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   Chapter 26 No.26

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Farrell strode towards her and was upon her in an instant, slipping his hand around her waist and pulling her close to him. He grabbed her roughly by the hair, pulling her head back and kissing her deeply.

A shiver ran down Ramana's spine as Farrell kissed her, she drew a shuddering breath as their lips parted, and he worked his way down her neck.

'You look so beautiful' he whispered to her.

'You look so tasty' she replied.

She grabbed onto his forearms, as Farrell moved his lips across her shoulder, caressing her tenderly now. Ramana purred happily, running her fingers through his hair, the two completely distracted by one another. And then they heard a scream.

Ramana and Farrell broke apart suddenly, turning towards the field where their daughter was screaming in terror and running as if for her life. Alastor had come over from where he had been standing in the corner of the field. Seeing a person in the field with him, he had ambled over towards her intending to simply follow. When Amaia spotted the mighty stallion so close to her, she had panicked and ran. Seeing the little girl run, Alastor had increased his pace to a trot in order to keep up, following the person nearest in sight, as he had been trained to do.

Amaia dared a glance behind and saw the stallion had picked up speed and had nearly reached her, she screamed again in terror, calling for both her parents.

'Help meeee!'

Farrell climbed through the fence, striding into the field as Amaia, followed by Alastor drew closer. Amaia ran past him, and Farrell cast his arms out, fingers splayed he stopped Alastor in his track, pushing the stallion back gently and halting him. He patted the horse's neck gently, whispering kind words into the stallion's ear as Amaia ran under the fence and into her mother's open arms.

She cried hysterically into her mother's shoulder, bawling as if she had just suffered a stroke with death.

'Hush now girl' Ramana cooed. 'There's nothing to worry about, you're safe.'

'The horse was going to kill me' she sobbed.

'No he wasn't' Ramana laughed. 'He's a good horse, look.'

Amaia glanced tentatively around to the terrifying black beast in the field. Farrell approached the both of them, Alastor instinctively followed behind him now.

Amaia began to panic again, screaming and trying desperately to escape over her mother's shoulder, digging her nails into her mother's skin like a terrified cat.

'Amaia' Ramana scolded. 'You're hurting me.'

'I'll take him back down the field' Farrell said, a flicker of a smile ran across his lips. 'I'll let you both escape while you still can.'

Ramana pursed her lips in annoyance at him as she brought Amaia under

control. Ramana held her shaking, terrified daughter in her arms as she walked down the path towards the manor.

Ramana put her daughter down as she reached the front doors, which Farrell had opened so easily. She pushed the door inwards, heaving with all her might, but the door that had given way so easily for Farrell, did not move an inch for Ramana.

'Ahhh!' she cried in frustration. 'Stupid door!'

'What's wrong Ramana' Farrell asked, appearing by her shoulder a short time later.

'It won't open' Ramana growled.

She straightened as Farrell walked past her, opening the door with the least of efforts.

Ramana glared at him in annoyance.

'I don't like this door' she huffed. 'We should replace it and get a new one.'

'But this one works just fine' Farrell laughed.

'I can't open it.'

'Well maybe you should try harder' Farrell teased, causing Ramana to glare at him even harder.

Farrell cleared his throat awkwardly, diverting his attention. 'Come on Amaia' he said to his daughter, allowing his wife to calm down.

He took her by the hand, walking with her into the home. Amaia very shortly after let go of his hand and started running around.

'Amaia!' Farrell shouted. 'What have I told you?'

'Leave her be' Ramana said to him, having calmed somewhat. 'She's having fun.'

'But what if she hurts herself?'

'Then she will learn a valuable lesson.'

Farrell sighed wearily, feeling like there was no point to argue.

'Oh' he realised then. 'I forgot to tell you. The painting is finished' Farrell said to her in a hushed voice. 'Would you like to see?'

Ramana's eyes lit up, and she clapped her hands excitedly.

'I would love to!' she cried. 'Hurry' she said pawing at him. 'Show me where it is!'

'Alright' Farrell said laughing as he tried to fend her off. 'Stop clawing at me and I will show you.'

'Amaia' Ramana called turning to her. 'Come over here for a moment.'

Amaia skipped over towards her mother, and Ramana knelt to whisper into her ear.

'The painting is finished' she told her. 'Do you want to see now why you had to stand and wait for so long?'

'I suppose' Amaia said stubbornly.

Ramana gleamed. She took Amaia's hand and followed her husband through the home.

They stopped before the painting now hanging on the wall, standing together and gazing up at it.

'Oh Farrell' Ramana breathed. 'It's beautiful.'

The edges of the painting was dark in shadows, a gentle orange glow was in the centre, lighting up the small family of three in the middle. Farrell stood with his arm around Ramana, the two of them standing close, and between them, stood Amaia. All three of them were smiling. All three of them looked happy.

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