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   Chapter 33 No.33

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'You think?' Farrell said rising from the bed. 'I'll go.'

'Thank you my love' Ramana gleamed. She touched his hand one last time, grasping tightly, before letting go.

Farrell leant forwards and kissed her swiftly one last time, before getting changed and leaving the room.

'Don't be long!' Ramana sang after him. 'I'm waiting!'

He ran outside quickly, heading towards Brice's home.

'I'm so sorry I'm so late' he gasped when Brice answered the door. 'I lost track of time.'

'No matter' Brice replied simply. 'She's still playing with Gracie and the bird. We let Gracie stay awake for longer' he explained, 'they've been having a lot of fun.'

'Good' Farrell sighed. 'I was getting worried you'd get fed up with her.'

Brice waved him away. 'I could never get fed up with family.' He turned behind him. 'Amaia! Your father is here!'

Amaia ran through the house at full speed, jumping into her father's arms. Farrell lifted her up, hugging her tightly.

'It's about time you came home now isn't it?' Farrell said to her.


'Thank you for looking after her Brice.'

'No worries brother. Anything for family.'

'I'll see you another time.'

Brice nodded to Farrell, closing the door as Farrell left.

'Where's your bird?' Farrell asked as he walked away, carrying Amaia back home.

'Gracie is looking after her tonight' Amaia said. 'I'll get her back tomorrow.'

He carried her all the way home. Amaia clutched him around the neck as Farrell walked carefully through the almost pitch black, moving slowly and with caution.

As they reached the home, Amaia tensed in Farrell's arms, staring mistrustfully into the field where Alastor lived. But he was not in sight at this time, his dark coat blending perfectly with the night.

Farrell entered the manor, carrying Amaia up to her bedroom.

'I'm not tired' Amaia whined as he placed her upon the bed. 'Will you play with me?'

Farrell sighed wearily. 'Of course. What do you want to play?'

Amaia leapt off the bed, running to one of her many toy boxes and pulling out everything she could see inside.

Farrell sat on the floor with his legs crossed, watching as Amaia brought him all the toys that took her interest, dumping them around him in a circle and sitting before him.

'I like to play with the toy animals' Amaia giggled, moving one of the decorative painted horses across the floor and pretending it was galloping.

'Would you ever want a real horse?' Farrell asked her.

'Not one big and scary like Alastor. He's so scary!'

Farrell chuckled to h

imself in amusement, reaching forwards and patting her hair.

'Maybe I will get you one when you're old enough to sit on one properly' Farrell said.

'Can I have one now?' Amaia asked hopefully.

'No' Farrell told her sternly. 'You're still too young.'

'I hate it when grownups tell me that!' Amaia cried indignantly. 'I can't wait to grow up!'

'Now don't say things like that. You shouldn't wish your life away.'

'But I want to be taller and smarter' Amaia complained. 'Mama is so clever. I want to be like her.'

'Well you just have to wait' Farrell said.

'I can't wait to be tall and beautiful like mama' Amaia went on. 'She's so beautiful.'

'She is' Farrell smiled warmly.

'So when can I have my own horse?'

'I told you' Farrell said. 'When you're old enough to sit on one without falling off.'

'Ok' Amaia said becoming quickly distracted. 'And I don't want a scary one like Alastor. I want a nice one.'

'Then a nice one you shall get.'

'Good' Amaia said shortly. 'Just don't forget about your promise.'

Farrell smiled again. He knew she wouldn't forget.

'I know!' Amaia said loudly as an idea suddenly struck her. 'Let's play makeup!'

Farrell suppressed a groan as Amaia ran away again, digging through one of her other toy boxes and running back to him.

'Are you ready? I'll put some on you, and then you put some on me. Ok?'

The next morning, Ramana woke to find herself alone. Rolling over in bed and seeing an empty space beside her, she began to grow a little worried. She threw back the sheets and left the bedroom, heading automatically to her daughters room to check on Amaia.

Here she found Farrell, sitting in a chair beside the bed. He was fast asleep with Amaia sleeping on his lap. On the floor beside them was one of Amaia's books, fallen to the ground it lay there untidily with its pages bent.

Ramana tip toed over to them, reaching forwards and squeezing Farrell's shoulder.

Farrell groaned, turning his head towards the disturbance. On sight of him Ramana burst into laughter, cackling as she threw her head back, holding her stomach which began to ache with laughter.

Amaia and Farrell were abruptly woken by the sudden noise.

'I'm sorry' Ramana gasped, trying and failing to stifle her giggles in her hands. 'Have you seen your face?! You look like a clown! AAAAHAHAHAAA!'

Farrell rose, Amaia jumped off her father's lap as he regarded Ramana with a stoic expression, which made her laugh even harder, until she was on her knees barely able to breathe through her hysteria.

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