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   Chapter 39 No.39

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'You think too little of yourself' Brice argued.

'As do you' Farrell laughed back.

Brice smirked beside him.

'Do you remember when we were children?' Farrell asked his brother.

'Oh how we used to dream' Brice sighed.

'Are you happy in life?' Farrell asked, his tone turning a little more serious.

Brice smiled widely. 'I couldn't be happier. I have everything I could possibly have wished for. A beautiful family, a decent reputation…and…well…' he shrugged. 'I don't want anything else really.' He glanced back at Farrell. 'What about you?'

'Well' Farrell shrugged. 'I became the soldier I wanted to be, and while I don't yet have the son I wished for, I love my daughter more than anything. Even though she can be as difficult as her mother.'

'How come you haven't had another child yet?' Brice asked him.

'I don't know' Farrell said glumly, slumping his shoulders and resting his chin on his palm. 'Ramana just….doesn't want any more children.'


'I don't know.'

'Maybe she will change her mind.'


'I know' Brice said livening up. 'Why don't we ask Arlen to join us in our next fight?'

'Arlen…' Farrell mumbled. 'It makes me sad…he's never seemed to have found a place in life.' Farrell went quiet. 'I still feel guilty for taking her away from him' he whispered to himself in a voice barely audible. 'I had hoped…'

'Speak up!' Brice barked loudly beside him, breaking his train of thought. 'What did you say?'

'Nothing' Farrell shrugged him off. 'Come on. Let's go find Arlen.'

They left their practice swords were they were and went to find their brother.

'So what is it you're praying for this time?' Brice asked him a short time later, crossing his arms and staring down at Arlen who knelt before the statue Zeana.

Arlen lifted his head to the goddess before him, a depiction of a woman with great curved horns, pointed ears and eyes that were covered by her own long hair tied around her head.

'I pray' Arlen spoke, his voice echoing throughout the large hall, 'that Amaia lives a good long life, and dies happy of old age.'

'You ask favours from imaginary beings?' Farrell scoffed. 'Do you really think your prayers will actually be answered?'

'You just cannot help but mock my faith' Arlen growled back at him.

'Sorry brother…'

'You keep saying that' Arlen shot back. 'But if you really meant it then you would stop doing it.'

'We were wondering' Brice interrupted, 'if you would like to practice

fighting with us.'

'No' Arlen droned. 'You would only win.'

'All the more reason to practice with us' Brice tempted.

'No' Arlen droned again. 'I've better things to do.'

Arlen moved away from them, leaving his brothers shrugging and sighing in exasperation.

'Alright' Farrell said. 'Don't say we didn't try to invite you.'

Arlen ignored the both of them, and so Brice and Farrell turned away, leaving him to pray in the temple like he always did.

It was on one day that Farrell was absent, off dealing with soldier business, that Amaia was given free reign of the house. Running up and down the stairs and the corridors with her cousin Gracie throughout the house, with the little green bird named Yayew chasing them.

'Oh they have so much fun with that silly bird' Alice said to Ramana, frowning in amusement as the girls ran by once more. The bird hobbled after them, struggling to keep up, flapping its wings as it hurried on by. It had grown considerably since they had first found it, though it had not flown yet.

'They do like to play their games' Ramana smiled as she poured more tea.

'You know Gracie insists on letting it eat at the table' Alice said as Ramana pushed another cup of tea towards her. 'And sleep in her bed.'

'Amaia is the same' Ramana laughed. 'She misses it dearly when it's not around.'

'I must ask you a favour if I may' Alice said suddenly changing the subject. 'I have some things to sort at home and I need another woman's opinion. My husband is no help at all.'

'Of course' Ramana nodded eagerly. 'I would be more than happy to help, whatever you need.'

'Good. Well I must be leaving now' Alice said finishing off her tea quickly and rising. 'Come now Gracie, we're going home.'

Alice took her daughters hand, embracing Ramana at the door before leaving.

'It was good to see you' Alice said.

'I hope you visit again soon' Ramana replied.

Amaia waved at them as they moved away, standing beside her mother with the bird in her arms. Once they had gone, Ramana struggled to shut the heavy front door, cursing under her breath.

Amaia had wandered off to play with the bird, and Ramana, exhausted from entertaining the two children before Alice had arrived, collapsed on the sofa to rest.

She sighed heavily, resting with a pillow over her face to shield the light from her eyes. She stayed here for a long while, dozing off in the warm patch of sunlight that shone through the window and across her body.

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