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   Chapter 32 No.32

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The next he saw her; she was waiting on the stairs. Noticing that he had spotted her, she skipped away, heading up the stairs towards their bedroom.

He followed her, stepping carefully through the darkness and climbing the stairs.

He reached the open door to their bedroom. Two hands reached out of the shadows and grabbed him, pulling him into the room.

Farrell bent forward and kissed his wife, the two wrapped up in each other's arms. Farrell felt something strange, like an electrical current running through his body as he touched her. The hairs on his body were standing on end as they caressed one another.

He pushed her back into the room, further and further until the back of her legs touched the end of the bed. She slowly fell back onto the bed, inviting him towards her. Ramana reached her bare foot out to him, running it down Farrell's chest. Through the closed window, the full moon shone, and Farrell could see his wife lying back on the bed. Her long beautiful black hair thrown back and her arms above her head as she watched Farrell expectantly. The clouds gliding across the sky outside concealed the moon once again. The bedroom fell into shadow, and Ramana's outline as she lay on the bed, became concealed.

The room became suddenly cold. Farrell heard Ramana shifting on the bed before him, perhaps moving away to give him space to enter. Farrell moved onto the bed, reaching Ramana who had crawled toward the headboard. Bearing over her, Farrell felt a cold draft on the back of his neck, though the window was closed.

He lifted the skirt of her dress up, running his hand up her thigh. Ramana shivered, her breath shuddering.

The room felt cold, felt icy.

Ramana grabbed his shirt roughly, ripping it apart and tearing the buttons away, running her claws down his chest. Farrell did not flinch as her scratches left red marks on him. He ran his fingers through her hair, as her hands ran down his lean and muscular frame and to his belt. She fumbled in the darkness, trying to undo the thing. He helped her, throwing the belt and the trousers away and turning his attention back onto her.

Their bellies touched.

Ramana gasped, throwing her head back onto the pillows as she drew a deep breath. She moaned; reaching out to Farrell and wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him close into a deep kiss.

Minutes later, Farrell's pace began to quicken, until he let out a final breath, sighing in pleasure as he felt Ramana below him stiffen.

Their breathing slowed, and Farrell pulled away from her, his skin beaded in sweat. He collapsed beside her, feeling in his chest his beating heart slo

wly return to its normal rhythm.

Ramana lay on her back beside him, though he couldn't see her clearly, she was smiling to the ceiling.

Ramana lifted a hand slowly to her head, brushing her hair back.

'You've messed up my hair.'

Farrell chuckled to himself.

'So vain' he whispered.

'Am not!' Ramana cried indignantly sitting up.

'Shhhhh' Farrell voiced, pushing her gently back onto the bed. 'Don't be so loud, you'll ruin the peace.'

Ramana flumped back onto the bed.

As they rested, Farrell held her close. Ramana's skin was burning hot; it was as if her body was aflame.

'Are you alright?' Farrell asked her concerned. 'You're boiling hot.'

Ramana took a deep breath, closing her eyes. It may have been a draft, or the fact that they had stilled now, but her skin suddenly seemed to cool.

'I'm amazing' Ramana breathed, holding him close as she opened her eyes again, 'because I have you by my side.'

Farrell smiled, holding her tighter.

'You mean so much to me' he told her.

'You mean more to me' she replied quickly.

Farrell listened to the stillness of the room, feeling the beat of Ramana's heart against his chest as he held her close.

Ramana sat up suddenly, leaning over Farrell. She was smiling.

'What is it?' Farrell laughed.

'I'm just so happy' Ramana answered, speaking through her heart. She was unable to keep the smile from her face as she did so. 'You mean everything to me. I love you more than I can express in words, and I thank the gods everyday for bringing us together.'

Farrell lifted his hand as she spoke, stroking her hair back.

'No matter what happens' Ramana went on, 'I will never stop loving you, no matter how badly we argue. You and Amaia are everything to me. You two are my world. If I lose everything in life, I will be happy as long as I still have my family.'

'What's gotten into you all of a sudden?' Farrell frowned in amusement.

'I just love you so much' Ramana whispered, snuggling into him. 'I'm almost afraid of loving you. If I lost you, my world would crumble. You and Amaia have become so precious to me.'

'As you have to me' Farrell said kissing her forehead. 'I will never leave you or Amaia. Never.'

Ramana sighed happily again. She closed her eyes and dozed for a moment, basking in the love that radiated from her husband, and allowing him to bask in hers.

'Oh' Ramana said suddenly after a time.

'What?' Farrell said, alerted by the way she had suddenly tensed.

'I forgot Amaia is still playing with Gracie. Her mother would have been expecting us to pick her up hours ago….she's probably wondering where we are.'

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