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   Chapter 54 No.54

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'And what do these dreams tell you?' Alice asked him.

Find me….

'I see this young woman' Farrell said. 'She looks like Ramana, but she isn't.' Farrell fidgeted in his chair. 'She looks like what my daughter might look like if she was alive now.'

'So you think that because you've had dreams she might still be alive?' Shawn asked.


'After all this time?'

'Maybe' Farrell shrugged, sensing his hesitation. 'Look, if there is a chance that she is alive, I have to find her…I have to at least try.'

'Why didn't you do this sooner?' Gracie asked him. 'It's been over ten years since that day.'

'I've no excuse' Farrell said. 'I just…..always assumed she was dead.'

'And now you assume she's alive' Gracie went on. 'Because you had a dream one night?'

Farrell felt her scepticism in her tone.

'I feel she might be alive' he corrected.

'Because you had a dream about someone who might be her' Gracie finished flatly.

'It wasn't just one dream' Farrell told her. 'Since the very first one I've had, they have come to me, every single night. And it's always the same.'

Find me….

'It's beginning to haunt me' Farrell said. 'I can't get away from it.'

'So why did you come here?' Shawn asked him. 'Why are you telling us all of this?'

'I can't look for her on my own. I need help. And….there was someone else….whom she meant a lot to.'

'Who?' Shawn asked.

'My brother' Farrell said, lifting his head.

'Ah' Shawn realised.

'If I search for her, I need his help.'

'And that's why you came here' Shawn clarified. 'Because you need to find him.'

'I don't think Arlen would want to see you' Alice told him uncertainly.

'I know' Farrell sighed miserably. 'But if I am to do this, then I need his help.'

'So…' Gracie said, 'you want us to tell you where he lives.'

There was a long pause before Farrell was ready to answer.


Gracie and Shawn both looked to their mother, waiting for her response.

'You think there might really be a chance that she is alive?' she asked Farrell.

'I believe so.'

'Alright' Alice said rising to her feet and moving towards a dresser nearby. 'I shall tell you where you might find him.'

For years since Arlen had first left his home the day Ramana had died, he had sti

ll kept in contact with Alice and her children. Arlen still had a deep love for Brice's family, and cared a lot for them, even after all this time he still wrote to them regularly.

'His address changes every so often' Alice said as she opened one of the drawers and sifted through a pile of letters. 'He travels often now from one place to the next. He's changed a lot since you last saw him.'

She picked one of the letters out of the stack, and handed it to him.

'This is the last letter he sent us.'

Farrell took it carefully, glancing at the date. It was sent a week ago.

'Stonegate' he said reading the address. 'That's a long way from here.'

'He's been staying there for a few weeks now' Alice told him. 'You're most likely to find him there. But if you are serious about finding him, I wouldn't waste time. He never stays in one spot for too long.'

'Thank you' Farrell nodded to her. 'You've helped me greatly.'

'You can keep that letter if you want' Alice said.

'Thank you.'

'So when do you leave?' Alice asked him.

'Now…tonight….soon.' Farrell folded up the letter carefully, pocketing it. 'I just need to sort out a few things before I go. Thank you for your help' he said again rising.

He made to leave the room, but before he could reach the front door, Shawn called out to him.


Farrell hesitated, turning back.

'Do you really think you can find her?'

'Yes I do' Farrell answered quietly.

'Then I want to come with you.'

'Shawn' Alice cried in dismay, as Farrell stood with a look of stunned disbelief. 'You can't just leave us like that!'

'I'm not going to be gone forever' Shawn said in his defence. 'But Amaia meant a lot to all of us, I thinks it's important that I help find her, if she is alive, then she needs to come home.'

'I miss her too' Gracie voiced. 'But if you leave, then who will protect us?'

'I'll come back' Shawn smiled at his sister. 'I promise. I won't leave you two alone for too long. You will be safe here, and you will cope just fine without me, I'm sure of it.'

Alice frowned at her son unconvinced. 'I don't want you to get hurt.'

'Nothing will happen to me' Shawn said. 'Honestly mother, you fuss too much. When do you plan to leave?' he asked speaking to Farrell now.

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