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   Chapter 19 No.19

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'Arlen!' Ramana sobbed; eyes red and tears streaming down her cheeks. 'I have some terrible news…'

Arlen met Farrell later that day in his manor.

'Brother' Farrell said in surprise as Arlen walked through the kitchen unannounced. 'I didn't hear you come in. Are you alright?'

'Farrell' Arlen spoke in a flat tone. 'I need to speak to you.'

'Goodnight' Ramana breathed. 'My heavenly prince.'

'Until we meet again' Arlen bowed. 'Sleep well.'

Ramana curtsied to him, turning and striding away. She paused a short distance from him, glancing back. She grinned at him one last time, before slipping into the darkness.

The night was quiet, and Ramana moved silently through the woods. Even in the failing light, she knew her way, so familiar with the forest she was. She found her path, out of the woods and through the town, heading to the small hill her father's manor was built upon. She slipped through the large doors that guarded the grounds, skipping down the path and towards the manor. She entered quietly, closing the doors behind her gently so as not to make a noise. But she needn't have bothered, her father and two brothers were awake, and they were waiting for her.

'Sister' the eldest brother Eidan said. 'It's late, and you've been out all day. Where have you been?'

'I know' the second brother, Markus the younger said. 'You've been with Arlen.'

Ramana hunched her shoulders shyly, averting her eyes. Her father frowned at this.

'Come here my daughter' he said to her. 'Come sit with us.'

Ramana obeyed, feeling slightly nervous, though she didn't know why. She sat opposite her brothers who were both sitting, and her father who was standing. All three of them were huddled together.

'What's all this about?' she asked them uncertainly. 'Why are you all here?'

'We need to have a talk' Bairn her father told her.

'Have I done something wrong?' Ramana worried. 'Have I upset you?'

Bairn shared an uncertain look with his sons, who glanced at each other also.

'You've done nothing wrong' Eidan said. 'We are not upset with you, we just….need to have a talk. That's all.'

Ramana looked to each of them, however felt no better.

'We've been talking' Bairn began. 'About children.'

'Children?' Ramana repeated flatly. 'Now I am confused.'

'It's time you thought about children' Bairn went on.


'Because your mother was your age when she had her first child.'

'So?' Ramana argued. 'That doesn't mean I have to

live my life exactly as she's lived hers.'

'Oh dear' her father sighed. 'I forget sometimes how different you are from her, and from me.' He ran his fingers through what little hair he had. 'It's time you started thinking about family' Bairn persisted. 'You must plan where you want your life to go from here.'

Ramana pursed her lips irritantly, her brows knitting together as she glowered in displeasure at her father.

'You are young' Bairn went on, oblivious to his daughter's annoyance. 'You will have many sons.'

'Like you've had many sons?' Ramana retorted.

Bairn fell into an impatient silence.

'And anyway' Ramana went on. 'I want a daughter.'

'Good lords' Bairn sighed in exasperation. 'You will have both sons and daughters and plenty of them.'

'No I won't.'

'Why must you be so belligerent?' her father cried in despair.

'I am not a factory' Ramana said crossing her arms and turning away in distain. 'I will have as few or as many children as I please.'

'Oh lords above' Bairn sighed again. 'You're mother was never like this. She always wanted children, even when she was young.'

'I never said I didn't want children' Ramana went on. 'I just meant I will have them when I am ready, if I am ready.'

'I think we've started this on the wrong foot' Eidan interrupted as Bairn groaned, walking away with his head in his hands in sheer frustration. 'We didn't wait hours for you to talk about children, but about husbands.'


'Yes' Markus added. 'Father wants you to marry Farrell.'

Ramana's jaw fell open.

'He is a good man' Bairn began happily, glad that the topic had at last gotten to its point. 'He would make a perfect husband. He is rich and powerful…he has a fine reputation. You would be respected greatly if you married him. Many people look to him with respect and awe, and jealously, some even with fear...I am sure. He is young still, he would likely give you many children, and he's not unpleasant to look at. Your children would be handsome.'

'I don't want to marry him' Ramana said flatly.

The following silence stretched on as the statement sunk in.


'He's not right for me' Ramana told her father. 'I want no man who keeps the company of whores. All those women hanging off him….how can any woman love a man like that?'

'Men have needs' Bairn shrugged. 'I don't excuse his behaviour, but…' he shrugged again, casting a pleading look towards his two sons, a look that begged for help.

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