' the nameless man barked as Farrell entered the room behind Shawn. 'You're in the wrong room. It's the next one down.'

'Oh' Sapphire said, instantly dropping her seductive tone and rising from the bed. 'Excuse me' she bowed, slipping past them quickly and vanishing.

'I'm sorry' the nameless man bowed. 'She's new here. Now is there anything else you need?'

'No' Farrell said. 'Thank you.'

The man bowed to them.

'Danior will send for you when he is ready, in the meantime' he smiled slyly, 'make yourself comfortable.'

When he was gone, Shawn turned to the room, admiring everything around him.

'Look at this place' Shawn said in awe. 'Can you imagine owning such wealth?'

Farrell closed the door behind him, facing the room.

It was a small room, but like everything they have seen so far, it was lavish and beautiful. There were two single beds, positioned against opposite walls and enveloped in rich velvet colours with large cushions. Shawn immediately collapsed on one of the beds, stretching cat-like before folding his arms behind his head.

'I could get used to this.'

'This isn't a holiday' Farrell replied, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms.

'I know that' Shawn replied, his tone becoming serious.

'Where do you think Arlen went?'

'I don't know. But I'm sure he can take care of himself.'

Farrell glanced towards Shawn, he opened his mouth as if to say something, but then changed his mind. He closed his mouth again and turned away.

'You may as well sit down' Shawn told him. 'We'll probably be here a while.'

Farrell pushed himself off the wall, wandering over to the empty bed and sitting heavily on it. His bones felt like lead, his muscles sore. After so many years of being inactive, residing in the small town he had lived for so long, travelling so far and having so much happening in only a few short days had taken its toll on him. He felt weary, both physically and mentally drained.

Farrell ran his fingers through his hair, sighing deeply.

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