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   Chapter 35 No.35

The WeatherMaker Hearts Desire By Lady Lilium Characters: 4807

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'What?' Farrell scoffed. 'Brother. That is not the sort of answer I expected from you.'

'I'll see you around' Brice said, clapping him on the shoulder, rising and walking away.

Farrell watched him go, sighing and shaking his head.

'Oh Ramana' he murmured to himself. 'Why do you pain me so?'

He noticed a figure then trotting towards him, a short figure with long black hair.

'Amaia' Farrell said. 'You're finally awake. What are you doing here?'

'I wanted to find you.'

'Your mother let you wander off on your own?'

'It's ok' Amaia reassured her father. 'I won't get lost.'

'It's not safe for you to wander on your own when you're so young.'

'It's ok' Amaia said again, 'if mother says so.'

Farrell gritted his teeth

'What do you have there?'

'Daddy. Do you love me?'

'Of course I do' Farrell laughed. 'My precious treasure. Why would you ask me that?'

'Because' Amaia giggled, 'I love you.'

She handed him a large flower she had picked from the garden, a white trumpet shaped flower. She had been hiding it from sight.

'See how pretty it looks on you' she beamed, reaching up and placing it behind his ear. 'You look pretty now.'

Farrell chuckled, brushing his daughter's hair back.

'Silly girl.'

From a hidden place a short distance away, Ramana watched. She had allowed her daughter to wander off, allowing her to think that she was on her own. But Ramana was close by, watching over her. She loved her daughter, and wanted her to have freedom. But she also needed to be protecting. She was still so young.

Ramana grinned, seeing Amaia giving her father a flower to put in his hair. She leant against the corner of the house beside her, hugging herself in glee.

She jumped suddenly, hearing a shuffle by her side. Spinning around she saw Arlen standing there.

'I'm sorry' Arlen said, showing his hand in submission and taking a step back. 'I didn't mean to scare you.'

'It's ok' she replied, breathing a sigh of relief. 'You just startled me a bit that's all.'

Arlen approached and stood near her, close by her side. Ramana could feel his eyes on her, but she just kept looking forwards; towards her daughter.

Arlen turned his eyes away from Ramana, towards Amaia.

'She's grown up fast' he said. 'Don't you think?'

'She certainly has' Ramana said, glowing with pride. 'I give her the freedom she needs. But I am neve

r far away, I will always protect her.'

'As will I' Arlen said.

They exchanged a glance.

'I know you will Arlen' Ramana looked away again. 'She is such a good girl. I love her so dearly.'

'I understand how you feel' Arlen replied. 'She is dear to me also.'

Ramana turned to him, eyes wide. She opened her mouth as if she was about to speak. Then changed her mind, and looked away.

'Do you ever wonder' Arlen voiced, opening the subject. 'How things might have been if…if….'

'If we had been together?' Ramana finished. 'Sometimes.'

'You do?' Arlen said hopefully.

'Of course. I was happy with you. Happier than I had ever been before. I have suffered so much loss and grief in my past…and you…' she looked to him. 'You were the light in the heavens, in a world that was nothing but darkness behind walls.'

'Ramana…' Arlen breathed.

He stepped towards her, reaching a hand out to touch her, but Ramana drew sharply away.

'I'm sorry' Arlen whispered, dropping his hand. 'It just… takes all my will power to stay away from you.

Ramana lifted sorrowful eyes to Arlen, resisting the deep pull in her heart.

'You've given me a wonderful gift Arlen' Ramana whispered. 'In making me marry Farrell. In time, I have come to truly love him. And because of him, I have been able to give the best life possible to my daughter. She is my world.'

'As she is mine' Arlen spoke. 'As are you, even though….' He broke off.

'I would love to feel your touch again, to feel your heartbeat' Ramana said. 'But I dare not. I love my husband. But there is a piece of me that loves you still…and always will. You have been so good to me Arlen. You have made me so happy. But I feel that if I were to touch you, my will might break.'

Arlen smiled sadly.

'Then we must stay apart.'

He turned and walked away.

'Wait Arlen' Ramana whispered furiously after him.

He paused, glancing back.

The two stared at each other for a moment, neither sure of what to say. But suddenly there was movement in the distance, a short squeak of terror. Amaia was running away.

Ramana and Arlen both tense slightly as they looked around towards Amaia. A soldier walking beside a great black stallion was approaching Farrell, who still sat on the bench outside Brice's home. Amaia had fled at first sight of the horse that reminded her so much of Alastor, the frightening beast.

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