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   Chapter 17 No.17

The WeatherMaker Hearts Desire By Lady Lilium Characters: 4953

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Farrell marched swiftly through the town, heading for Arlen's home. He approached the building, entering the front door without bothering to knock and nearly running headlong into a figure.

Farrell stumbled back in surprise, blinking stupidly at the woman standing in the doorway before him.

'Ramana' he breathed. 'What are you doing here?'

She averted her eyes, lifting her dress higher up her shoulder and leaning against the wall for support. Farrell noticed suddenly how messy her hair was, at this point his attention drifted into the room within, where he saw Arlen, looking equally as dishevelled and more than a little guilty.

'Arlen' Farrell said.

'Brother' Arlen answered curtly back.

'I uh…' Farrell began. 'I've forgotten why I came here.' He glanced at Ramana, nodding to her. And then he left.

It was late that night when Ramana returned home, creeping up the stone steps and slipping as silently as she could through the entrance. She closed the door after her, finding the room inside was pitch black, but it was far from deserted. The moment she took a step forward, two shadows appeared either side of her, flanking her. Ramana stumbled back in shock, drawing a deep breath ready to scream, but then a fire sprang to life, and Ramana saw the figures of Eidan and Markus before her.

'I'm sorry if we startled you sister' Eidan said, holding the lantern in one hand. 'We were waiting for you.'

'For me?' Ramana asked guiltily, letting out a deep breath and brushing herself down. 'Why were you waiting for me? And why are you sitting in the dark?'

'We were waiting for a long time' Markus answered.

'So why were you waiting so long for me?'

'We want to know of this new man you've found yourself' Markus said. 'He is a handsome one.'

'You mean Arlen?'

'Arlen' Markus repeated. 'We know of him, that's Farrell's brother isn't it?'

'How do you know?' Ramana asked.

'Oh dear sister' Eidan beamed. 'We have ears and we have eyes. We've seen the way you look at him.'

'You must tell us about him' Markus said. 'Tell us what he's like. He is good to you I hope.'

'Oh' Ramana sighed, holding her hands over her heart. 'He is wonderful.'

'I've never met anyone like her before' Arlen went on. 'She's so funny; she makes me laugh at the silliest of things, and she's happy all the time. I just wish I could spend more time with her, everyday if I could.'

'And every night' Farrell teased.

'My goodness me'

Brice said to Arlen. 'This must be true love. I've never seen you blush before.'

'We're happy for you brother' Farrell said, handing him another drink. 'Aren't we Brice?'

'Oh yes' Brice nodded vigorously. 'Very happy.'

'It's good to see you smile at last' Farrell said to Arlen. 'I mean…really smile.'

Farrell took another drink from the tray the servant held, and for once, Arlen did not object to this. The three of them sat before Farrell's home, watching the horses in the field nearby, and the sun setting in the distance. They listened to Arlen prattle on about all the things he found most wonderful about Ramana, and he spoke long into the evening. Eventually however, Arlen and Brice had to leave as the night drew on. Brice walked from Farrell's manor alone, and when he entered his own home, his wife was waiting for him in the kitchen.

'You've been a while' Alice noted. 'Is everything alright?'

'Yes' Brice smiled. 'Everything is alright.'

'You seem to be in a particularly good mood' she noticed. 'Did I miss out on something?'

'No, nothing at all.'

'Then what is it?' Alice asked with interest.

'It's Arlen…he's…happy.'

The next day

The sunlight above cast moving patterns though the leaves upon the forest floor. Shielding his eyes Arlen squinted at Ramana as she lay next to him. She grinned at him cheekily.

'I like it when you make funny faces' she said.

'I'm not making funny faces' he told her indignantly. 'This is just my face.'

She giggled at him, rolling onto her side she propped herself up on an elbow, resting her head in a hand.

'You're so cute' she said to him.

'I'm not trying to be cute.'

'I know' she beamed back. 'That's what I find cutest of all.'

Arlen lowered his hand, turning his head to face her properly as he rested on his back against the cool grass in the forest.

'You say the silliest things sometimes' he smiled warmly.

She glowed, looking ever more beautiful.

'So' she said to him, tickling him as he tried to squirm away from her. 'A handsome man such as yourself chased by every woman who lays eyes on you….what made you choose me?'

'What do you mean?' Arlen asked her, weaving his fingers through hers.

'I mean…' she chuckled, poking his nose. 'Why did you fall in love with me? I didn't know who you were when you started sending me gifts.' Her eyes glistened as she watched him closely, waiting for a response. 'What was it about me that you liked?'

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