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   Chapter 56 No.56

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Shawn watched him closely; then continued to eat. 'You're probably right. It's a long way to where we're going. The journey will take us several days.'

Farrell, who had been rooting through his bag searching for food, came across the letter Arlen had written to Alice and her family. He picked it up tentatively, staring down at it. Within the letter he read, Farrell could see the warmth and compassion Arlen still had for Alice and her family. Even after everything that had happened, even after all those years he had been away, he had never forgotten about Alice, nor his promise to be there for them, after Brice had died.

Farrell found himself wishing he had the same dedication. If he had….perhaps Ramana might still be alive….and Amaia would not have been taken. Perhaps if he had been there for them when they needed him the most, he might have been able to save them, to protect his family like he should have done.

'Are you coming?' Shawn spoke up suddenly, breaking Farrell's thoughts.

Farrell lifted his head to Shawn who was already waiting in the saddle, having already packed up his bags and laden them on his horse.

'What?' Farrell stammered.

'You're anxious to hurry' Shawn told him. 'I am obliging. You can eat in the saddle, or I can wait for you here if you want.'

'No no' Farrell said hurriedly. 'I'm coming.'

Shawn watched as Farrell quickly gathered together his possessions, loading them onto Alastor. As Farrell mounted the saddle, Alastor gave a heavy groan.

'Are you sure he's up for such a journey' Shawn asked with concern as he gazed towards the black stallion.

'He'll have to be' Farrell replied. 'He's a bit out of practice for sure, he hasn't had much exercise in a while…but he's the only horse I have now.'

'You have money with you. Perhaps when we reach Stonegate you can buy another younger horse.'

'No' Farrell shot quickly. 'Alastor is very dear to me. He's all I have left now. I want to be with him to the end. He has perhaps only a few short years left in him, but he has been loyal to me always, and I want to be there for him.'

Shawn gave a shrug. 'Fair enough.'

He tapped the heels of his own horse, a beautiful chestnut stallion in the prime of his life. Thorn was his name.

'The land here is flat enough' Shawn was saying as they rode. 'Our journey should be easy.'

'You've been this way before?' Farrell asked, urging Alastor forwards.

'More than once.'

'I didn't know.'

Shawn gave Farrell a sceptical look as Farrell walked his horse beside his.

'I have left my home on more than one occasion. I will not be confined to such a small town my entire life. I want to see the world.'

'Is that why you're coming along with me?' Farrell asked. 'To see the world?'

'No. I am coming with you, to find Amaia. She was very dear to me, and I cared for her greatly. If we find her alive and well…that would be the best moment of my life.'

'What do you think are the chances of finding her alive?' Farrell asked Shawn, feeling almost scared for the answer.

'Very slim' Shawn replied simply.

'And you're still willing to look for her?'

'It's been twelve years. The chances of her actually being alive after all this time are next to none. But I will still help search for her, because if there is even the slimmest chance that she has made it, I'll take it. It's the best we've got. We must pray for her safety, and hope the gods are on our side.'

'Pray' Farrell scoffed. 'What good has ever come from prayer?'

'Have you ever tried it?' Shawn asked.


'Then how do you know it doesn't work?'

'Things happen because men make them happen' Farrell answered. 'Or because nature makes it happen.'

'How do you know that the gods do not control what men do?' Shawn asked. 'How do you know that the gods do not control nature itself? Could you explain why the wind blows? Or what makes the sun set and the moon glow? Where does one go when the other is present? The gods know all of these things.'

'How you know anything of the gods' Farrell asked sceptically. 'How do you know anything of what you hear from the holy men and women is true? You have no proof.'

'I do not need proof' Shawn replied, 'because I have faith.'

'Faith' Farrell laughed dryly. 'Faith is the excuse people use when they have no other answer. Faith is the excuse people use when there is no evidence.'

'Then where did we all come from?'

'Don't pretend you know the answer to that. I am happy being true to myself in saying that I do not know. I will not make up an answer in order to please myself.'

'But don't you ever wonder about things you do not know?' Shawn asked.

'No. I care about what I can see and what I know is real.'

'Than how do you know camels exist? You've never seen one.'

'Because I know people who have seen them.'

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