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   Chapter 36 No.36

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'I've got to go' Ramana whispered to Arlen.

She quickly slunk away, following her daughter from a distance and making sure she was safe.

Arlen stepped from the shadows of the house he hid beside, just as Brice returned, seeing the soldier walking with his black stallion.

'Are you a messenger?' Farrell asked, rising as the man approached.

'The king has need of you' the armed soldier growled in a low voice. 'He requires you and some of your best men to accompany you.'

'I shall rouse the townsfolk' Farrell said.

'No' the soldier interrupted. 'The king wants only a few.'

Farrell hesitated. 'When do we leave?' he asked.


'I just have to tell my wife...'

'No' the soldier interrupted. 'The king insists that you ready your horse and come immediately. I will wait for you here. So who will you take?'

'I will come' Brice spoke up stepping forward.

After a moment Arlen spoke. 'Me too' he added. 'I'm coming.'

'Then hurry' the old soldier huffed impatiently to all of them. 'The king does not like to be kept waiting. And find a few more men, but not too many.'

Farrell nodded. He ran quickly to his home to saddle up Alastor. The horse tossed his head excitedly as Farrell mounted him, looking forward to battle and action. He had quickly tried to find Ramana, but she was not at home, and he didn't have time to find her now.

With regret he kicked Alastor into a gallop, leaping over the fence and tearing down the hill to meet his brothers and the few other soldiers that would be accompanying them. One of them caught his attention.


Shawn, now eighteen smiled back. Had he been a bit younger and not wearing armour and carrying a sword, mounted upon his stallion he might have looked comical. But now, he looked strong.

'I thought it would be good for him' Brice explained, sitting upon his own horse beside Shawn.

Farrell shrugged.

'Is everyone ready?' the old soldier interrupted impatiently.

'We are ready' Farrell replied.

'Then I will lead the way.' The soldier mounted his own horse. 'The king is only a few hours ride away.'

He kicked his horse into a gallop, and quickly the other soldiers followed after him.

Farrell hesitated, glancing around him one last time in case he saw Ramana.

Shaking his head in annoyance at her disappearance he wheeled Alastor around, chasing after the other soldiers, out of the town and onto the open plains.

'I called on you because you happened to be nearby' the king spoke in a grumble.


he king was a well aged and wise man, thickset with a blonde beard and blonde shaggy hair. Upon his breastplate that he always seemed to wear, was the king's crest, a wolf swallowing a half-moon.

Farrell glanced around him, wondering where the other men were, where the army was.

'What need do you have of my services' Farrell asked. 'Do we ride to battle?'

'No' the king shook his head. 'Not today.' His gaze sailed over Farrell's head. 'I see you've brought some men with you' the king noted.

'As I was ordered' Farrell bowed.

There were eight men including himself that had come along, all armoured and ready for a fight. They looked just as confused as Farrell felt, seeing that so few of them had been summoned, and no target in sight.

'You will not need your horses for this' the king said. 'I have an unusual task for you.'

'Yes your majesty' Farrell bowed again.

The king led the men through the sparsely growing woods to a piece of the land where the earth had been torn open, walking slowly with Farrell by his side. In the centre of the mound of freshly dug earth, was a great hole.

'What is this?'

'I have no easy way to explain this' the king said. 'It is more a private matter. But I called upon you because I know I can trust you, and I know you will not ask questions.'

'Yes your highness.'

'All you need to know is that there is a great beast down there. It is nothing you would have seen before. I need you to find it, and trap it, so that my men can….' he fell silent. 'My men will take it from there' he finished.

'I understand.'

'Don't use your weapons' the king told Farrell. 'It will only attack you if it feels threatened.'

'Yes your highness' Farrell bowed, feeling more confused than ever. But he held his tongue.

'I trust you and your men will get this done quickly?'

'We will do what we can' Farrell replied.

Farrell stood before the hole with his men behind him, glancing off to the side he saw the king, standing a short distance away, flanked by two guards. The king glowered at him, but it was said that he glowered at everyone. Except his wife. They waited there for Farrell to find this strange creature. Some of the kings men had already ventured down into the hole, but the king had told Farrell, that this strange creature, whatever it was, had burrowed many passages, and that it would take many to find it.

'I've got a bad feeling about this' Arlen grumbled behind Farrell.

'It does seem unusual' Brice agreed from beside him.

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