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   Chapter 60 No.60

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'Ludus can go fuck herself!'

Farrell sat bolt upright, drawing away from his brother in fear and uncertainty, nearly falling off the table as he did so.

He stared at his brother in utter shock and disbelief. He couldn't believe what he just heard him say.

'You used to pray all the time…' Farrell whispered staring at Arlen hard. 'Who are you?'

'I am not the brother you once knew' Arlen told him in a low voice. 'I don't pray anymore.' Arlen snarled then, baring his teeth in savagery, like a feral beast. 'I curse the gods' he spat, 'for all the misfortune and suffering they have brought unto me.'

'How am I alive?' Farrell asked. 'I thought……I thought I died….I thought the poison….'

'I would have let you die' Arlen said carelessly, 'but Shawn convinced me to do otherwise.'

It was only then that Farrell noticed Shawn standing by him amongst the crowd of strangers that stared. Shawn smiled in relief at Farrell, placing a comforting hand upon his shoulder.

'Thank the gods you're alive' he sighed. 'I was sure for a moment that….'

Farrell noticed his surroundings then. He was still at the inn, around him most of the people who had stood and cheered as he fought with Arlen, now returned their attention to what they had previously been doing. He had been dumped on one of the tables, where he had woken.

'What did you do to me' Farrell asked Arlen, touching his own chest. 'I feel strange.'

'I restarted your heart.'

Farrell lifted his head.

'I have the poison' Arlen said, 'and I have the cure.'

'Come on' Farrell said to Shawn, swinging his legs over the edge of the table and coming gingerly to a stand. 'Let's go.'

'We're leaving?' Shawn asked uncertainly.

Farrell staggered, straightening up again and wobbling as he headed to the door. His head was spinning but he kept moving.

'But what about…?'

'We will get no help here' Farrell interrupted him. 'It was a mistake coming here. Let's go.'


'Then stay' Farrell shot back without stopping his slow journey to the door. 'I will do this on my own if I have to.'

Shawn cast a pleading look towards Arlen as Farrell made his way gradually to the door. But Arlen did nothing. He did not look at Shawn. He didn't even move.

Shawn turned from him, muttering his apologies to Arlen, before making his way after Farrell.

Farrell stumbled through the door, shielding his eyes from the blinding sheet of the sky, after the dark int

erior of the inn; it took a while for his sight to adjust.

'Farrell?' Shawn spoke with concern appearing beside him. 'Are you alright?'

Farrell ignored him, walking away from him and around the back of the inn where they had tied their horses. As he moved, he moved slowly, holding the wall for support.

When he had reached the place, he froze in shock.

The horses both were gone.

Inside the inn, Arlen drew the curtain back. From within the shadows that hid him, he watched the two outside in their misfortune.

'Please don't tell me all your money was in your bags' Shawn begged.

Farrell didn't answer; he just put his face in his hands, groaning in despair at his loss.

'My horse' Shawn lamented, leaning against the wall and casting his head to the heavens. 'Gone…'

'That money' Farrell moaned into his hands. 'That was everything I had!' He glanced down at himself, realising now that all he owned in the world was what he wore. 'We haven't even started looking for her yet…how can I…?' His legs suddenly felt like water, and he fell to his knees. 'Where do I go from here…no money….no horse…?' He sobbed. 'How can I even begin looking for her now?'

'Where were you even planning to begin?' Shawn asked him flatly.

Farrell lifted his head from his hands, staring off into nothing with eyes out of focus. 'I don't know' he murmured. 'I just…thought a solution would come to me….I've been having these dreams….so vivid, so persistent…night after night….' His body sagged. 'I thought an answer would come to me….I thought something might happen…that I might learn something that may point me in the right direction.'

'And nothing more has come to you?' Shawn asked. 'Besides these dreams?'

'No' Farrell shook his head. 'I thought…….I thought….'

'Do you remember that day?' Shawn asked him. 'The day that Ramana died….and Amaia was taken?'

'Yes' Farrell said; his voice barely audible.

'Do you remember the men you found?' he asked him. 'The men on the road that were dead?'

The memory of that tragic day, the day that had changed his life forever, suddenly flashed through Farrell's mind.

Further down the road, Farrell and his men had ridden. They had passed a single dead man, who appeared to have no injury on him at all. It was a mystery how he died. But further along the road, was a mystery far deeper.

Farrell pulled his horse back, surveying the scene around him.

'What in god's name….'

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