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   Chapter 45 No.45

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Ramana felt his arms wrap around her, sliding around her waist.

'Arlen what are you doing?'

'I can't stay away from you' Arlen said moving closer to her, moving his lips close to her neck.

Ramana shivered as she felt his warm breath upon her.

'I can't resist you' Arlen whispered, running his hand up her body and to her neck, lifting her chin up. 'Ramana……I want you….' He jerked his other arm tightly to him suddenly, holding her firmly around the waist.

'Oh Arlen…'

He began to kiss her neck, moving down to her shoulder.

'No Arlen' Ramana said, pulling sharply away from him. 'I can't.'

She turned back to face him, glaring with tears in her eyes.

'I'm sorry' Arlen said miserably, backing away. 'I shouldn't have…'

'I want you' Ramana spoke, her voice breaking, 'more than anything. I just want to be happy…to be loved. But I can't betray my husband. I know he can be good, I have seen it. I will stay loyal and faithful to him, and I will be understanding, like a good wife should be, for I too have suffered much death in my family.'

'But you have never shut down' Arlen retorted. 'You have never given up.'

Ramana pursed her lips, blinking the tears away. 'He loved Brice dearly, I know that.'

'As did I' Arlen countered. 'But I would never…' he broke off. 'It just pains me so much to see you suffer like this, and Amaia also….I can't even tell you…' He lifted his head. 'Do you truly love him?' he asked Ramana. 'With all your heart and soul?'

Ramana stared hard back at him. 'I do' she said firmly.

Arlen hung back for a moment. The two stared at each other, waiting for the other to speak, to do something.

At last Arlen sighed.

'You mean the world to me Ramana. I have never stopped loving you, and I never will……I just thought you should know.'

He turned and strode out, closing the door quickly after him.

When he was gone, Ramana fell to her knees, crying into her hands.

Chapter Thirteen


The next day, Farrell had been watching over Amaia as she played, sitting next to Shawn who had been tending to his horse nearby. He had come to sit next to Farrell, to ask him of his wellbeing. And for a short time they spoke, as they watched Amaia playing nearby, running back and forth chasing butterflies and bees.

'Be careful' Shawn warned her. 'The bees sting.'

It was unclear whether or not she was listening, for she made no indication that she had heard, and instead continued running back and forth giggling and squealing in delight.


watched her closely as she ran past one more time. And then she tripped.

Amaia fell forwards, scraping her knee and elbows.

She sat up, and began to cry. Shawn straightened where he sat, hesitating. He glanced sideways towards Farrell, who made no indication that he had even noticed Amaia had fallen, despite her being right in front of them.

Shawn rose, walking towards her intending to pick her up. But another figure blocked his path. Arlen had appeared from nowhere, kneeling down he lifted Amaia in his arms, glaring at Farrell who continued to stare off into nothing, seemingly unaware of anything happening around him. Arlen then sent a glance towards Shawn, his expression gentler. Shawn took a step back uncertainly.

Arlen turned and walked away, carrying Amaia in his arms, comforting her with kind words as he did so.

He took her home, where Ramana was tidying in the kitchen. He entered through the door without knocking.

'Who's there?' Ramana called as she heard him enter. And then she saw Arlen holding her crying daughter. 'Is everything alright? What happened?'

'She just fell' Arlen told her, placing her upon the counter top. 'Don't cry girl' Arlen said to Amaia tenderly. 'You'll be ok.'

'Where is Farrell?' Ramana asked as she hastily foraged through one of the cupboards searching for bandages.

'He's…' Arlen hesitated, 'just outside…somewhere.'

'Why did you bring her in and not him?' Ramana asked sternly.

'I just….' Arlen was reluctant to answer.

'It's ok Arlen' Ramana said, stroking his cheek briefly. 'I'm not angry at you.'

She leant forward to clean Amaia's wounds. Her elbows and knees were dotted with blood. Amaia continued to look sad and dejected as her mother cleaned her injures, wincing every so often.

'Now stop fidgeting' Ramana scolded. 'It's not that bad.'

'I should go' Arlen suddenly voiced.

'Won't you stay?' Ramana said quickly, straightening up.

Arlen hesitated for a moment, dancing in his head with the possibility.

'No' he said at last. 'I'd better go.'

He left swiftly, and Ramana returned her attention to Amaia, feeling heavy in her heart but trying to keep a brave face for her daughter. She tied the bandage around Amaia's elbows and knees.

'There. All done.' She forced a smile. 'How does that feel?'

'It feels strange' Amaia said.

'Well don't take them off until I tell you to' Ramana warned. 'My precious treasure' she kissed her forehead. 'Now, let's go find you something to do to keep you out of trouble.'

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