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   Chapter 59 No.59

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'Please' Shawn begged him. 'Please don't kill him.'

'He must die' Arlen told him coldly.

'Farrell has seen the error of his ways' Shawn cried, grabbing onto the bottom of Arlen's coat. 'He has come to you to make amends.'

'It is too late!' Arlen snarled down at him. 'Ramana is dead!'

'But Amaia might still be alive' Shawn whispered. 'We've come to you together to ask for your help in finding her.'

'What makes you think she is still alive?'

Shawn glanced back at Farrell who lay on the floor, his breath shallow now. He was almost utterly still. Shawn looked back at Arlen.

'He has had a vision' Shawn urged. 'He believes Amaia might still be alive.'

Arlen lifted his painted eyes to his brother calmly.

'It doesn't matter' he replied. 'He's dead.'

Shawn swung round to Farrell. His body was completely still as if frozen in time, his breath no more, and his eyes stare blankly.

It was true.

He was dead.

Chapter Twenty One

Flower's New Life


He felt someone shaking his shoulder.

'Wake up silly.'

Farrell opened his eyes, seeing a woman leaning over him with long black hair falling about her face.

'Ramana' he breathed. 'What are you doing?'

'I'm waking you up' she smiled. 'I already told you that.'

She walked to his side around the sofa, reaching her hands out for Farrell to take.

He took them, and she pulled him up into a stand.


'How many times do I have to tell you not to run up and down the stairs?' Farrell said sternly to the young girl.

'Sorry daddy' Amaia said, stopping before him.

Farrell frowned down at her in displeasure. 'I only say this for your own benefit' he told her, 'not to nag or annoy you.'

'That's what I say to you' Ramana protested. 'But you never listen.'

Farrell groaned, placing his hand over his face. 'I'm outnumbered by women' he sighed. 'You two will be the death of me. Will you be happy once I'm gone? Is that your plan? To nag me into an early grave?'

'Oh husband' Ramana chuckled lightly. 'You overreact over such small things.'

'Small to you but when you have to live with it…'

'Shhh' Ramana soothed, placing a finger over Farrell's lips to silence him. 'No more talk.' She cocked her head playfully at him. 'Dance with me.'

Amaia sat upon the sofa to watch them dance, with a little green bird sitting upon her lap.

Ramana led Farrell aw

ay, holding his hand ever so tenderly. She pulled him to the centre of the hall; then stopped.

She turned to face him.

Farrell placed one hand upon her waist as she placed one hand upon his shoulder. Their other hands they held in each others.

They began to dance. Moving slowly around in circles and never taking their eyes off each other.

'You are so beautiful.'

'I was going to say the same thing about you' Ramana purred seductively back.

Farrell shared a smile with her as they turned.

'I'm just so lucky to have you' he told her. 'I want us to be together forever.'

'That is what I want also.'

But then Ramana stopped dancing, and let go of him.

She suddenly grabbed him by the shoulders, throwing him against the wall.

'Farrell!' she shouted at him.

She slapped him.

'Farrell wake up!'

He felt his body being shaken, and then with a gasp everything around him changed.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on his back, staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling.

Farrell blinked in confusion, the memory of dancing with his wife and seeing his young daughter quickly faded from his mind until it was completely forgotten.

Farrell drew a slow breath, eyes darting all around him in panic and alarm as he wondered where he was.

'Farrell!' came the loud voice again. A face came into view as a figure leant forwards over him.

Someone slapped his face roughly, shaking his body.

'Are you awake Farrell?!'

Farrell's eyes adjusted as his senses returned to him, a vivid memory of what had happened to him before he collapsed came flooding back.

'What happened to me?' Farrell breathed.

'I killed you' Arlen smiled above him. 'How does it feel to come back to life?'

Farrell's body tensed immediately as he remembered what had happened, and he stared back at Arlen with an emotion he had never felt towards his brother before.

It was fear.

'You poisoned me' Farrell said in utter disbelief. 'You poisoned me.'

'How does it feel' Arlen asked him coldly, expression growing dark, 'to be betrayed?'

'The brother I knew would never act this way' Farrell said trying to reason the situation and make sense of what had just happened to him. 'What would the gods think if they saw you now?'

'You don't believe in gods' Arlen replied flatly.

'But you do' Farrell told him. 'You used to pray…all the time…to Faeroe…to Ludus…'

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