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   Chapter 27 No.27

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'It's wonderful' Ramana said, taking Farrell's hand and beaming at him. 'Don't you think its nice Amaia?'

Amaia stared up at the painting sullenly; then looked away.

'When do we eat?' the girl asked. 'I'm hungry.'

Ramana giggled happily, kissing her daughter on the cheek, holding her tightly as she tried to squirm away.

'My precious treasure…' Ramana said. 'I love you so much.'

Several days later

'Amaia!' Ramana called. 'Come down. Your uncles are here!'

Amaia came dashing from out of her room, hanging through the balustrades of the higher floor, seeing her mother waving to her from the entrance hall below.

She sprinted down the stairs, running into the arms of Eidan, then going to Markus and hugging him in turn.

'Amaia!' came a barking call.

She flinched.

'How many times?' Farrell sighed. 'Don't run down the stairs.'

'Sorry daddy.'

She shrank back as he glowered at her.

'Oh come now Farrell' Eidan the older brother said. 'The girl is alright. Surely she can run if she wants.'

Farrell shook his head, muttering and walking away.

'Hey Amaia' Markus said to her. 'Guess what?'

'What?' Amaia piped up happily.

'I've brought a gift for you' Markus told her. 'We both have.'

Behind Amaia, Eidan smiled widely.

'Look Amaia' Ramana said, revealing the gifts she had been standing in front of and hiding from view. 'These are for you.'

One of them was a rocking horse, beautifully carved in dark wood with real horse hair for the mane and tail, with a red leather saddle upon its back. Upon its legs and either side of its neck were carved elaborate swirls and flowers with large golden petals. An expensive piece, and specially made just for her.

The other was a toy made of an unknown material. It was a model of a large winged beast with three heads, a creature made of the parts of several other creatures. Vividly painted in the brightest of colours, the wing edges were painted in gold, and each of the three heads had tiny gleaming gems for eyes.

Amaia squealed in delight, rushing over to them and beginning to fuss. Ramana moved away from her, standing a short distance away, she watched with pride as her daughter began to play. Eidan lifted the model of the beast for her and she began to run around with it, pretending it was flying. Then very shortly after when she had gotten bored of that toy, she ran to the rocking horse, clambering with more effort than was necessary upon its back and snapping the reins as if it were a

real horse.

Eidan sat on the ground beside her as she rocked, entertaining her with conversations of horses as she bobbed back and forth on the wooden toy, promising to buy her a real one one day.

'It's so good to see you smile' Ramana said to Markus standing beside him. 'Both of you.'

Markus and Eidan no longer wore their mourning blacks that had become so familiar to them. Now, and since Amaia's birth, they dressed in colour.

Markus reached towards Ramana, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

'We have something wonderful to smile about now' he said to her. 'You are happy in life, you have a wonderful home, and Amaia is healthy and growing well.'

Ramana nodded.

'She is' Ramana sighed. 'I am very proud of her. She will grow into a fine young woman.'

'That she will' Markus nodded. 'I am sure of it.'

'I look forward to the day' Ramana said, 'when she will spread her wings and live a life on her own. Have a child of her own, and experience all the joys of being a mother. What bundles of joy children are.'

'Why do you look forward to that?' Markus asked her curiously. 'Is it because she will be out of your hair? Or because you will have another little child to fawn over?'

Ramana slapped her brother on the shoulder playfully. 'Don't you tease me like that!' she scolded.

'We had better be going now' Eidan spoke up as he rose to his feet. 'You know how mother hates it when we're away for too long.'

'He's right' Markus said. 'We should hurry home or else she will worry and become frantic.'

'Give her my regards' Ramana said to them. 'Tell her and father I am well, that we are all well. Tell them I will visit them both soon.'

She hugged her brothers tightly, one after the other. They waved goodbye to Amaia, who was too distracted with her new toys to notice them.

They left with smiles on their faces; closing the heavy door behind them, for Ramana struggled to close the door herself.

When they had gone, Ramana turned to her daughter.

'Amaia' she said.

The young girl glanced curiously up as she continued to rock back and forth on the wooden horse.

'How would you like to come for a walk with me?'


Amaia instantly fell off the wooden horse, not even bothering to dismount properly. She ran into her mother's arms. Ramana picked her daughter up, opening the window and climbing through it, still with Amaia hanging onto her. Too stubborn to use the door which irritated her so, she would often use the window.

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