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   Chapter 25 No.25

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Brice and his family were here today. Gracie was hanging off the climbing frame, her mother Alice was nearby to catch her in case she fell, and on the sidelines, Brice and his son Shawn watched with smiles upon their faces.

Amaia let go of her mother's hand when she spotted Gracie. She ran to her, Alice smiling welcomingly at her as she approached. Gracie moved down the climbing frame, extending a hand for Amaia to take as she invited Amaia to play with her.

Ramana lifted a hand to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight that peered from around the clouds. Alice waved to her, and Ramana waved back. She stayed where she was at the edge of the park, watching from a distance her daughter and Gracie play. In her heart, she felt warmth, pride, and happiness.

'Today' she grinned to herself, 'life is good.'

She noticed movement beside her suddenly, and turned to see Arlen standing there. He shifted awkwardly before her, moving closer.

'Hello' he said.

'Hello' she replied politely. 'How are you?'

The edges of his lips twitched uncertainly as he stood there, maintaining a distance between them.

'She's…grown quite a bit hasn't she?' Arlen said, looking over towards Amaia.

'That she has' Ramana nodded proudly. 'My precious treasure. It feels like only yesterday that she was just a tiny baby in my arms. I feel like sometimes things are moving too fast.'

Arlen's eyes seemed distant as he watched Amaia running and climbing and laughing. She seemed so happy.

'She's as beautiful as her mother' Arlen uttered.

Ramana smirked.

'Just think what she will be like when she grows up.'

'Don't remind me' Ramana laughed. 'She's stroppy enough the way she is now. I'm dreading her teenage years.'

'What were you like as a teenager?' Arlen asked her.

'Well…' Ramana smiled at the memory. 'If Amaia is anything like I was when I was a teenager….then gods above help me.'

Arlen stifled a snigger, Ramana turned to him, hands on her hips with a disapproving frown.

'I'm sorry' Arlen said hiding his grin. 'You say silly things sometimes.'

'I wasn't trying to be silly' Ramana told him firmly. 'I was being serious.'

'Oh' Arlen sighed. 'I see.'

He straightened, facing her. 'You're happy…' he asked, '…aren't you?'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean…' Arlen went on awkwardly, 'in life….now…'

Ramana became sombre.

'Yes' she told him. 'I am. I just wish…you were as happy too.'

'I am happy' h

e told her hastily. 'To see Amaia enjoying life as she does, to see her growing, healthy and fit and….to see you so happy brings me so much joy.'

She tilted her head at him, regarding him closely.

'I wish that were true.'

Arlen went silent.

He reached towards her, as if he was about to brush her cheek. But then he drew back suddenly.

'Seeing you happy is all I want in life' he said to her, 'to see it so…brings me so much joy.'

He smiled half-heartedly at her, then turned and walked briskly away.

Ramana watched him go, feeling a sadness stirring inside her.

'Oh Arlen…' she sighed. 'I wonder how different life would be if I had chosen another path.'


Ramana looked to her daughter as she came running towards her, skidding to a stop before her and tugging on the skirt of her mother's dress.

'I found a beetle!'

'Well look at that' Ramana said kneeling before her daughter.

'I'm going to take it somewhere where it won't get stepped on' Amaia told her mother.

'That's very good of you' Ramana told her. 'We should always help others whenever we can, be they people or animals…or tiny beetle.' She pinched Amaia's cheeks happily.

'I'm going to save animals when I'm older' Amaia said once she had freed herself from her mother, holding the beetle before her. 'I'm going to heal them and make them better.'

Ramana leant forward, kissing her daughter upon the forehead.

'Well hurry up then' she told Amaia. 'The beetle needs somewhere safe to go. Find somewhere to put it; we'll go home whenever you're ready. Don't forget your father is waiting for us.'

Amaia said goodbye to Gracie and ran to her mother, taking her by the hand. Ramana walked with her daughter through the town, heading slowly back home.

They ascended the gentle slope, drifting down the path towards the large manor.

A butterfly fluttered past them. Amaia's attention wandered then and she let go of her mother's hand, chasing after it and jumping in the air to try to catch it.

Ramana smiled and shook her head at her daughter's happy distracted nature. She watched as Amaia climbed under the fence that held Alastor, running further into the field in pursuit of the butterfly.

Ramana heard the door of the manor open before her, and saw Farrell closing the door behind him, grinning at her as he approached.

She smiled back at him, placing a hand upon her hip and flicking her long hair back seductively.

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