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   Chapter 57 No.57

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'Arlen has faith. But you do not follow his beliefs.'

Farrell pursed his lips in irritation. 'Arlen is gullible. The only difference in your argument between gods and camels is that I can travel to where camels live and see them for myself.'

'But you haven't' Shawn argued. 'You have never seen a camel, and yet you still believe they exist. Funny isn't it?'

Shawn smirked. He tapped his heels and sent his horse into a trot.

Four days and four nights they travelled, and as Farrell drew closer to the town of Stonegate, he grew ever more nervous. He couldn't get out of his head the last time he had seen his brother, and last words that Arlen had said to him.


If I ever see you again, I will kill you.

Farrell felt a shiver down his spine as the memory of the voice rang though his mind; and he wondered how Arlen would react when they met at last. Perhaps he had forgotten that day. Perhaps he had forgiven Farrell; it was twelve years ago after all.

'Something on your mind?' Shawn asked him as they rode.

'No' Farrell shook his head. 'Nothing at all.'

It was a long detour around the mountains, but after four sunsets, their destination came into sight.

It was a rancid town, filthy and full of squalor. The cobbled streets were rickety and full of grime, the dirty houses and buildings built close to one another made the whole place feel like a trap. The very air that surrounded the town was dirty, as if the place had its own atmosphere, even the people were filthy.

'This?'Farrell asked. 'This is where Arlen lives?'

'Arlen moves from place to place, and yes, this is where he lives at the moment. Have you never been here before?'

'I've travelled a lot in my life' Farrell admitted, 'but I've never been here.'

They were forced to dismount and walk beside their horses, as it was far easier to lead them on foot as they made their way through the crowed and dank place with its narrow winding roads. Farrell watched the faces of people they passed. Their skin was full of grime, their clothes were poor and many had missing teeth. This was a side-effect of a drug often taken by those who had given up on their own lives, when everything else worth living for was gone. It was very addictive, very expensive, and sold by violent gang leaders for extortionate amounts of money.

Farrell's hand touched his sword unconsciously and he glanced towards Shawn.

'Do you have any weapons on you?

'A couple of knives' Shawn answered back in a murmur, 'though if it came down t

o it I can fight bare-fisted if I must.'

'I don't doubt.'

Shawn led the way along the road that weaved this way and that; it was as if the road itself wasn't sure which direction it was going. Several times Farrell glanced around, seeing many eyes upon him.

'Why do they stare?' he asked Shawn.

'Because of your horse' Shawn replied quickly and quietly. 'Most have probably never seen a black one. Keep your wits about you; this is a dangerous town to those who can't protect themselves.'

'Where are all the women?' Farrell asked.

'They only come out at night.'

'Who protect them?'

'Whoever owns them.'

Farrell felt a twinge of nervousness as they walked, feeling so lost in this town. It felt as if he had entered a different world entirely.

'It's not that far now' Shawn reassured him.

'This place seems huge' Farrell said nervously.

'It's not that big, it just feels so because the roads are so twisted.' He paused, turning back to Farrell. 'Have you got that letter?'

Farrell produced it from inside his coat pocket and handed it to him. Shawn glanced at it with a bored expression, looking over the address briefly, before handing it back to Farrell.

'It's this way' Shawn pointed.

Farrell followed him down the dark alley.

Sometime later Shawn stopped suddenly.

'What is it?' Farrell asked.

'We're here.'

Farrell looked up at the building that stood beside them. It seemed to be some kind of inn, though not the kind that Farrell had seen before. This one was not warm and welcoming; at first glance Farrell hadn't even recognised it as an inn at all.

'Come on' Shawn said. 'We can tie the horses at the back.'

Alastor and Thorn were left outside the inn in a small courtyard away from the alley. Shawn and Farrell entered the main doors of the inn at the front.

Farrell stood in the entrance, taking in the environment around him.

It was a crowded place, and dark. There were blankets covering the windows, and burning candles dotted about the place kept back total the darkness. Many hunched figures sat around tables drinking, despite it being the middle of the day.

'Wait here' Shawn murmured to him. 'I'll go ask at the bar.'

Farrell watched Shawn walk away, feeling suddenly alone and out of his depth.

A figure sitting by one of the tables lifted his heavy eyes, seeing Shawn walking through the inn. His attention slid towards the door, towards Farrell.

The figure stiffened suddenly. He patted the waist of the long red haired woman who sat on his lap, indicating for her to get off him.

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