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   Chapter 24 No.24

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'Mine too' Ramana added.

'Ramana' Farrell whined. 'Not you as well.'

'Couldn't we take a break?' Ramana asked her husband.

'We've not been here that long' Farrell scoffed.

'Couldn't we at least have a drink father?' Amaia huffed sulkily.

'Yes' Ramana repeated. 'Couldn't we at least have a drink father…I mean husband?'

Farrell gritted his teeth, casting his wife an anguished look.

'Why do you make me suffer like this?' he asked his wife.

'Oh stop being so dramatic' Ramana giggled, patting her husband's hair flat.

'I want to sit down' Amaia complained. 'Can't I sit down?'

'No' Farrell snapped. 'We're not finished yet.'

'We're entitled to a rest aren't we my husband?' Ramana cooed. 'We are not prisoners are we?'

Farrell ran his hands over his face in frustration, sighing and groaning with exasperation.

'We can always come back later' Ramana said. Not intending to come back for the painting at all.

She took her daughter by the hand, leading her away. 'Come Amaia, we'll go outside and look for something fun to do.'

'Finally' Amaia complained loudly. 'I was getting so tired standing for so long; my feet were beginning to wear away!'

'Don't be silly' Ramana laughed as they sailed towards the door. 'Goodbye husband' Ramana called back to Farrell, 'we shan't be long.'

Farrell glared furiously at his wife and daughter as they disobediently left his side. He approached the painter, smiling apologetically.

'How does it look?' Farrell asked, referring to the painting.

'Well enough' the painter replied. 'I think I can finish the rest without your presence sir. I've most of it done; I can paint the rest from mind.'

'Very good' Farrell bowed his head. He reached into his pocket, handing the man a few gold coins before turning and striding away, removing his cloak as he went and handing it to a servant who scurried up to take it.

'You're not going to look at the painting my lord?' the servant asked him.

'I'll see it when it's finished' Farrell replied. 'What time is it? I must be midday now.'

'It is indeed' the servant bowed. 'Do you wish me to bring you anything?'

'No' Farrell sighed. 'I think I just need to…lie down in a dark room and rest.'

'Yes my lord.'

Farrell drifted away, coming to one of the large sofas and lying back with a heavy sigh, his forearm resting over his eyes. The servant moved about the room around him, closing the heavy curtains and blocking out all the light.

She left the room quietly, closing the door behind her and leaving Farrell to his peace.

'Those two' he mumbled

to himself beneath his arm, thinking of his wife and daughter. 'They will be the death of me.'

Still wearing their beautiful dresses intended for the painting, Ramana and Amaia danced through the town, twirling and throwing their heads back towards the sun.

'It's so nice outside' Amaia said as she skipped beside her mother. 'It's not fair that we had to waste the morning standing around doing nothing.'

'Oh now Amaia' Ramana scolded. She grabbed her daughter by the shoulder and turned her around. 'You mustn't complain about that again in front of your father. There may come a day when he can no longer tolerate either of us. He might just run away from the both of us out of sheer despair, then who will look after us?'

'We can look after ourselves.'

Ramana frowned furiously at her daughter.

'Silly girl' she said pinching Amaia's cheeks. 'You're supposed to say that you don't want your father to leave. Or do you?'

'I don't want daddy to leave' Amaia said as she tried to wriggle out of her mother's grip.

'Do you love daddy?' Ramana asked her.

'Yes!' Amaia said bouncing up and down.

'Well guess what?'


'Daddy loves you too' Ramana said, poking the end of her daughter's nose. 'And do you know who else loves you?'


'I do' Ramana said grabbing her and squeezing her in a tight hug.

'Stop!' Amaia gasped. 'I can't breathe.'

Ramana began to tickle her, her long slender fingers dancing over Amaia's belly and under her arms.

'Ahhh!' Amaia squeaked. 'Stop! Noooo! I can't take it!'

Ramana suddenly released Amaia, causing her to land unceremounsly in the dirt.

'Mama!' Amaia scowled angrily.

'Well you should have stopped moving' Ramana teased.

Amaia scowled up at her mother in annoyance. But Ramana grabbed her again. This time gently. She hugged her daughter lovingly, kissing her cheek numerous times and telling her how much she loved her.

'I love you so much sweet girl. My precious treasure.'

Suddenly, all of Amaia's annoyance at being teased melted away, and she hugged her mother back; arms wrapped around her neck as her mother knelt before her.

'Now come on my dear' Ramana said letting go of her. 'Let's go to the park and have some fun.'

Ramana held her daughter's hand as they walked through the wide streets, heading to a place built on the edge of the small town. It was a playground, built by Bairn on Ramana's request shortly after Amaia was born. And since it had been built, all the young children of the town came here with their parents to play, including Gracie, Amaia's cousin.

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