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   Chapter 41 No.41

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'Dam you woman!' he bellowed, wiping the blue paint from his eyes. 'What is the matter with you?'

He was suddenly attacked from the side by a small figure, which he was quickly able to over power. Amaia called for help, Ramana rushed to her aid. Farrell's initial anger dissipated as the three wrestled in a ridiculous pile on the open doorway. The bird, confused at what was going on ran in circles around them, chirping loudly. He too was covered in blue paint.

The commotion slowly died down as one by one the three of them noticed a figure standing at the open doorway, and the bird, noticing the others had fallen silent, had ceased its noise too.

Brice stared wide eyed down at the three of them, all on the floor in a big tangle of limbs with multicolour paints in their hair and on their hands and faces and all their fine clothes.

Brice dumbfounded, was finally able to speak.

'I forgot why I came' he said, before turning on his heel and walking away.

When he had gone, Ramana threw her head back, laughing hysterically.

Chapter Nine

The Beast that Pulled the Cart

The next day Ramana was in her painting room, sitting on a stool with a canvas and easel before her. By her side Amaia sat, on a smaller stool made just for her, with a smaller canvas and easel before her. The mess from the fight the previous day had mostly been cleaned up, and there was very little left to paint with.

Ramana glanced beside her to Amaia's canvas, where there was painting of a flying horse with a rainbow mane and tail, with fluffy white clouds behind it.

'That's very pretty' Ramana told her daughter.

Amaia grinned up at her mother, and Ramana returned to her own canvas, a dramatic painting of a fork of lighting in a red sky, a black city silhouetted in the foreground. Ramana dipped her finger again in the paint. She never used brushes, but always painted with her fingers, she felt freer that way.

'What's that sound?' she asked suddenly, tilting her head.

'I hear it too' Amaia said, putting her brush down and hoping over to the window, leaning on the sill and gazing outwards. 'It's coming from the town. We should go and see what it is.'

When they reached the centre of their small town, they saw a strange sight indeed.

A cart, pulled by the most bizarre creature, and one that Ramana had never seen before, had stopped beside the well. A small crowd of people had gathered to watch and stare at the strange wailing figure, moving around the cart and throwing their hands to the air in despair. Ramana noticed then that that one of the cart's wheels was broken, though she did not know what could have broken it here in this town where the roads were

smooth. She moved her attention towards the wailing figure, moving around the cart, always hunched over. The figure wore a strange mask beneath the hooded robe.

Amaia peered around her mother's legs to see the spectacle, deciding she didn't like what she saw, and retreating back to hide behind Ramana again.

Ramana glanced around her at the people, seeing that none were stepping forward to help, and so she did.

'No' Amaia cried in vain, pulling at her mother's skirt as Ramana stepped forward. But Ramana ignored her.

'Hello' Ramana spoke to the figure.

The figure in the deep purple, near-black robe immediately ceased their wailing, turning to Ramana.

'Oh' the figure spoke in a female voice. 'It's you. What a coincidence.'

She straightened suddenly, destroying Ramana's initial thoughts of this being an old and fragile person. The figure touched her hand to her plague mask, and removed it. Beneath the long beaked dark mask, was the most beautiful face Ramana had ever seen. Large bright eyes, perfect hair and lips and skin like silk. It was almost…too perfect to look at.

'I'm sorry' Ramana said. 'Do I know you?'

'Oh' the woman said, suddenly looking uncertain, as if she had just accidentally slipped a secret she shouldn't have done. 'I mean….no. Of course not.' She smiled a wide smile, with perfect teeth.

The woman stared at Ramana deeply, making her feel a little uncomfortable.

'What's your name?' Ramana asked. 'You're not local are you?'

The perfect woman chuckled under her breath at this. Though Ramana could not think of what was so funny.

'No' the perfect woman said, her laughter gradually subsiding. 'I am not from around here. I live far away. If live is what you could call it. I live further away from here than you could possibly imagine.'

'And…' Ramana went on. 'What is your name?'

'Oh I wouldn't concern yourself with such things. Not just yet anyway. Just think of me as…the woman who passed through your town. Though I think in time, we might be very good friends indeed.'

Ramana's eyes drifted to the beast that stood at the head of the small cart.

'Such a strange creature' she said. 'I've never seen anything like it….what is it?'

'This?' the woman who was passing through the town said. 'This is a hippogriff.'

'I've never heard of one of those before.'

'No of course you haven't' the perfect woman gleamed, hiding her grin behind her hands as if she was enjoying a private joke that Ramana wouldn't understand.

'It's really beautiful' Ramana said, admiring its white coat that seemed to glow in the sunlight. The edges of its feathers were line in black, and its feet were covered in thick fur.

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