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   Chapter 61 No.61

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The bodies of twelve soldiers lay scattered in their path, soldiers who were armed and armoured. They all bore the crest of the king, a wolf swallowing a half-moon.

It looked as if they had been ambushed.

Farrell ordered the soldiers that followed him, to check the men, to see if any were alive.

But they were all dead. And Amaia, could not be found.

'Yes' Farrell answered. 'Those men…they looked like….'

'Like what?' Shawn asked.

'Soldiers' Farrell finished. 'The king's soldiers. They wore fine armour, the kind of armour I myself wore in days gone by…when I rode off to battle. The kings armour.'

'Kings armour?' Shawn repeated, sounding ever more confused. 'You mean they were the king's men you found dead?'

'Yes' Farrell said. 'They bore the king's crest.'

Shawn turned away, frowning furiously.

'And so the mystery deepens.'

'It makes no sense' Farrell growled, hitting the ground with a fist. 'Ramana's death, Amaia's disappearance and those dead men wearing armour that bore the crest of the king….the wolf swallowing a half-moon…' He shook his head. 'It just makes no sense...'

'So' Shawn sighed crossing his arms. 'What do we do now?'

'You can do whatever you want.'

'What are you going to do then?'

Farrell went quiet.

'Farrell?' Shawn asked.

'I don't know' Farrell said in a distant voice.

'Are you going home?'

'No' Farrell answered quickly. 'I can't. I have no home…not anymore…I have nothing.'

'What's this? You've lost both your horses? Well that's not good.'

Farrell's expression darkened at the mocking tone of his brother, who had followed them outside.

'How could you let such a thing happen?' Arlen asked them.

'Accidents happen' Farrell answered coldly rising to his feet. 'People make mistakes.'

'No' Arlen shook his head. 'The brother I once knew would never let his horse be stolen so easily. You're not him. You're an idiot.'

'Did you only come out here to mock me?'

'No' Arlen shook his head again. 'I came out here, because I wish to find Amaia also.'

'I thought you would never help me' Farrell said turning to him. 'I thought you would only hate me.'

'You're mistaken' Arlen laughed. 'I do still hate you, but our dept, to a point, is paid. I did warn you that I will kill you if I saw you again. I kept my word.'

Farrell turned his back to him, feeling cold and lost and alone and full of resentment.

'So you

have a plan?' Shawn spoke up. 'You know where Amaia is or where she might be?'

'I know a man' Arlen corrected, 'who knows many things, has many answers to many questions. He can help us.'

'And you know where he is?' Shawn persisted.

Farrell's ears perked up in interest as he listened.

'I do' Arlen replied. 'We will travel to him, but it is a long road.'

'You mean you will let us come with you?' Shawn asked hopefully.


'When do we leave?' Shawn asked.

'Soon' Arlen replied vaguely. 'There is something I must do first.

Arlen walked the streets alone, navigating his way through the narrow alleyways of the dirty town. He had visited this place often and over the years had spent a long time here. He had come to know Stonegate with all its cracks and crevasses, as he knew the back of his hand.

He kept his head down as he walked, avoiding everyone around him, trapped in a world of his own. Arlen reached his destination, a wide bridge that stretched over a river located near the edge of the town. This path was the main road through the town, one of the more straighter roads and the one most often used by carriage drivers and those on horseback.

Arlen came to a halt, standing away from the bridge. The bustling figures moving along the congested road paid no attention to him as he leapt swiftly over wall, landing lightly on the bank at the river's edge. Here, he made his way to a spot below the bridge, where a woman waited for him.

'Arlen' the woman gasped.

She ran to him, embracing him tightly; Arlen's beefy arms wrapped around her skinny frame. She was a fairly tall woman, but her bony figure made her appear weaker than she really was. She was almost tiny in comparison to Arlen.

'Karla' Arlen breathed.

He held her by the shoulders, pushing her hair back so he could get a good look at her.

Karla's long hair was dyed a bright and artificial red, and the makeup around her eyes matched that which Arlen wore.

'Are you well?'

'I am' Karla sniffed. 'Pulling a handkerchief from her sleeve and dabbing at the corners of her eyes. 'I knew this day would come…but…oh Arlen……I will miss you terribly.'

'I know. But I told you in the beginning, that the day will come when we will have to part ways. There are still chapters in my life left unfinished.'

'I understand' Karla replied, head hung low. 'Though it doesn't make our parting any easier.'

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