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   Chapter 47 No.47

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'I'm so glad you're ok….' he whispered.

It was later that morning when they heard Farrell stumble home, barging in through the front door and groaning loudly as he slouched into one of the other rooms of the house.

'I need some fresh air. I think I'm going to go for a walk' Ramana said to Arlen, as she brushed her hair before the tall mirror in her bedroom. She ignored the return of her husband and the sounds coming from downstairs as he fell into things, calling out for her loudly.

'Are you sure you're strong enough?' Arlen asked her with worry.

'I'll be fine' Ramana answered.

'Do you want me to come with you?'

'No' Ramana said. 'I think I want to be alone with my daughter.'

Amaia smiled up at her from beside, and Ramana returned the gesture.

Before she left the room, Ramana paused beside Arlen, staring deep into his eyes. Arlen felt the bandages that had been tied around her wrists brush against his skin as she moved to hold him in a gentle embrace.

'Thank you' she whispered to him. 'Thank you for everything.'

She left the room with her daughter's hand in her own. Arlen watched her go.

Ramana descended the stairs, heading to the front door Farrell had left open. She glanced back into the house where Farrell was swearing and shouting at one of the servants.

She pulled her daughter close to her, and marched outside.

Chapter Fifteen


A few days later, once Ramana's wound had healed enough for her not to need bandages, she was walking again with her daughter in the woods. It was now becoming a habit for Ramana to avoid her own home, in order to avoid her husband. It was something Amaia had wanted too.

And so they left together, mother and daughter. Avoiding the town altogether, they hid themselves in the trees. On this day, they walked along the road leading out of the town, which was surrounded on either side by woodlands. This was the main road out of the town, it was nothing but a dirt track, and today, like most other days, was deserted.

Ramana released her daughter's hand and Amaia immediately ran forwards and began to play, trying to jump up and catch the falling leaves from the trees all around.

It was autumn, and the air around them was cool. Their footsteps on the forest floor made crunching sounds as they walked the carpet of dead leaves.

Ramana walked with her daughter a short while, before sitting slumped upon the fallen trunk of a tree, watching her daughter absent mindedly as she ran around.

She sighed wearily, resting with her chin on her hands. For some time Amaia played, completely distracted with her own games.

'Hey look! Mother look!'

Ramana li

fted her head, straightening up to see her daughter lying on the ground on her belly with her arms and legs sprawled out awkwardly.

'Look!' she gleamed, crawling forwards clumsily. 'I'm a beetle!'

Ramana chuckled to herself, cheering up a little. She rose from the trunk and glided over to her daughter, kneeling behind her and picking her up. She nuzzled into her neck, tickling her. Amaia squealed in delight, wriggling in her mother's arms.

'I love you so much' Ramana said to her. 'You mean everything to me.' She kissed her one last time. 'My precious treasure.'

'You mean more to me' Amaia giggled. 'I love you like a swallow loves honey.'

'What?' Ramana chuckled. 'Swallows don't eat honey.'

'How do you know?' Amaia asked her. 'Have you ever followed one around?'

'No' Ramana smiled to her daughter. 'Of course I haven't. I can't fly.'

Ramana let go of her daughter, drifting away and leaving Amaia to her games of being a beetle, her mind beginning to drift again.

'Mother?' Amaia spoke up a moment later.

Ramana turned to her daughter who lay on the ground with her head turned to the side, her ear pressed against the earth.

'Do you hear that noise?' Amaia asked. Her voice was uncertain.

'What is it?' Ramana said.


Ramana lifted her head, stiffening at the sound of falling hooves. The thundering of the horses steps signalled the swift arrival of many.

'Amaia' her mother hastened, 'come quickly.'

Amaia picked herself off the ground, running to her mother's side. Ramana marched quickly back down the road and towards the town, walking with her arm around her daughter's shoulders and head down. Behind them the horses approached. Ramana pulled her daughter tightly to her as the horses descended upon them, hoping that they would simply pass them by. But the great beasts walled them in, trapping them from either side, turning around and blocking their path at the front, as more horses closed the net behind them.

Walking alone in the woods, the band of about ten men was seen travelling at high speed down the dirt road heading away from the town. Arlen raised his head curiously as the horses tore through the countryside. He was some distance away, so wasn't able to see them clearly. The sun was in the sky before him, he blinked several times as the branches of the trees waved up and down in the breeze, flashing the sunlight in his eyes. Arlen squinted, seeing the figures only as blurred silhouettes. When they were out of view, he jogged forwards, out of the trees and coming to stand on the road they had ridden over, listening to the sounds of the falling hooves growing ever fainter.

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