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   Chapter 18 No.18

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'It was love at first sight' Arlen breathed, never taking his eyes from her.

'But women throw themselves at your feet' Ramana told him. 'Why haven't you fallen for any of them?'

'It's not like that' Arlen said frowning and shoving her lightly.

Ramana flicked his hand away, pushing him back and giggling.

'Women don't throw themselves at my feet' Arlen told her.

'Yes they do.'

'No' Arlen said in mock irritation. 'They don't.'

'Well' Ramana continued. 'Why didn't you like any of them?'

'I was waiting for the right person' Arlen replied.

'But why were none of them the right person?' She asked him.

'You mean those pampered spoilt women who think they are better than everyone else because they are richer, or better looking? Or because their parents are important people? The type of woman who spends hours every day painting her face and preening herself? The type of women who has so little care in the world besides themselves, they spend hours living inside their own heads? You want to know why I'm not interested in them?'

'Alright' Ramana smiled, satisfied at the answer. 'What was it about me that made you fall in love with me before you even knew me?'

'It was what I saw about you' Arlen grinned.

'What do you mean?' Ramana asked teasingly.

'I have seen so many women of the type who choose to spend their whole lives inside, knowing nothing of the real world. Not even caring to find out, women who do nothing with their lives. But when I saw you, I saw the kind of person you are.'

'Oh?' Ramana winked, curious now.

Arlen reached forward, brushing her hair back.

'You look so beautiful all the time' he told her. 'But I like it best when your hair is down.'

'It's a good thing I always have it down then' Ramana said, resting her head against the ground with her hands stuck out before her, poking Arlen's stomach repeatedly.

Arlen tried to fend her off, waving his hands at her.

'I saw a lot about your character that day' Arlen continued, catching her waving hands in his. 'That day you walked past me. That day I first laid eyes upon you, I saw your beauty and magnificence.'

'Oh stop' she laughed, slapping his shoulder lightly.

He flicked her nose playfully in response.

'Go on' Ramana told him when they had calmed again. 'What did you see about my character?'

'You're fingers' he told her.

'Fingers?' she made a funny face at him. 'You fell in love with me because of my fingers?'

'Yes. I mean no.' Arlen made a sound of exasperation. 'You had paint on your fingers' Arlen went on, 'which means you like to paint, you are creative. There were twigs in your hair, and dirt on your dress that made it look like you had been kneeling. I thought you perhaps like to garden, maybe you like flowers; maybe you have a collection of them. And the twigs in your hair, how did they get there? Were you walking through the woods, or perhaps climbing a tree? You didn't wear any makeup, but you were more beautiful without it. You dressed in vibrant red and walked with your head held high; I saw you were a confident person, proud, and strong. That is the woman I have spent my life searching for, that is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. And when I heard you sing…' Arlen took a deep breath. 'I was completely blown away.'

Ramana smiled proudly at Arlen. She leant forward to kiss him.

They only rose, when the darkness began to set. Night was coming, and already the first stars in the sky could be seen growing stronger.

'Goodnight' Ramana breathed. 'My heavenly prince.'

Arlen smiled widely, the edges of his eyes crinkled in pure joy. He bowed low to Ramana, kissing the back of her hand as he did so. 'Good night' he said to her. 'My queen.'

She pressed her body into his, the two of them becoming one.

'I can't wait for morning to come' she said to him. 'I ache every moment we are apart. I long only to be by your side once more.'

'As do I' Arlen smiled. 'I will pray to the gods to make the moon travel faster across the sky, so that the sun may rise sooner.'

Ramana chuckled at this, nodding to him. 'In that case I will pray also. Perhaps the gods are more likely to listen to both of us.'

'I will see you in the morning' Arlen said, reluctantly letting go of her. Suddenly he was filled with a strong desire to hold her again.

'Goodnight' Ramana said, slipping away from him. 'My love.'

'Until we meet again' Arlen bowed. 'Sleep well.'

Ramana curtsied to him, turning and striding away. She paused a short distance from him, glancing back. She grinned at him one last time, before slipping into the darkness.

The next morning, Arlen waited for her in the woods where they had the day before agreed to meet. But when Ramana appeared, Arlen was shocked to see her.

Ramana fell into his arms, crying hysterically.

'What is it?!' Arlen asked in alarm, fear clawing at his heart. 'What's happened?'

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