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   Chapter 34 No.34

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Farrell wiped the pink blusher off his eyes and cheeks indignantly, going over to the bathroom to make sure he had cleaned every bit of makeup off. Only then, did Ramana stop mocking him.

Later that morning, Amaia went back to sleep, having stayed awake most of the previous night playing and listening to Farrell tell her stories, she was exhausted. Ramana and Farrell were allowed some peace and quiet, as least for the meantime.

Farrell crossed the kitchen, walking past Ramana who sat at the table. He was heading outside to feed Alastor, but stopped suddenly, turning towards his wife.

She sat with her back to him, sipping a strong smelling herbal drink.

'What are you drinking?'

'Oh this?' Ramana said innocently, taking another sip. 'It's nothing.'

Farrell strode up to her, taking the cup and smelling it.

'What is this?' he said in disgust, placing it back down hard on the table. 'Why do you drink this?'

'Because' Ramana answered, her voice growing harsh, but she said no more.

'Have I wounded you?' Farrell asked. 'Is there some reason you wish to do this?'

'You have not wounded me husband. I am very happy with the way things are.'

'Then why do you do this?'

Ramana fell silent for a moment before speaking.

'I do not want any more children at the moment.'

'Why?' Farrell asked.

'Because…' Ramana sighed. 'Amaia has been such a toll on me. I love her dearly, more than life itself, but she's so demanding in attention. How could I have any more children?'

'If she is too much for you then just say so. I am more than happy to spend more time with her if you need some rest.'

'No' Ramana shook her head. 'I like the way things are. I love my daughter, and I want to give her all the time I can.'

'So you never want to have children again?'

I did not say that' Ramana replied. 'It's just…' she turned to him. 'I am happy with the way things are, at least for the meantime.'

'I have always wanted a son' Farrell told her.

'Tough shit.'

Farrell's eyes flashed.

'Listen' he said stepping towards her.

'No you listen!' Ramana said slamming her hands down on the table and rising. 'My word is FINAL!

'It's time you did your duty!' Farrell shouted back.

'My duty? Have I not been a good wife and mother enough already?'

'I need a son'

Farrell growled. 'To pass on my name.'

'Because your daughter has clearly been a disappointment.'

'Damit that's not what I meant!'

Ramana crossed her arms stubbornly.

'Your brother waited for a long time before having a second child' Ramana argued.

'And his first child was a son' Farrell countered.

'So Amaia is a disappointment?'


'You're the one who's making this difficult.'

'I am the head of this family.'

'The fuck you are.'

'It's time you gave me a son. Amaia is five now. Its time you had another child.'

'I am not a god dam factory!' Ramana screeched. 'And since I am the one bearing children I think it's my say on how many we have.'

Farrell ground his teeth in anger.

'And' Ramana added, 'you cannot say otherwise.'

Farrell drew a deep breath, glaring at her, knowing she had added that deliberately to get under his skin. Deliberately to annoy him and make the point that she could not be controlled.

Like a free spirit, like the wind or the rays of the sun, she could not be bound. He knew once she made up her mind, it could not be changed by any will besides her own, and the more he were to fight, the harder she would fight back.

Ramana smirked at him arrogantly, knowing she had won.

'Dam you woman' Farrell sighed resigned, balling his fists. 'You will be the death of me.'

He turned his back on her and strode out of the house to tend to Alastor and the mares. Once the horse was fed and watered, he went to visit his brother, without telling Ramana where he had gone.

'I just don't know what to do with her Brice' Farrell sighed, sitting on a bench outside his brother's home. 'She is like wildfire. I love her like crazy but she annoys me more than I thought was ever possible. Some days….'

'Some days what?' Brice glanced sideways towards him.

'Some days' Farrell continued, 'I find it hard not to raise my hand and strike her.'

'Gods don't do that.'

'She says things sometimes to deliberately annoy me. I know she does. She knows she does.'

Brice smiled in amusement.

'Well' he said clapping his hands on his knees. 'If you can't control her, there is only one thing left to do.'

'And what's that?' Farrell asked sceptically.

'If you can't control her, then you must submit to her.'

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