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   Chapter 42 No.42

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'It's such a shame' the perfect woman spoke suddenly, 'for a beauty such as yours to be hidden away like this. You could do great things.'

'Oh?' Ramana said, clearly not understanding her. 'What do you mean?'

'Tell me' the perfect woman replied. 'Have you ever longed for power?'

'Power?' Ramana blinked in confusion. 'I……no.'

'Well' the perfect woman smiled. 'There is much in life that changes.' She giggled. 'I was wondering if you could help me' she said suddenly changing the subject. 'My cart is broken. Could you help me fix it?'

'Of course' Ramana beamed.

As they set to work fixing the cart, Amaia crept out from behind her mother, walking around to stand before the strange hippogriff. It was big, but unlike that horrid creature Alastor, seemed to be calmer. It didn't try to follow her like that black horse did. It just stood there, ignoring her. But still, she dared not touch it.

It was a long while before Ramana and the stranger were finished, and the cart was finally fixed. But the stranger was still not satisfied.

'This new wheel looks lovely' she said unconvinced, 'but it needs a bit of colour.'

'I have paints at home' Ramana offered. 'We could use them.'

'What a wonderful idea!'

Ramana hurried home to get the last paints she had. It took a long while to fix the wheel, though it took longer still to paint the already heavily decorated cart to the stranger's satisfaction. But when it was at last finished, she looked pleased.

'Oh. Hello Farrell' the perfect woman said suddenly as he approached from nowhere. He had finished his soldiers duties and had wandered from home to find his wife and daughter. 'It's nice to see you in person.' The perfect woman smiled.

'Who are you?' Farrell answered back with immediate suspicion.

'How do you know his name?' Ramana asked the perfect woman.

'You told me' she quickly replied.

'No I didn't.'

'Oh' the perfect woman said, though she did not seem to be surprised at this. 'You must have done. Anyway' she said turning away. 'I thank you for your help. I'm sure we will meet again. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe years from now. But we will meet again. And I will look forward to it.'

Ramana watched silently as the perfect woman slowly led her hippogriff away, pulling with it the now fixed cart.

'Goodbye Ramana' she spoke back. 'May the gods be with you.'

'Gods' Farrell scoffed. 'What a load of rubbish.'

'Now husband' Ramana frowned as the stranger moved further away, replacin

g on her face the plague mask. 'You must be respectful of other people beliefs, even if you do not share them.'


'Because' she answered simply. 'They just might be true.'

The two watched the figure walk away, leading the beast that pulled the cart.

'Strange woman' Farrell mumbled.

'She looks like a traveller' Ramana added. 'A foreigner. She would seem strange to us.'

'And what a strange creature she had' he went on.

'It certainly was' Ramana nodded.

Amaia suddenly appeared from her hiding place, running to her mother and hugging her. She felt safer now, once the strange woman and her strange pet were out of sight.

Arlen appeared then, he had been one of the many in the crowd that had watched the hooded woman and her cart.

'Well' he said to Farrell. 'That wasn't weird' he said sarcastically.

'Arlen' Farrell said. 'Where were you?'

Arlen and Ramana shared a brief glance, just for a moment, before Ramana went off with her daughter, leaving Farrell with his brother though still remaining in sight.

'How are you then Arlen?' Farrell asked him. 'How are you keeping up?'

'Well enough' Arlen shrugged nonchalantly. 'Yourself?'

And so they spoke together for a short time, catching up on days gone by.

'I've been so busy lately' Farrell said. 'I think perhaps we should have a drink together sometime.'

'You know I don't drink' Arlen told him, waving away the idea.

'Well I'm certainly not hanging out with you at the temple' Farrell joked.

Farrell glanced over towards his wife then. He noticed she was grabbing Amaia by her shoulders, shaking her roughly and speaking harshly. He frowned, leaving his brother's side and mumbling his excuses, he made his way towards them.

'What's wrong?' Farrell asked as he approached them.

Ramana released Amaia, turning to face him.

'Nothing' Ramana replied sternly, glaring at her daughter who shrank uncertainly under her mother's gaze. 'I was just teaching Amaia a very valuable lesson.'

Farrell shrugged this off, and continued. 'Look Amaia' he said, kneeling as he produced an item hidden on his person.

Amaia glowed at the sight of it.

'It's a little man' Farrell explained, dancing it through the air to demonstrate. 'We could make more of them together if you like.'

Amaia snatched it from him greedily, but Farrell did not tell her off for this. Amaia stared wide eyed down at the little toy man made of straw and twig.

'We could make a whole town' Amaia said.

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