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   Chapter 29 No.29

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'Ramana!' he called. 'Are you up there?'

'Go away' came a voice.

Farrell cocked his head, squinting as the light from the setting sun glared in his eyes through the canopy of the trees. Beside him Arlen began to laugh at what he was seeing.

Farrell shielded his eyes.

'Ramana' Farrell called again. 'Come down from there.'

'No!' Ramana cried dramatically back, the top of her head just visible from behind the barrier. 'I said go away!'

'Yeah!' Gracie echoed hanging off the edge of the small box that was built above them. 'Go away.'

'What are you doing up there!' Alice asked them with a giggle.

'We're pirates' Amaia called.

'Pirates live at sea' Farrell corrected. 'Not in trees.'

'Give me all your gold!' Amaia demanded, waving a pointed stick around.

'Yeah' Gracie copied. 'Give us your gold!'

The three of them were wearing hats made of leaves that were stitched together carefully with a needle and thread. Feathers of various sizes and from various birds were sticking out at all the corners.

'Come down from there' Alice called up to her daughter. 'Diner will be ready soon.'

'I'm not coming down' Gracie called down to her mother defiantly. 'I am going to stay up here forever and float above the forest.'

'But you'll get hungry' Alice cooed. 'Come down won't you?'

The three were eventually persuaded, after a time, to leave their fortress. Gracie was the first to come down, helped by her mother, next was Ramana. She turned, lifting her arms out to Amaia, who still sat in the tree.

'Come down my love' her mother said to her. 'It's ok. I'll catch you.'

Amaia leapt from the tree and into her mother's waiting arms. Ramana hugged her, squeezing her tight and whispering into her ear.

'My precious treasure.' She tickled Amaia, who began to squirm in her arms. 'Let's go home.'

Farrell watched over Ramana and Alice as they left the woods, walking with their children.

He glanced around him suddenly, noticing that Arlen was gone.

Chapter Seven

Make up

Many times the three of them would visit the little fortress built in the tree. There they would play and frolic and have fun.

On one of these days, they heard a sound.

'What was that?'

Amaia let go of the swing, falling lightly on the ground.

'There it goes again' Gracie added, peering over the edge of the box built in the tree.

'Come on' Ramana said to them, climbing down from the tree. 'Let's find out what it is.'

She helped Gracie down, following Amaia as she ra

n ahead of them through the woods.

'Amaia!' Ramana called after her. 'Amaia slow down!'

They came to the section of woodland where the noise was coming from, and there they saw what was making the sounds. It was a bird. A small green bird with a long downwards curved beak. It was a tiny little thing, flapping around helplessly on the forest floor.

'Poor creature' Ramana murmured at the sight of it. 'It must have fallen out of its nest.'

'I don't like it' Amaia said immediately, holding onto Gracie's arm for reassurance. 'What is it?'

'It's a baby bird' Ramana told them. 'It won't harm you' she said bending down to pick it up. 'Come here and have a look.'

Gracie skipped over to Ramana to see, Amaia hung suspiciously back.

Ramana knelt, holding the bird out in her hands.

'See?' she said happily. 'It's friendly.'

The little bird sat there on her open palms. Its feathers looked more like fur, and it was a dark moss coloured green, with beady little eyes. Its large wings were folded now, though they were still too small to be able to fly, still underdeveloped.

'Come here Amaia' Ramana said encouragingly to her. 'It won't hurt you, it's just lost.'

Amaia approached cautiously, she watched as Gracie petted the bird gently. The little bird just sat there, allowing the girl to stroke it. It seemed happy to have found something to interact with, having now fallen silent.

'It must have been abandoned' Ramana said. 'I don't see the mother anywhere' she said glancing around. 'Poor little thing.'

She gave it to Gracie to hold.

'We should care for it' Ramana told them, 'or else it would surely die out here.'

'We can't let it die!' Amaia cried.

'Here' Gracie said to Amaia. 'You can hold it.'

Amaia took the bird tentatively.

'We should give it a name' Ramana suggested. 'Something nice.'

'I can't think of anything right now.'

'That's ok' Ramana patted her daughter's arm. 'We'll think of something.'

'We can share it' Amaia said to Gracie. 'I'll keep it one day; you can keep it the next.'

'That's a wonderful idea' Ramana beamed at Gracie. 'We should show your mother. Let's go.'

They headed back to the town, dropping Gracie off home and showing Alice their find. Alice fawned over the bird eagerly as the little creature pecked at her fingers. Shawn complained that it would make a mess everywhere if they kept it, Brice, though he agreed with Shawn, reluctantly allowed Gracie to share the bird with Amaia, seeing how happy it made her.

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