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'I hadn't a date planned yet, but soon. If you are absolutely sure you want to come, I will tell you before I leave. In the meantime, you have time to prepare.'

'Then it's settled' Shawn said facing his mother and sister. 'Don't worry; I'll be back before you know it.'

And with that, Farrell left the home, even more on his mind now than before he entered. He walked briskly, thinking of the thing in his pocket. Arlen's letter to Alice and her children.

Over the next few days, Farrell began to make preparations. He sold his home, and everything inside that was left, including the painting of himself with his wife and daughter. He didn't want to sell it, he would have brought it with him if he could, but Alastor had enough to carry already now. He was old, and with Farrell and his other meagre possession like clothes and food and other essentials, Farrell didn't want to tire out the already weary animal. He had served Farrell well over the years in battle, and deserved an easy life. And so, when the time came, Farrell looked over his home one last time. Alastor was saddled and ready to go, carrying all the things that Farrell needed, including the money he had gained from selling his home. It was a handsome amount, and would see both he and his horse well care for, for many months to come.

Everything Alastor carried now, was everything Farrell had left in the world.

Farrell met Shawn outside his home; he was sitting upon his own chestnut stallion, waiting for Farrell and ready to go. He had said his farewells to his family, and as Farrell walked Alastor past, Shawn tapped his heels into the horse's side to urge him on, walking beside Alastor. Shawn's mother and sister stood side by side outside their home, watching the two leave and waving to them as they went.

As they reached the open plains, Farrell glanced one last time towards the small town he had spent nearly his entire life in. And then he turned his back. No longer would he feel regret and sorrow. Now he moved forwards, now he had a purpose in life.

He would find Amaia, alive or dead. He would find Amaia one way or the other, and solve the mystery of what truly happened on that terrible day, once and for all.

Chapter Twenty

Gods and Camels

'What would you say to her' Shawn asked him, 'if we find her?'

They had been sitting in silence for several hours, and the question completely caught Farrell off guard. He had no idea how best to answer.

What would he say?

'I don't know' Farrell admitted. 'It's been so long.'

'I would tell her how much I have missed her over the years' Shawn spoke, '

how her absence has been like a gaping hole in my life… my mother's life……in my sister's life.' Shawn lifted his eyes to Farrell, gazing at him from across the dancing fire around which they sat. 'I would tell her…that I have never forgotten about her, not even for a moment, and that I have longed with all my heart to see her alive and well.' Shawn lowered his head, falling silent. 'That is what I would say to her' he mumbled.

Farrell blinked quickly as he listened to Shawn's words, feeling hollow within.

'I'm tired' Shawn said, grabbing a blanket from nearby and pulling over him. 'I will see you in the morning.' He rolled over, lying on his side with his back to Farrell. He quickly became still.

Farrell watched him, feeling a strange sensation inside him, a sensation he could not name, but one mixed with loneliness. He felt so detached from the world, from everything around him. It was as if he didn't know how to live anymore.

He felt even stranger now setting out to look for his daughter. He wondered what he might find, and where his path would lead. Farrell thought for a moment.

What if she really is alive?

He hardly dared to believe it, to truly believe it.

He wondered what it would be like to meet her. What she might look like. Perhaps a lot like her mother, perhaps a lot like the woman he saw in his dreams.

Farrell took his own blanket from his bags; he quickly put out the fire, before lying down upon the earth to sleep. He listened to Alastor breathing nearby, the stallion's heavy feet thumping on the ground as he shifted from one leg to the other. Farrell heaved a deep sigh, allowing his body to relax.

He began to dream.

Everything was still. The low sun shone through the columns of the trees, casting long shadows upon the forest floor. He saw a figure in the woods, standing with her back to him. She turned around.

'I am still alive. Find me….'

Farrell gasped, waking with a jolt. The plains around them were bright with morning light, and Shawn was already awake. He was serving himself a cold breakfast, sitting hunched over with a blanket around his shoulders. It was still early morning, and the nights chill still clung in the air around them.

'You sleep heavily' Shawn noted as Farrell sat gingerly up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

'What time is it?'

'About seven o'clock' Shawn replied.

'We should get going.'

'What's the rush?' Shawn asked.

Farrell chewed his lip.

'You're anxious to see her.'

'I love my daughter' Farrell replied. 'To see her face again….I don't know….it would be the best possible feeling.'

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