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   Chapter 20 No.20

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'You will come to love him in time' Eidan said rising to sit beside her, he took her by the hand. 'I don't know him personally, but I'm sure he is a good man when you get to know him.'

'What makes you think that?' Ramana asked him unconvinced.

'He has wealth' Markus said sitting the other side of her. 'You don't have you love him if you find that he is not right for you.'

'But I love Arlen.'

'I know' Markus said sadly as he brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. 'Dear sister. I know you love this man, but…'

Ramana fixed him with a pained expression as he spoke.

'He could not possibly give you the life you deserve.'

'But he loves me' Ramana said weakly. 'And I love him.'

'We know' Eidan said. 'But you would live far more comfortably if you married Farrell.'

'Life isn't about wealth' Ramana argued. 'I don't care about jewels and money. I just want to be happy.'

'But think of the children you might have' Markus added. 'They would have a far better upbringing if you married a wealthy man.'

'Just think' Eidan went on, 'you could give them the finest clothes…all the toys they could possibly want…'

'They would have a better education' Markus added. 'They could go to better schools, have better homes when they grow up, and marry well. Your sons could provide well for any women they might want, and your daughters would be much sought after, they would have the first pick of any man they wished.'

Ramana gave an anguished sigh.

'We only want what's best for you' Eidan said. 'We love you, and we want you to be happy.'

Ramana fixed him with a deep stare.

'Just think about it' Markus said. 'Just promise us that.'

'Alright' Ramana mumbled unhappily. 'I will.'

'Thank you' Markus beamed. He stroked her hair back, kissing her forehead before rising and walking away.

Eidan touched her at the chin, turning her face towards his and smiling kindly at her. 'Farrell could give you a much better life than anyone could.'

He winked at her, before standing and following his brother out of the room.

'See' Eidan said to his father as he walked past him. 'Understand from her point of view, and she will listen.'

Bairn frowned at his sons as they went by. He looked back at his daughter, who would not meet his gaze, and considered saying something else, but decided against it. He would most likely only irritate her, and undo the good words that his sons had sp


He simply gave a sigh; then left without a word. When she was alone, only then did Ramana move. She walked silently through the manor, and to her room. She blocked the door with a large wardrobe, then fell onto the bed, and cried.

'Do you understand now?' Arlen spoke to Farrell. 'This is what I've been praying for' Arlen told him seriously. 'Remember, ages ago I told you…when you asked me what I pray…I told you I pray that when I meet the right woman, I can give her a good home, safety and wealth. I have none of those things, but I can still give them to her.' He took a deep breath. 'I believed that the gods would answer my prayer, but I did not think that it would be this way. The only way I can give her the life she deserves, is if I give her to you.'

'Arlen…' Farrell began shaking his head.

'No' Arlen interrupted sharply. 'I have made my choice. Its time you were married anyway.'

'I don't want to marry her.'

You have money, a fine home.'

'I don't want to marry her' Farrell repeated.

'I believe you would care for her' Arlen continued, ignoring his brother's words.

'Arlen' Farrell said seriously. 'I don't love her.'

'She is beautiful' Arlen went on.'

'I don't care about beauty.'

'She is a good woman' Arlen said, voice breaking now. He grabbed Farrell by the shoulders, pulling him close. 'If you care about me…if you truly…care about me…you would do this for me….for her…'

Arlen stared back at Farrell defiantly, tears brimming in his eyes.

'But what about you?' Farrell whispered.

'I will be happy' Arlen replied, letting go of his brother and backing off, 'in the knowledge that she is in safe hands, and married…to someone I trust.' Arlen took a slow and steady breath. 'Look after her' he said, 'and…her children.' He strode away, before Farrell could say another word.

It was the night before the wedding, and Ramana had spent her last day with Arlen. Now they lay alone together, in his home, in his bed. They lay side by side, staring up at the ceiling.

'My brother is a good man' Arlen said awkwardly. 'He will look after you. He will treat you kindly.'

'I'm sure I will find that out for myself' Ramana mumbled.

Arlen turned away from her, failing to hold back the tears.

'Arlen?' she said. 'Are you crying?'

She reached for him, turning his head back so that he faced her. 'Please don't cry' she begged of him. 'I hate to see you sad.'

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