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   Chapter 16 No.16

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'Life is finally looking up for me' he muttered to himself under his breath. 'Perhaps the gods have heard my prayers at last.'

He suddenly noticed a figure in the distance watching him. Ramana waved to him playfully. He beaconed for her to come over, but she would only wave at him back, teasing him on.

Arlen frowned at her in mock annoyance, amused by her behaviour. He rose from his seat, making his way towards her, but was suddenly blocked by another figure.

'Sue' Arlen stammered. 'What are you doing here?'

The pretty young girl cocked her head at him curiously, dressed in regal clothes with very long hair, coloured straw-blonde and wavy. She was the daughter of an important lord, and many sought her attention. But she only had eyes for one man.

'Arlen' she said, in a sombre voice. 'It's been too long since I've seen you. Where have you been?'

'Oh' Arlen said casually, glancing over her shoulder towards Ramana, 'just here and there.'

Sue looked around towards Ramana. 'Who is that woman?'

'Oh her?' Arlen said nonchalantly. 'I barely know her.'

Sue turned back to Arlen, glaring at him, betrayal written all over her face. 'You're lying.'

Arlen waved at Ramana helplessly, but she simply made gestures at him as if struggling to hear. Then she ran away. Arlen could hear very faintly, her giggles as she danced off. Now he was alone.

'Are you cheating on me?' Sue demanded of him. 'You know my father would not approve of this.'

'But we're not together' Arlen protested, backing off.

She descended upon him, trapping Arlen between herself and the water fountain behind him.

'He has already made arrangements' she told him vaguely.

Arlen's heart began to sink in his chest. Her father was a terrifying, hawk-faced man with a temper, and Arlen was even more frightened of him than he was of Sue. The spoilt little rich girl. Both father and daughter were the same. But the father was worse, because he had more power and influence.

'But…but…' Arlen fumbled. 'I don't have any money.'

'I have money' Sue told him, raising her voice. 'Money can buy you anything and everything. And I can have whatever I want.'

Arlen gulped, seeing his life flash before his eyes.

'Think of the handsome children we could have' Sue told him. 'Arlen? Arlen! Are you alright?'

Arlen stumbled, holding the wall behind him for support.

'I'm feeling suddenly faint' he said, in a weak voice.

'Why Arlen' Ramana teased as he rounded the corner moments later. 'I've never seen such acting.'


en jumped at the sound of her voice, not expecting to see her there.

'Yes' he agreed composing himself. 'I am rather fabulous. I was able to slip away when she ran to get a healer.'

'That was very sly of you' she told him. 'What will she think when she comes back?'

'I know, but how else could I get away?' Arlen shrugged.

'I'm surprised you wanted to get away, from a pretty little flower like that.'

'Beauty is more than skin deep. Oh' Arlen sighed deeply, touching a hand to his heart. 'But what a curse it is to be so handsome.'

Ramana laughed out loud at this.

'You're so melodramatic' she told him. 'And ever so vain.'

'Only when I need to be' he winked at her. 'And anyway' he continued. 'You're not one to talk.'

She smirked at him, rolling her shoulders and swaying her hips. She strolled away from him, pausing to glance back. Arlen watched her go; he waited for a moment, before following.

Farrell twirled his sword, dancing back and stepping to the side. Brice scowled at him, hiding behind his own shield.

'Now you're showing off' Brice grumbled.

'Come on' Farrell chuckled, 'hit me.'

Brice charged forwards, swinging his sword back to strike. Farrell met his blow with ease, pushing him back again and lunging forwards. For hours the two fought together under the hot sun, fixed in concentration on each other. At last they came to rest, sitting on the grass and panting.

'Perhaps I can get us something to drink' Farrell suggested wiping his brow.

'That would be lovely' Brice gasped, getting his breath back.

Farrell leant back, waving at the servant that waited on the edge of the field. She bowed to him, rushing inside the manor, returning moments later with a jug of cold water and two glasses.

'Thank you Amy' Farrell said gratefully, pouring himself a glass and drinking deeply.

The servant bowed and retreated, returning to her spot on the edge of the field and waiting submissively for her next command.

Together Farrell and Brice rested; swords and shields left on the grass nearby. They watched as Alastor grazed in the field, swishing his tail at the flies. His mares grazed around him in the field, all sticking close to the stallion.

'Do you think Arlen would like to join us?' Brice asked, taking another sip of cold water.

'He seems to have been in a better mood of late' Farrell noted. 'Maybe this time he will say yes. I'll go find him.'

'I'll wait here' Brice called happily after him as he left. 'I'll guard the water' he said, raising his glass.

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