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'The ground is so far away' the daughter gleamed, kicking her feet happily as she sat in the saddle.

Callum watched in amusement as the girl leant forward confidently, patting the horse's neck.

'So?' Branden asked her. 'What will you call him?'

'Flower' the daughter answered immediately.

Her mother began to laugh happily.

Chapter Twenty Two

The Man with Many Answers

They journeyed north to a town called Dilston, reaching their destination within three days. The small group moved swiftly, with Arlen always in the lead and always keeping a distance between himself and both Farrell and Shawn. Even when they rested, be it late at night or for shorter periods in the day, Arlen would sit away from them. He would sit outside the circle of firelight at night, staring up at the moon in silence, naught but a faint shadow to Farrell and Shawn. In the day, he would sit even further away from them, and always with his back to them.

They had travelled with little rest, and when they reached Dilston, all three of them were exhausted from lack of sleep. Arlen, though clearly as tired as Farrell and Shawn, tried hard not to show it.

They entered the town. It was an absolute opposite to the one they had seen before. The town they had left three days ago was dirty, rundown and sad. This town was built with wider streets, allowing rich carriages and merchants selling foreign gifts from their carts to pass easily through. The houses and shops were coloured mostly oranges and yellows and had large open windows. The very air itself felt richer, cleaner. Healthier.

Even the people seemed happier.

'This is one of the richer towns in the kingdom' Arlen explained. 'You won't find beggars here. Only the most fortunate come to live in this town.'

'And this is where we will find the man with all answers?' Farrell asked.

Arlen's lip twitched in a sneer, and he glared back at Farrell, as if feeling insulted that Farrell had spoken to him.

He skulked off without another word.

Farrell and Shawn exchanged a look, Shawn shrugging apologetically.

They followed Arlen through the gentle curving roads. Farrell saw a few of the many wonderful things that were being sold from some of the stalls. Valuable stones and precious metals painstakingly crafted into the most beautiful and delicate jewellery. The most exquisite clothing made of silks and velvets for both men and women. One stall even sold exotic pets. Fabulous birds in cages with the brightest of colours, strange lizards and very skinny, long-headed cats with bright blue eyes; the cats were tied to leads to keep them from wandering.

Farrell's attention drifted to some of the buildings that looked like they may have housed guests and travellers.

'Will we be staying at an inn?'

'No' Arlen shot back. Farrell was surprised he had even spoken to him. 'We will be staying somewhere else.'

They approached a grand building. It was even larger than the home Farrell had left behind, and three stories high.

'What is this place?' Farrell voiced. But Arlen, who had decided he had already shared too many words him with, chose to remain silent.

They stopped before the building, and several finely dressed people approached them.

'Hello sirs' one of the men said. He was well spoken, well mannered and stood with a proud posture. 'The master has rooms already prepared for you.'

'W-what?' Farrell stammered. 'But how…?'

'The man with many answers knows many things' the man, whom Farrell assumed from that point was a servant, replied.

'Does he have a name?' Farrell asked dubiously.

'Many, and none. Please, let us take your horses.'

Farrell hesitated.

'I'm sure this is not the same town at heart as the one we left' Shawn reassured him, passing the reins of his horse to one of the servants. 'I think it's ok for us to trust them.'

Arlen's horse was already being led off by the time Farrell passed the reins over. Farrell watched as the exhausted animals were led away.

'Don't worry' Shawn said, noticing Farrell's uncertain expression. 'They will be looked after.'

'How do you know?' Farrell muttered.

'Because I trust Arlen' Shawn replied.

At that point Farrell realised that Arlen had crept away into the building. He shrugged, and walked after him, entering the building, with Shawn walking by his side.

Inside the main doors, they entered into a large courtyard. It was a beautiful and expensive design, like the rest of the building. Huge columns held up the building around them, and above them the bright blue sky was clear; it was as if the town existed in another world. The town they had come from, the thick smoke from the factories had created a permanent cloud around the place, but here, everything was pure and clean.

Farrell glanced around him. Arlen was nowhere to be seen.

Approaching them was a man, wearing a beautifully fitting robe made of materials bearing very intricate patterns and details. He was proud and tall, wearing many fine rings upon his fingers. He walked with purpose.

'Good day sirs' the man spoke in a thick accent, coming to stand before them. 'Danior has been waiting for your arrival.'

'Danior?' Farrell asked.

'The man with many answers' the figure grinned slyly. 'The man you came here to find.'

'Who is he?' Farrell asked suspiciously. 'How does he know we were coming?'

'The man with many answers has many names, and Danior is one of them' the man answered, without fully answering Farrell's question. 'Danior is the name that most men here know him by.'

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